Thomas Betterton, Količina 2

Sprednja platnica
K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & Company, 1891 - 196 strani

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Stran 130 - All this ? ay, more: Fret, till your proud heart break; Go, show your slaves how choleric you are, And make your bondmen tremble.
Stran 89 - Juliet, the first time it was ever acted, but it is a play of itself the worst that ever I heard, and the worst acted that ever I saw these people do, and I am resolved to go no more to see the first time of acting, for they were all of them out more or less.
Stran 70 - Fox4 (both very fine gentlemen), the King's servants, where we had brave discourse. Walking upon the decks, where persons of honour all the afternoon, among others, Thomas Killigrew* (a merry droll, but a gentleman of great esteem with the King...
Stran 99 - Hudibras again, it being certainly some ill humour to be so against that which all the world cries up to be the example of wit ; for which I am resolved once more to read him, and see whether I can find it or...
Stran 130 - I have hardly a notion, that any performer of antiquity could surpass the action of Mr. Betterton in any of the occasions in which he has appeared on our stage. The wonderful agony which he appeared in, when he examined the circumstance of the handkerchief in Othello...
Stran 53 - ... utterance; all objects were thus drawn nearer to the sense ; every painted scene was stronger, every grand scene and dance more extended ; every rich or fine-coloured habit had a more lively lustre : nor was the minutest motion of a feature (properly changing with the passion or humour it suited) ever lost, as they frequently must be in the obscurity of too great a distance...
Stran 53 - I come, kind gentlemen, strange news to tell ye, I am the ghost of poor departed Nelly. Sweet ladies, be not frighted, I'll...
Stran 151 - But we can't fear, since you're so good to save us That you have only set us up, — to leave us. Thus from the past, we hope for future grace I beg it And some here know I have a begging face. Then pray continue this your kind behaviour, For a clear stage won't do, without your favour.
Stran 43 - The neighbouring inhabitants report, that the refuse of Divito's followers marched off the night before, disguised in magnificence; doorkeepers came out clad like cardinals, and scenedrawers like heathen gods. Divito himself was wrapped up in one of his black clouds, and left to the enemy nothing but an empty stage, full of trapdoors, known only to himself and his adherents.
Stran 80 - Our women are defective, and so sized, You'd think they were some of the guard disguised ; For to speak truth, men act, that are between Forty and fifty, wenches of fifteen ; With bone so large, and nerve so incompliant, When you call Desdemona, enter giant.

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