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both sentiment and diction. » Oppose to this, page 135. « As to concord, and even style, they are acquirable by most youth in due time, and by many with ease; but the art of thinking properly, and choosing the best sentiments on every subject, is what comes later.»

And sometimes he is guilty of false criticism : as when he says, Ovid's chief excellence lies in description. Description was the rock on which he always split; Nescivit quod bene cessit relinquere, as Seneca says of him: when once he embarks in description, he most commonly tires us before he has done with it. But to tire no longer the reader, or the translator, with extended censure; as a critic, this gentleman seems to have drawn his knowledge from the remarks of others, and not his own reflection; as a translator, he understands the language of Ovid, but not his beauties; and though he may be an excellent schoolmaster, he has, however, no pretensions to taste.


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