A System of the Forms of Deeds Used in Scotland, Količina 3

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A. Constable, 1813

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Stran 309 - And I consent to the registration hereof in the books of council and session, or any other judges books competent; therein to remain for preservation; and thereto I constitute my procurators, &c.
Stran 110 - ... and that at two terms in the year, Whitsunday and Martinmas, by equal portions...
Stran 70 - ... to compear before the Lords of our Council and Session at Edinburgh, or where they may happen to be for the time, the seventh day next after the date of your citation, in the hour of cause, with continuation of days, to answer at the instance of the pursuer...
Stran 21 - ... and purposes, as if an actual and formal delivery had taken place, any law or practice...
Stran 415 - Case may be~\, with all that has followed or may follow on the same, ought and should be reduced, retreated, rescinded, cassed, annulled, decerned, and declared by Decree of Our said Lords, to have been from the Beginning, to be now and in all Time coming, null and void, and of no Avail, Force, Strength, or Effect, in Judgment or outwith the same...
Stran 208 - William the Fourth, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain and Ireland, Defender of the Faith (and so forth).
Stran 391 - Such factor shall once every year give in a scheme of his accounts, charge and discharge, to the clerk aforesaid, that all concerned may have access to see and examine, and provide themselves with proper means of checking the same ; ^herein, if the said factor fail, he shall be liable to such a mulct as the Lords of Session shall modify, not being under An half year's salary.
Stran 213 - In the name of God, Amen. Be it known to all men by this present public instrument, that...
Stran 422 - The which to do, we commit to you conjunctly and severally our full power, by these our Letters, delivering the same by you duly executed and indorsed again to the bearer.
Stran 85 - ... as is alleged : Our will is herefore, and we charge you, that on sight hereof ye pass, and in our name and authority...

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