Reports of Cases Determined in the Courts of Appeal of the State of California, Količina 26

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Bancroft-Whitney, 1915

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Stran 393 - There can be but one action for the recovery of any debt, or the enforcement of any right secured by mortgage upon real or personal property, which action must be in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
Stran 343 - ... he has made at other times statements inconsistent with his present testimony as provided in section 93-1901-12." Section 93-1901-12, RCM1947. "A witness may also be impeached by evidence that he has made, at other times, statements inconsistent with his present testimony...
Stran 114 - Any county, city, town, or township may make and enforce within its limits all such local, police, sanitary, and other regulations as are not in conflict with general laws.
Stran 557 - If any one proposition could command the universal assent of mankind, we might expect it would be this — that the government of the Union, though limited in its powers, is supreme within its sphere of action.
Stran 211 - The connection of the individuals In the unlawful enterprise being thus shown, every act and declaration of each member of the confederacy, in pursuance of the original concerted plan, and with reference to the common object, is, in contemplation of law, the act and declaration of them all, and Is, therefore, original evidence against each of them.
Stran 46 - ... must recover, if at all, upon the strength of his own title and not on the weakness of that of his adversary.
Stran 270 - ... an issue of fact must be tried by a jury, unless a jury trial is waived, or a reference is ordered, as provided in this code.
Stran 890 - No person shall operate a motor vehicle on a public highway at a rate of speed greater than is reasonable and proper, having regard to the traffic and use of the highway, or so as to endanger the life or limb of any person, or the safety of any property...
Stran 48 - The homestead is subject to execution or forced sale in satisfaction of judgments obtained: 1. Before the declaration of homestead was filed for record, and which constitute liens upon the premises. 2. On debts secured by mechanics, contractors, subcontractors, artisans, architects, builders, laborers of every class, materialmen's or vendors
Stran 391 - The following contracts are invalid, unless the same, or some note or memorandum thereof, is in writing and subscribed by the party to be charged or by his agent: 1.

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