An Address Before the Detroit Young Men's Society: Delivered by Request, April, 1848

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Garrett & Geiger, 1849 - 23 strani

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Stran 9 - It being one chief project of that old deluder Satan to keep men from the knowledge of the Scriptures, as in former times by keeping them in an unknown tongue, so in these latter times by persuading from the use of tongues...
Stran 18 - Otis was a flame of fire; with a promptitude of classical allusions, a depth of research, a rapid summary of historical events and dates, a profusion of legal authorities, a prophetic glance of his eyes into futurity, and a rapid torrent of impetuous eloquence, he hurried away all before him. American Independence was then and there born.
Stran 9 - It is therefore ordered, that every township in this jurisdiction, after the Lord hath increased them to the number of fifty householders, shall then forthwith appoint one within their town to teach all such children as shall resort to him to write and read...
Stran 9 - ... to the end that learning may not be buried in the graves of our forefathers in church and commonwealth, the Lord assisting our endeavors.
Stran 18 - Hutchinson, who presided as chief justice, and the room was filled with all the officers of government and the principal citizens, to hear the arguments in a cause that inspired the deepest solicitude. The case was opened by Mr. Gridley, who argued it with much learning, ingenuity, and dignity, urging every point and authority that could be found after the most diligent search, in favor of the custom house petition, making all his reasoning depend on this consideration — " if the Parliament of...
Stran 19 - Our fathers were a good people; we have been a free people, and if you will not let us remain so any longer, we shall be a great people, and the present measures can have no tendency but to hasten, with great rapidity, events which every good and honest man would wish delayed for ages, if possible, prevented for ever.
Stran 9 - And it is further Ordered; That in every County Town there shall be set up and kept a Grammar School, for the use of the County, the Master thereof being able to instruct Youths so far as they may be fitted for the Colledge.
Stran 18 - in the most solemn manner, that Mr. Otis's Oration against Writs of Assistance breathed into this nation the breath of life.
Stran 18 - But," in the language of President Adams, " Otis was a flame of fire, with a promptitude of classical...
Stran 18 - ... of the presiding judge, and that his belief in the importance of the subject must have been certainly enforced by all the personal sacrifices he had made on this occasion, together with the obloquy and ill will of the people in power which would follow his course; and, above all, a deep foresight of the meditated oppression and tyranny that would be gratified by the success of this hateful application — -when all these circumstances are recalled, the power and magnificence of this oration may...

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