Slike strani



- Attempts to seduce the Sachems-Mischief brewing

on the Frontier-Difliculties and Delays in Parting-

CHAPTER I. Genealogy of the Washington Family, 5

Descent of French Creek-Arrival at Venango, 30

CHAP. II, The Home of Washington's boyhood- His

CHAP. IX. Return from Venango- A Tramp on Foot-
Early Education - Lawrence Washington and his Cam-

Murdering Town-The Indian Guide-Treachery-An
paign in the West Indies-Death of Washington's

Anxious Night-Perils on the Allegany River-Queen
Father-The widowed Mother and her Children- School

Aliquippa-The old Watch-coat-Return acrose the


Blue Ridge,



CHAP. III. Paternal Conduct of an Elder Brother-The CHAP. X. Reply of the Chevalier do St. Pierre-Trent's
Fairfax Family-Washington's Code of Morals and Man.

Mission to the Frontier- Washington recruits Troops-
ners—Soldiers Tales-Their Iufluence- Washington

Dinwiddie and the House of Burgesses-11 dependent
prepares for the Navy-A Mother's Objections, Return

Conduct of the Virginians-Exped enia to gain Recuits
to School-Studies and Exercises- A School-boy Passion

-Jacob Van Braam in Service--Toilsul March to Wills'

- The Lowland Beauty-Love Dities at Mount Vernon

Creek-Contrecwur at the Fork of the Ohio-Trent's


- Visit to Belvoir-Lord Fairfax-His Character-Fox-

refractory Troops,

hunting a Remedy for Love-Proposition for a Surveying Chap. XI. March to the Little Meadows–Rumors from


13 the Olio-Correspondence from the banks of the Youghi.

CHAP. IV. Expedition beyond the Blue Ridge-The Val- ogeny-Attempt to descend that River-Alarming Re-

ley of the Shenandoah-Lord Halifax-Lodge in the

ports-Scouting Parties – Perilous situation of the Camp

Wilderness-Surveying-Life in the Backwoods-In-

-Gist and Lil Force-Message from the Half-king-

dians-War Dance-German Settlers-Return Home-

French Tracks- The Jumonville Skirmish-Treatment

Washington as Public Surveyor-Sojourn at Greenway

of La Force-Position at the Great Meadow6—Belligerent

Court-Ilorses, Hounds, and Books--Rugged Experience

feelings of a young Soldier,


among the Mountains,

16 CHAP, XII. Scarcity in the Camp-Death of Colonel
CoAP. V. English and French Claims to the Ohio Valley

Fry-Promotions, Mackay and his Iudependent Com-
- Wild State of the Country-Projects of Settlements

puny- Major Muse—Indian Ceremonials--Public Prayers
- The Oh:o Company-Enlightened Views of Lawrence

in Camp— Alarms—Independence of an Independent
Washington--French Rivalry-Celeron de Bienville -

Company- Affairs at the Great Meadows-Desertion of
His Signs of Occupation-Hugh Crawford-George Cro-

the Indian Allies-Capitulation of Fort Necessity- Van
ghan, a veteran trader, and Montour, his interpreter-

Braam as an Interpreter-Iudiani Plunderers-Return to

Williamsburg-Vote of Thanks of the House of Bur-
Their Mission from Pennsylvania to the Ohio Tribes-
Christopher Gist, the Pioneer of the Yadkin-Agent of

gesses- Subsequent fortues of the Half-king- Com.

the Ohio Company–His Expedition to the Frontier-

ments on the Affair of Jumonville and the Conduct of


Reprobate Traders at Logatown— Negotiations with the

Van Braam,

Indians-Scenes in the Ohio Country-Diplomacy at

CHAP. XIII. Founding of Fort Cumberland-Secret Let-

Piqua-Kegs of Brandy and Rulls of Tobacco--Gist's ter of Stobo-The Indian Messenger-Project of Diu-

return across Kentucky-A Deserted Home-French widdie-Ilis Perplexities-A Taint of Republicaui-m in

Scheme--Captain Joncaire, a Diplomat of the Wilder- the Colonial Assemblies-Dinwiddie's Military Meas-

ness-His Speech at Loystown-The Indians' Land- ures-Washington quits the Service-Overtures of Gov.

" Where ?"

19 ervor Sharpe, of Maryland-Washington's dignified le.

Chap. VI. Preparations for Tostilities-Washington ap- ply-Questions of Rank between Royal and Provincial
pointed District Adjutant-general-Mount Vernon a

Troops-Treatment of the French Prisoners-Fate of La

School of Arms-Adjutant Muse a veteran Campaigner

Forct- Anecdotes of Stobo and Van Braam,


-Jacob Van Braam a Master of Fence-Ill health of CoAP. XIV. Return to quiet Life-French and English
Washington's brother Lawrence-Voyage with him to prepare for Hostilities-Plan of a Campaign-General
the West Indies-Scenes at Barbadoes-Tropical Fruits Braddock-Ilis Character-Sir John St. Clair Quarter-
- Beef-steak and Tripe Club-Return home of Wash- master-general – His Tour of Inspection – Projected
ington-Death of Lawrence,

24 Roads-Arrival of Br dock-Military Consultations
CHAP. VII. Council of the Ohio Tribes at Logetown-

and Plans-Commodore Korpel and his Seamen-Ships

and Troops at Alex:undria-Excitement of Washington
Treaty with the English-G'st's Settlement-Speeches -Invited to join the Statl' of Braddock - A Mother's
of the Half-kirg and the French Commandant-
French Aggressions—The Ruins of Piqna-Washington

Objections- Washington at Alexandria-Grand Council

of Governors-Military Arrangements-Colonel William

sont on a Mission to the French Commander-Jacob Johuson-Sir Jou si. Clair at Fort Cumberland-llis

Van Braam, his Interpreter-Christopher Gist, bis Guide Explosions of Wrath-Their Effects-Indians to be elin

-Ilalt at the Confluence of the Monongahela and Alle-

listed-Captain Jack and his Band of Bush-bearers, 52

gany- Projected Fort-Shingiss, a Delaware Sachen -
- Logstown-The Half-king-Indian Councils-Indian

CHAP. XV. Washington proclaimed Aide-de-camp--Dis.
Diplomacy-Rumors concerning Joncaire- Indian Es-

appointments at Fredericktown- Berjamin Franklin and
coris — The Half-king, Jeskakake, and White Thun-

Braddock - Contracts - Departure for Wills' Creek-



Rough Roads—The General in his Chariot-Camp at

Fort Cumberland-Hugh Mercer-Dr. Craik-Milijary

Cap. VIII. Arrival at Vonango-Captain Joncaire-

Tactics – Camp Rules- Secretary Peters-Indians in
Frontier Revelrv-Discussions over the Bottle–The Old

Camp-Indian Beauties—The Princees Bright Light-
Diplomatist and the Young-The Half-king, Jeskakake, ning--Errand to Williamsburg--Braddock's Opinion of
and White Thunder staggered–The Speech-belt-Depar Contractors and Indians- Arrival of Conveyances, 57
ture-La Force, the wily Commissary-Fort at Frei ch
Creek-The Chevalier Lezardeur de St. Pierre, Knight Chap. XVI. March from Fort Cumberland The Great
of St. Louis-Captain Reparti-Transactions at the Fort Savage Mountain-Camp at the Little Meadows Divi.

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sion of the Forces-Captain Jack and his Band-Scaroo- tation Agreement among the Merchants, Washington
yadi in Danger-Lilness of Washington-His Halt at the and George Mason-Dismissal of Grenville from the
Youghiogeny--March of Braddock-The Great Mead. British Cabinet-Franklin before the House of Com-

OW6--Lurking Enemies--Their Tracks-Precautions, mons-Repeal of the Stanıp Act-Joy of Washington-

Thickeity Run--Sconts-Indian Murders-Funeral of Fresh Causes of Coloial Di-sensions-Circular of the

an Indian Warrior-Camp on the Monongabela-Washi- General Court of Massachusetts - Embarkation of

ington's Arrival there- March for Fort Duquesne-The Troops for Boston-Measures of the Bostonians, 111

Fording of the Monongahela—The Batlle-The Retreat

-Death of Braddock,

CHAP. XXIX. Cheerful Life at Mount Vernon-Wash


ington and George Mason-Correspondence concerning

CHAP. XVII. Arrival at Fort Cumberland-Letters of the Non-importation Agreement-Feeling toward Eny:

Washington to his Family-Panic of Dunbar--Triumph Jand-Opening of the Legislative Sersion-Semi-regul

of the French,


State of Lord Botetourt-High-toned Proceedings of the

CHAP. XVIII. Costs of Campaigning-Measures for Pub- House-Symp:thy with New Englai d-D.ssolved by

lic Safety, Washington in Command-Head-quarters at Lord Botetourt- Washington and the Articles of Asso

Winchester-Lord Fairfas and his Troop of Horse-In- ciation,


dian Ravages - Panic at Winchester - Cause of the CHAP, XXX. Iood at Boston-The General Court refuses

Alarm-Operations elsewhere-Shirley against Niagura to do busines under Military Sway-Russis the Billet-

-Johnson against Crown Point-Affair at Lake George

ing Act-Etfect of the Non-importation Association-

-Death of Dieskau,

70 Lord North Premier-Duties revoked except on Tea-

CHAP. XIX. Reform in the Militia Laws-Discipline of The Boston Massacre-D-suse of Tea-Conciliatory Con-
the Troops--Dagworthy and the Question of Precedence

duct of Lord Botetourt-1118 Death,


- Washingtou's Journey to Bosto

-Style of Travelling

CHAP. XXXI. Expedition of Washington to the Ohio, in

-Contere ce with Shirley-The Earl of Loudou:-Mili- behalf of Soldiers' Claims-Uuea-y Siate of the Frontier

tary Rule for the Colonies-Washington at New York- - Visit to Fort Pitt-George Croghan-llie Mishaps dur-

Miss Mary Philipse,


ing Pontiac's War- Washington descends the Ohio-

Chap. XX. Troubles in the Shenandoah Valley-Green- Scenes and adventures along the River-Indian Hunting

way Court and Lord Fairfax in Danger-Alarms at Camp-Interview with an old Sachem at the mouth of
Winchester- Washington appeal-d to for Protection-

the Kenawha-Return-Claims of Stobo and Van Braam
Attacked by the Virginia Press-Honored by the l’ublic

-Letter to Colonel George Muse,

- Projects for Defence-Suggestions of Washington, Chap. XXXII. Lord Dunmore Gorernor of Virginia-
The Gentlemen Associators-Retreat of the Savages-

Pique's the Pride of the Virginians-Opposition of the

Expedition against Kittanning:-Captain Ilugh Mercer- Assembly-Corresponding Committees-Death of Miss

His Struggle through the Wilderness,


Custis- Washington's Guardianship of John Parke Cus.

CHAP. XXI. Founding of Fort Londoun, Washington's tis-His Opinions as to Premature Travel and Premature
Tour of Inspection, Inefficiency of the Milit a System


- Gentlemen So.d.ers-Cross-purposes with Dinwiddie Chap. XXXIII. Lord North's Bill favoring the Esporta-

--Military Athirs in the North-Delays of Lord Lou- tion of Teas-Ships freighted with Tea to the Colo ies-

doun--activity of Montcalm--Loudoun in Winter Quar- Sent back from some of the Ports- Tea destroyed at,



Boston-Passage of the Boston Port Bill-Session of the

Chap. XXII. Washington vindicates his conduct to Lord House of Burgesses-Solendid Opening--Burst of Iti-
Loudoun-His reception by his Lordship-Military Plans

dignation at the Port Bill- House Dissolved-Resolu-

-Lord Londoun at Halifax-Montcalm on Lake George tions at the Raleigh Tavern-Project of a Ge: eral Con-

-His Triumphs-Lord Loudoun's Failures-Washing- gress-Wa-hington and Lord Dunmore-The Port Bill

ton at Winchester-Continued Misunderstandings with goes into Etreci-General Gage at Boston-League a d

Dinwiddie-Return to Mount Vernon,

85 Covenant,


CHAP. XXIII. Washington recovers his IIealth-Again CHAP. XXXIV. Washington Chairman of a Political

in Command at Fort Loudoun- Administration of Pitt Meeting-Correspondence with Bryan Fairfax-Patri.
-Loudoun succeeded by General Abercrombie-Mili- ot.c Resolutions- Washingtou's Opinions ou Public Af-
tary Arrangements-Washington Commander-in-chief fairs - Non-importation Scheme - Convention at Wil.
of ihe Virginia Forces- Amherst against Louisburg- liamsburg-Washington appointed a Delegate to the
General Wolfe-Montgomery-Capture of Louisburg-

General Congress-Letter from Bryan Fairfax-Perplex.
Abercrombie on Lake George-Death of Lord Ilowe- ities of General Gage at Boston,


Repulse of Abercrombie--Success of Bradstreet at Os- Chap. XXXV. Meeting of the First Congress --Opening



Ceremonies-Eloquence of Patrick Henry and Henry

Chap. XXIV. Slow Operations, Washington orders out Lee-Declaratory Resolution-Bill of Rights-State På.

the Militia- Mission to Williamsburg-Halt at Mr. pers-Chatham's Opinions of Congress - Washington's
Chamberlayne's-Mrs. Martha Custis- A brief Court- Correspondence with Capt. Mackenzie-Views with re-
ship-An Engagement-Return to Winchester-The spect to Independence- Departure of Fairfax for Eng.
Ritle Dress- Indian Scouts-Washington elected to the land,

House of Burgesses-Tidings of Amherst's Success- Chap. XXXVI. Gage's Military Measures-Removal of
The new Road to Fort Duquesne-March for the Fort-

Gunpowder from the Arsenal -- Public Ag tation -
Indiscreet Conduct of Major Grani-Disastrous Conse-

Alarms in the Country-Civil Government obstructed-
quences-Washington advances against Fort Duqueeno

Belligerent Symptoms — Israel Putnam and General
- End of the Expedition-Washington returns home-

Charles Lee, the r Characters and Stories-Gei eral Elec-

His Marriage,


tion-Self-constituted Congress-Flancock President-

CAP. XXV. Plan of Operations for 1759–Investment Adjourns to Concord- Remonstrance to Gage- His Per-

of Fort Niagara-Death of Prideaux-Success of Sir plexities-Generals Artemas Ward and Seth Pomeroy-

William Jolinso:-Amherst at Ticonderoga-Wolfe at Committee of Safety-Committee of Supplies-Restlies.

Quebec-Ilis Triumph and Deatlı-Fate of Montcalin- ness throughout the Land-It dependent Companies in

Capitulation of Quebec- Attempt of De Levi to retako Virginia-Military Tone at Mount Vernon-Washing-

it - Arrival of a British Fleet -- Last Stand of the French ton's Military Guesto-Major Iloratio Gates-Anecdotes

at Montreal-Surrender of Canada,

96 concerning bim-General Charles Lee-Ilis Peculiarities

CHAP. XXVI. Washington's Installation in the House

and Dogs-Washington at the Richmond Convention-

of Burgesses-His Rural Life-Mount Vernon and its War Speech of Patrick llenry-Washington's Military



Vicinity-Aristocratical days of Virginia-Washington's

Ma agement of his Estate - Domest'c Habits - Fox- Crap. XXXVII. Infatuation in British Councils-Col..

hunt ng-Lord Fairfax-Fishing and Duck-shooting- Grant, the Braggart-Coercive Measures-Expedition

Tie Pocher-Lynch Luw-Aquatic State-Lifo at An- against the Military Magazine at Concord - Battle of Ler.

napolis, Washington in the Dismal Swamp,

102 ington—The Cry of Blood through the Land-Old Sol-

Chap. XXVII. Treaty of Peace-Pontiac's War-Course

diers of the French War-John Stark- Israel Putnam-
of Public Everts-Board of Trade against Paper Cur:

Rising of the Yeomanry- Measures of Lord Dunmore
rency-Restrictive Policy of England-Navigation Laws

in Virginia-Indignation of the Virginians-Hugh Mer.
-Discontents in New England-Uf the other Colonies-

cer and the Friends of Liberty - Arrival of the News of
Projects to raise Revenue by Taxation-Blow at the In-

Lexington at Mount Vernon—Effect on Bryan Fairfax,

dependence of the Judiciary- Naval Commanders em-

Gates, and Washington,


ployed as Custom-house Oficers - Retaliation of the Cap. XXXVIII. Meeting of Troops in the East-Camp
Colonists-Taxation resisted in Boston-Passing of the at Boston-General Artemas Ward-Scheme to surprise
Stamp Act-Burst of Opposition in Virginia-Speech of Ticonderoga-New llampshiro Grants-Ethan Allenard
Patrick IIenry,

108 the Green Mountain Boys-Benedict Arnold-Affair of

CHAP. XXVIII. Washington's Ideas concerning the

Ticonderoga and Crown Point-A Dash at St. Joh.B, 143

Stamp Act-Opposition to it in the Colonies-Porten- Chap. XXXIX. Second Session of Congress-Jo'ın llan-
tous Ceremonies at Boston and Now York-Non-impor. cock-Petition to the King-Federal Union - Military

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Measures-Debates about the Army-Question as to Chap. VIII. Affairs in Canada-Capture of Fort Cham-
Commander-in-chief-Appointment of Washington - blee-Siege of St. Johns-Maclean and his Highlanders
Other Appointments-Letters of Washington to his - Montgomery on the Treatment of Ethan Allen-Re-
Wife and Brother-Preparations for Departure,


puise of Carleton-Capitulation of the Garrison of St.
CHAP. XL. More Troops arrive at Boston-Generals

Johns-Generous Co. duct of Montgomery-Maclean re-
Howe, Burgoyle, and Clinton-Proclamation of Gage-

embarks for Quebic-Weary Struggle of Arnold through

the Wilderness-Defection of Colonel Eros-Arnold in
Nature of the American Army-Scornful Conduct of
the British Officers_Project of the Americans to seize

the Valley of the Chaudiere-His Arrival opposite Que-
upon Breed's Hill-Putnam's Opinion of it-Sanctioned

bec -- Surrender of Montreal - Escape of Carleton-
by Prescott-Nocturnal March of the Detachment-For-

Home-sickness of the American Troops,

tifying of Bunker's Hill-Break of Day, and Astonish- Crap. IX. Washington's Anticipations of Success at Que-
ment of the Enemy,

149 bec-His Eulogium of Aruold-Schuyler ard Montgom-
Chap. XLI. Battle of Bunker's Hill,

153 ery talk of resigning-Expostulations of Washington-

Their Effect-Schuyler's Conduct to a Captive Foe, 195
CHAP. XLII. Departure from Philadelphia-Anecdotes

of General Schuyler-of Lee-Tidings of Bunker's Hill Cuap. X. Difficulties in filling up the Army-The Con.
-Military Councils- Population of New York-The necticut Troops persist in going Home-Their reception
Johnson Family-Governor Tryon - Arrival at New there—Timely Arrival of Spoils in the Camp-Puinam
York-Military Instructious to Schuyler-Arrival at the and the Prize Mortar- A Maraud by Americans-Re-

157 buked by Washington-Correspondence of Washington

with General Howe about the treatment of Ethan Allen
-Fraternal Zeal of Levi Allen-Treatment of General

Prescott-Preparations to bombard Boston - Battery at

Lechmere's Point-Prayer of Putram for Powder, 196

CHAP. XI. Mount Vernon in Danger-Mrs. Washington
CHAPTER I.' Washington takes Command of the Armies

invited to the Camp-Lund Washington, the General's
-Sketch of General Lee--Characters of the British

Agent-Terms on which he serves-Instructed to keep
Commanders, Howe, Clinton, and Burgoyne-Survey up the Hospitality of the House-Jourrey of Mrs. Wash-
of the Camps from Pros[ect Hill—The Campo con-

ington to Camp-Her Equipage and Liveries- Arrival
trasted-Description of the Revolutionary Army-Rhodo at Camp-Domestic Affairs at Head Quarters-Gayetics
leland Troops-Character of General Greenė- Wash-

in Camp-A Brawl between Round-Jackets and Rifle-
iligion represents the Deficiencies of the Army-His


Apology for the Massachusetts Troops-Governor Trum-

CHAP. XII. Affairs in Canada-Arnold at Point Levi-
buill Cragio House, Washington's Head-Quarters, 163

Quebec reinforced-Crossing of the St. Lawrence-Land-
СВАР. ІІ. Questions of Military Rank-Popularity of ing in Wolfe's Cove-Arnold on the Heights of Abra-
Putiam-Arrangements at Head-Quarters--Colonel Mif-

ham-Cautious Counsel- Quebec aroused–The Invaders
flin and John Trumbull, Aides-de-Camp-Joseph Reed, baffled-Withdraw to Point aux Trembles-Booming
Washington's Secretary and Contidential Friend-Gates of Cannon-Carleton at Quebec-Letter of Washington
as Adjutant-General-Hazardous S tuation of the Army-- to Arnold,

Strengthe:ing of the Defences.Efficiency of Putnam-

CHAP. XIII. Lord Dunmore-IIis Plans of harassing Vir-
Rapid Changes-New Distribution of the Forces-Rigid
Discipline-Lee and his Cane-His Idea as to Strong ginia-Lee's Policy respecting Tory Governors and Place-
Battalio:18- Arrival of Rifle Companies-Dauiel Morgan

men-Rhode Island harassed by Wallace and his Cruie-
and hs Sharp Shooter - Washington declines to detach

era, and infested by Tories-Lee sent to its Relief-llis

Vigorous Measures-The Army d sbandmg--Washing-
Troops 10 distant points for their Protection.—His Rea-
EOLB for so doing,


ton's Perplexities-Sympathy of General Greone--llis

Loyalty in time of Trouble-The Crois-Checring News
CHAP. III. Washington's Object in distressing Boston-

from Canada-Gloomy Opening of the New Year-News
Scarcity and Sick eas in the Town- A Startling Discov- from Colonel Knox,

ery-Scarcity of Powder in the Camr-Its Perilous
Stuat on-Economy of Ammunition:- Correspondence

CHAP. XIV. Military Preparations in Boston-A Secret
between Lee and Burgoyre-Corresponder ce between

Expedition-Its Object-Lee's l’lan for the Security of
Washington and Gage—The Diguity of the Patriot Army

New York-Opinion of Adams on the Subject-Instruc-

tions to Lee-Transactions of Lee in Comecticut-Lee's


Policy in regard to the Tories-Uneasiness in New York
Chap. IV. Dangers in the Inter-or-Machinations of the

-Leiter of the Committee of Safety to Lee-Ilis Reply
Jobnson Family-Rivalry of Ethan Allen and Benedict

- His Opinion of the People of Connecticut-Of iho
Arnold-Government Perplexities about the Ticonde- Il ysterical Letter from the New York Congress,
roga Capture-Meisures to secure the Prize--Allen and
Arnold ambitious of further Laurels - Projects for the

Cuap. XV. Montgomery before Quebec-Ilis Plan of Op-
Invasion of Canada-Ethan Allen and Seth Warner

erations- A Summons to Surrender-A Flag Insulted-

The Town Besieged-Plan of an Escalade-Attack of
honored by Congress--Arnold displaced by a Committee
of Inquiry-His Ind gnation-News from Canada–The

the Lower Town- Montgomery in the Advance-His

Death-Retreat of Colonel Campbell-Attack by Ar.
Revolution to be extended iuto that Province-Enlist-

nold-Defence of the Lower Town-Arnold wounded
ment of Green Mountain Boy's Schuyler at Ticou deroga
-State of Affairs there-Election for Officers of the

- Retreat of the Americans-Gallant Resolve of Ar-
Green Mountain Boys–Ethan Allen dismounted-Joins


the Army as a Voluuteer, Prep:rations for the Invasion Chap. XVI. Correspondence of Washington and Schuy.
of Canada - General Montgomery, Indian Chiefs at ler on the Disasters in Canada-Reinforcements required
Cambr dge - Coucil Fire - Plan for an Expedition from New England-Dangers in the Interior of New Quebec-Departure of Troops from Ticonde- York-Johnson Hall beleaguercd-Sir John capitulates
roga-arrival at Isle aux Noix,

174 -Generous Conduct of Scinyler-Governor Tryon and
CHAP. V. A Challenge declined- A Blow meditated-A

the Tories-Tory Machinations-Lee at New York-Sir
cautious Council of War- Preparations for the Quebec

llenry Clinton in the Harbor-Menaces of Lec_The
Expedition-Benedict Arnold the Leader-Advice and

C.ty a d River fortified-Lee's Treatment of the Tories

- Il's Plans of Fortification--Ordered to the Command
Insiruction8–Departure-General Schuyler on the Sorel

in Canada-Ilis Speculations on Titles of Dignity, 21+
- Reconroitres St. Johns-Camp at Isle aux Noix-111-
ness of Schuyler-Returns to Ticonderoga-Expedition | Cmap. XVII. Monotonous State of Anirs before Boston
of Montgomery agairst St. Johns-Letter of Ethan Al- - Washington anxious for Action-Exploit of Putnam-
len-IIis Dach against Montreal-Its Catastrophe-A Its Dramatio Consequences—The Farce of the Blockade
Hero in Irons-Correspondence of Washington with of Boston-An Alarming Interruption-Distresses of the

Schuyler and Arnold-Is Anxiety about them, 180 Besieged-Washington's Irksome Predicament - His
CHAP. VI. British in Boston eend out Cruisers-Depre-

Bold Proposition-Demur of the Council of War- Ar-
datio's of Captain Wallace along the Coast–Treason in

rival of Knox with Artillery-Dorchester IIeights to be

ecized and fortified- Preparations for the Attempt, 218
the Camp-Arrest of Dr. Church-Ilis Trial and Fate-
Cont:gration of Falmouth-Irritation througlout the Cuar. XVIII. The Ada'r of Dorchester IIeights-Amer-
Country-Fitting out of Vessels of War-Embarkation ican and English Letters respecting it-1 Laborious
of General Gage for England-Committee from Con- Night-Revelations at Daybreak-lIowe in a Perplexity
gress-Conferences with Washi: gton-Resolutions of - Night Attack meditated-Stormy Weather - The
Congress to carry on the War-Return of Secretary Town to be evacuated-Negotiations and Arrangements
Reed to Philadelphia,

186 - Preparations to Embark-Excesses of the Troops-Bos-
CHAP. VII. Measures of General Howe-Desecration of ton evacuated-Speech of the Duke of Manchesteron the
Churches-Three Proclamations-Seizure of Tories- subject-A Medal voted by Congress,

Want of Artillery-Henry Knox, the Artillerist-His СпAP. ХІХ. Destination of the Fleet-Commission of tho
Mission to Ticonderoga-Re-enlistment of Troops-Lack two Ilowes-Character of Lord Ilowe-The Colonies
of Public Spirit-Comments of General Greene,


divided into Departments-Lee assigned to the Southern


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Departmeni-General Thomas to Canada-Ch. racter of Cup. XXXIV. Movements of the Enemy-Councils of

Lre, by Washington-Letters of Lee from the South-A War-Question of the Abandonment of the City-Dis.

Dog in a Dancing School-Committee of Safety in Vir- tribution of the Army-Ships in the East River-Tho

giviil-Lee's Grenuliers -Putnam in Command at New Enemy at Hell Gate-Skirmish at Turtle Bay-Panic of

York-State of Atlairs there-Arrival of Withington- the Connecticut Militia--Rage and Personal Peril of

New Arrangements-Perplexities with respect to Cana- Washington-Putnam's Perilous Retreat from the City

da-England subsidizes lesbian troops,

2:25 - British Regale at Murray Hill,


CAP. IX. Arnold blockades Quebec-IIis Difficulties- Chap. XXIV. Fortified Camp at King's Bridge-Amer.

Arrival of General Wooster-or General Thomas-Abor- ican and British Lines—The Morris Hlouse-Alexander
tive Attempt on Quebec-Preparations for Retreat- Hamilton-The Enemy advance--Successful Skirmish
Sortie of Carleton-Retreat of the Americans-Ilalt at - Death of Knowlton-Great Fire in New York-Re.
Point Deschambeault-Alarm in the Colouies at the Re- organization of the Army-Exchange of Prisoners-
treat of tho Army--Popular Clamor against Schuyler- Daniel Morgan regained - Delancey's Tory Brigade-
Slanders refuted,

229 Robert Rogers, the Partisan-llis Rangers—The Roe-
CHAP. XXI. Gates sent to Philadelphia with the Canada

buck, Phænix, and Tartar in the Iludson-Military
Despatches-Promoted to the rank of Major-General-

Movements by Land and Water-Letter of John

Washington summoned to Philadelphia-Putnam loft in



command-Conference with Congress-Army Arrange. Chap. XXXVI. Leo espected in Camp-His Letter of

ments-A Board of War instituted-The Clintons of Advice to the President of Congress—The Enemy at

New York-Mrs. Washington Inoculated-Reed made Throg's Neck-Washington's Arrangements-Rides to


232 Throy's Neck-The Enemy brought to a Stand-Military

CHAP. XXII. Affairs in Canada-Disaster at the Cedars

Movements-Arrival of Lee-A Command assigned to
-Ilostile Designs of the Johnsons- A Bloody Summer

him-Criticizes the conduct of Congress and the Army-
expected-Forts in the Highlands-Colonel James Clin-

Council of War-The Army 10 move to the Mainland-
ton in Command-Fortifications at King's Bridge and

Fort Washington to be kept up,


on Long Island,

234 CHAP. XXXVII. Army Arrangements, Washington at

Chap. XXIII. Retreat of General Thomas-His Death-

White Plains-The Enemy at Throy's P'o.nt-Skirmish
General Sullivan in Command-Scene on the Sorel-San-

of Colonel Glover-Atempt to Surprise Rogers, the
guine Expectations of Sullivan- Washington's Opinion

Renegade-Troopers in a rough country- Alarms at
of Sullivan's Character-Gates appointed to the Com-

White Plains-Cannorading of Ships at Fort Washing-
mand in Canada-Reinforcements of the Enemy-Re-

ton-March of Leo-Fortified Camp at White Plains-

Reconnoitring—The Affair at Chatterton Ilill-Relative

verses-Thompson Captured—Retreat of Sullivan-Close

of the Invasion of Canada,


Situation of the Armies-Change of Position-Contrast

of the Appearance of the Troops-George Clinton's Idea

CHAP. XXIV. Designs of the Enemy against New York

of Strategy-Movement of the British Army-Incen-
and the Bludson-Plot of Tryon and the Tories- Arrival diaries at White Plains,

of a Fleet-Alarm Posts—Treachery up the Hudson-
Fresh Arrivals-General Howe at Siaten Island-Wash-

CHAP. XXXVIII. Conjectures as to the Intentions of the

ington's Preparations,


Enemy-Consequent lrecautions-Correspondence with

Greene respecting Fort Washington-Distribut on of

CHAP. XXV. First Appearance of Alexander Hamilton

the Army-Lee left in Command at Northeastle-In-
-His Early Days-General Ilugh Mercer in command structions to him-Washingto at Peekskiil- Visits to
of the Flying Camp-Declaration of Independence the Posts in the Ilighlands,

- Announced to the Army-Downfall of the King's


Chap. XXXIX. Affairs on Lake Champlain-Gates at


Ticonderoga-Arnold's Flotilla- Military Preparations

CHAP. XXVI. Arrival of more Ships-Movements of the

of Sir Guy Carleton at St. Johns-Nautical Euconuters

Phoenix and tho Rose-Panic in the City - 110st le Ships -Gallant Conduct of Arnold and Waterbury-Carleton

up the Hudson-Stir of War along the River-General in Possession of Crown Point-Ilis return to Canada

George Clinto!, and the Militia of Ulster County-Fresh and Winter Quarters,


Agitation of New York-Arrival of Lord Howe, 244

CHAP. XL. Washington crosses the Hudson-Arrives at

Cap. XXVII. Precautions against Tories-Secret Com-

Fort Lee-Atlairs it Fort Washington-Question about
mittees-Declaration of Lord Ilowe-His Letter to the

its Abandonment-Movemeuts of lowe-The Fort sum-
Colonial Governors-IIis Letter to Washington rejected moned to Surrender-Refusal of Colouel McGaw—The
- Interview between the British Adjutant-General and

Fort attacked-Capture of the Fort and G:urrison-
Colonel Reed-Reception of tho Adjutant-General by

Comments of Washington on the State of Affairs, 295
Washington—The Phenix and Rose in tho Tappan Seit,
and Ilaverstraw Bay-Arming of the River Yeomanry

CHAP. XLI. The Enemy cross the Hudson-Retreat of
-George Clinton at the Gates of the Highlands,

the Garrison from Fort Lee-The Crossing of the Ilack-


ensack-Lee ordered to move to the West Side of the

Cmap. XXVIII. Question of Command bot woen Gates

River-Reed's Letter to him-Second move of the Army
and Schuyler-Condition of the Arny at Crown Point-

- Beyond the Passaic- Assistance sought from various
Discontent and Departure of Sullivan - Fortifications at
Ticonderoga-The Question of Command adjusted-Se-

quarters-Correspondence and Schemes of Lee-leath
cret Liscontents-Sectional Jealousies in the Army-

stanch to his Instructions- Anxiety of George Clinton

for the Safety of the Hudson-Critical Situation of the
Southern Troops-Smallwood's Macaroni Battalion-
Conecticut Light-llorse,

Army-Disparaging Correspondence between Lee and


Reed-Washington retreats across the Raritan-druives

Chap. XXIX. Southern Cruise of Sr IIenry Clinton- at Trenton-Removes his Baggage across the Delaware

Fortitications at Charlesto: - Arrival there of General - Dismay ad Despondency of the Country--Procla-

Lee-Battle at Sullivan's Island - Washington announces mation of Lord lowe-Esultation of the Enemy-

the result to the Army,

251 Washington's Resolve in case of Extremity,


Cup. XXX. Putnam's Military

CIAP. XLII. Lee at Peekskill-Stanchi adherence of
frise at Fort Washington-Meditated Attack on Staten

lleath to Orders-Lee crosses the Hudson-Washing.
Island - Arrival of Ships-Ilessian Reinforcements-

ton at Trenton-Lee at the Heels of the Enemy--His
Scotch IIighlanders-Sir Henry Clinton and Lord Corn.

Speculations on Military Greatness-Forced March of
Wallis-Putnam's Obstructions of the Iluds01--The

Cornwallis-Washington crosses the Delaware--Put.
Phonix and Rose attacked by Row Galleys at Tarry:

Jam in Command at Philadelphia-Ballling Letters of
town-General Order of Washirgton on the subject of

Lee-Hopes to reconquer the Jerseys-Gates or tho
Sectional Jealousies-Profano Swearing prohibited ia

March-Lee quartered at Buskingridge-Surprised and
the Camp-Preparations against Attack-Levies of Yeo- Ciptured-Speculations on his Conduct,


m:wry-George Clintouin Command of the Leviesalong CHAP. XLIII. Washington clothed with Additional

the Bludson-Alarms of the People of New York-Bo- lowers-Recruitment of the Army- Increased Pay

Devole:t Sympathy of Washington- The Phenix Gr:1p- Co'o el John Cadwalader-Arrival of Sullivan-Gates

pled by a Fire-Ship-The Ships Evacuate the lud. -- Wilkinson--A Coup de Main meditated-Posture of


256 Affairs at Trenton--Gates declines to take a part-His

Cap. XXXI. The Battle of Long Island,


Comments on Washington's Pla' 8-Preparations for the

CHAP. XXXII. The Retreat from Long Island,

Coup de Main-Crossing of the Delaware - Attack on the


Enemy's Forces at Trenton-Death of Rahl-His Char-

CHAP. XXXIII. Long Island in Possession of the Ene- acter, ·


my-Distressed Situation of the American Army at Cup. XLIV. Treatment of the Tessian Prisoners-
New York-Question of Abandoning the City-Leiters

Their I terviews with Washington—Their Reception

from either Camp--Enemy's Ships in the Sound-Re-


moval of Women and Children from the City-Yearn-

by the People,
i!'g for Home :mo:g the Militin-Tolerant Ide:18 of Cap. XLV. Episode-Colo:hel Griffin in the Jerseys-
Washington and Greene-Fort Constitution-Confer- Donop decoyed-Inroad of Cadwalader and Reed-Re.
ence of Lord Howe with a Committee from Congress, 269 treat and confusion of the Enemy'e Outposts-Wash.

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