History of the Anglo-Saxons

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Tegg, 1867 - 332 strani

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Stran 33 - Thy tower, proud Bamborough, mark'd they there, King Ida's castle, huge and square, From its tall rock look grimly down, And on the swelling ocean frown ; Then from the coast they bore away, And reach'd the Holy Island's bay.
Stran 50 - Here did it enter ; there, on hasty wing, Flies out, and passes on from cold to cold ; But whence it came we know not, nor behold Whither it goes. Even such, that transient Thing, The human Soul ; not utterly unknown While in the Body lodged, her warm abode ; But from what world she came, what woe or weal On her departure waits, no tongue hath shown ; This mystery if the Stranger can reveal, His be a welcome cordially bestowed !
Stran 43 - They come — and onward travel without dread, Chanting in barbarous ears a tuneful prayer — Sung for themselves, and those whom they would free! Rich conquest waits them : — the tempestuous sea Of Ignorance, that ran so rough and high And heeded not the voice of clashing swords, These good men humble by a few bare words, And calm with fear of God's divinity.
Stran 320 - ... whom the lands of broad England were divided. But all this pomp and solemnity has passed away like a dream. The perpetual prayer has ceased for ever — the roll of Battle is rent. The shields of the Norman lineages are trodden in the dust. The abbey is levelled with the ground — and a dank and reedy pool fills the spot where the foundations of the quire have been uncovered, merely for the gaze of the idle visitor, or the instruction of the moping antiquary. The victor is now installed ; but...
Stran 314 - It is the duke,' — exclaimed Harold — 'and little shall I fear him. By my forces, will his be four times outnumbered ! ' Gurth shook his head, and expatiated on the strength of the Norman cavalry, as opposed to the...
Stran 43 - And blest the silver Cross, which ye, instead Of martial banner, in procession bear ; The Cross preceding Him who floats in air, The pictured Saviour ! — By Augustin led, They come — and onward travel without dread, Chanting in barbarous ears a tuneful prayer — Sung for themselves, and those whom they would free...
Stran 120 - The clericus, or clerk, was synonymous with penman; and the laity, or people who were not clerks, did not feel any urgent necessity for the use of letters. The ancient use of the cross was therefore universal, alike by those who could and those who could not write: it was, indeed, the symbol of an oath, from its sacred associations, as well as the mark generally adopted. Hence the origin of the expression "God save the mark...
Stran 313 - Fear prevailed in both camps. The English, in addition to the apprehensions which even the most stout-hearted feel on the eve of a morrow whose close they may never see, dreaded the papal excommunication, the curse encountered in support of the unlawful authority of a usurper. When they were informed that battle had been decided upon, they stormed and swore ; and now the cowardice of conscience spurred them on to riot and revelry. The whole night was passed in debauch.
Stran 319 - Fitz-Ernest had almost seized the banner, but he was killed in the attempt. William led his troops on, with the intention, it is said, of measuring his sword with Harold. He did encounter an English horseman, from whom he received such a stroke upon his helmet that he was nearly brought to the ground. The Normans flew to the aid of their sovereign, and the bold Englishman was pierced by their lances.
Stran 312 - No," answered William, as he rose, " I have taken seizin of the country," showing the clod of earth which he had grasped. One of his soldiers, with the quickness of a modern Frenchman, instantly followed up the idea ; he ran to a cottage and pulled out a bundle of reeds from the thatch, telling him to receive that symbol also as the seizin of the realm with which he was invested. These little anecdotes display the turn and temper of the Normans, and the alacrity by which the army was pervaded. Some...

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