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Stran 396 - ... provided that the real property of any fraternal corporation, association or body created to build and maintain a building or buildings for its meeting or meetings of the general 'assembly of its members, or subordinate bodies of such fraternity and for the accommodation of other fraternal bodies or associations, the entire net income of which real property is exclusively applied or to be used to build, furnish and maintain an asylum or asylums, a home or homes, a school or schools, for the free...
Stran 397 - Chapter sixty-two of the laws of nineteen hundred and nine, entitled " An act in relation to taxation, constituting chapter sixty of the consolidated laws," is hereby amended by adding a new article to be article sixteen, to read as follows : ARTICLE 16.
Stran 395 - ... or for two or more such purposes and used exclusively for carrying out thereupon one or more of such purposes, and the personal property of any such corporation, shall be exempt from taxation.
Stran 158 - Let the individuals who now hold it still retain, if 288 Progress and Poverty they want to, possession of what they are pleased to call their land. Let them continue to call it their land. Let them buy and sell, and bequeath and devise it.
Stran 191 - State, in addition to providing for the principal and interest of existing debt, shall not in the aggregate exceed in any one year two per centum of the assessed valuation of the real and personal estate of such county or city, to be ascertained as prescribed in this section in respect to county or city debt.
Stran 393 - ... the city of New York and of any of the municipal and public corporations, or parts of municipal and public corporations by this act consolidated with the municipal corporation known as the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of New York...
Stran 396 - ... shall not be taxed as to that portion thereof leased or otherwise used for purposes of income, when such income is necessary for and actually applied to the maintenance and support of such library. Property held by any officer of a religious denomination shall be entitled to the same exemptions, subject to the same conditions and exceptions, as property held by a religious corporation.
Stran 395 - But no such corporation or association shall be entitled to any such exemption if any officer, member or employee thereof shall receive or may be lawfully entitled to receive any pecuniary profit from the operations thereof, except reasonable compensation for services in effecting one or more of such purposes...
Stran 391 - ... any income return or copy thereof or any book containing any abstract or particulars thereof to be seen or examined by any person except as provided by law...

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