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Get an almanac of the year your Grand Child was born! You will love referring to it, and reading it to them as they get older. It's a wonderful keepsake that will carry memories with them into their future. Celotno mnenje

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I buy this World Almanac every year for my 40 year old son. After 10 years of purchases I was prepared to discontinue this as a Christmas gift. Much to my surprise, my son was disappointed in that ... Celotno mnenje

A Trusted Source Of Information For Years.

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I have used the World Almanac for 30 years and am amazed at how each year subtly but noticeably improves on the previous edition. This is the best of all the Almanacs on the market. Celotno mnenje

Great product

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Arrived super fast! Wasnt sure it would arrive for Christmas since I ordered it late but was here with time to spare. Our local bookstore still hasnt received theirs yet so Overstock made me very happy! Celotno mnenje

Happy Dad

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My Dad loves world almanacs so I got him this one for his birthday. The price of the book plus shipping was better than I could find anywhere else and it got to my Dad on time for his birthday. He has enjoyed the book a great deal. Celotno mnenje

Senior Citizen

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A great source of many facts. I find it helpful when I work the crossword puzzle. Celotno mnenje


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buy one everyyear love to refer to it when I have a question or want to know about a country just everything. Celotno mnenje


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This was backordered but came promptly. Celotno mnenje

The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2013

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I order ths item every year as a gift for someone and he is never disappointed. Full of interesting and useful facts. Celotno mnenje

Book of facts

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Everyone should own the world book of facts it is amazing all the things you are able to learn Celotno mnenje

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