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Academy, Military, West Point, annual report of Visiters in
1837, page 468

1 3
Academy, memorial of teachers of French and drawing

S. 230
Academy at New Hagerstown, Ohio, memorial for donation of

7 160
Accountability of disbursing officers, reports from the several

Departments, accompanying annual message, on the better
security of, page 165

1 3
Agriculture, promote by distribution of seeds, (see report of

Commissioner of Patents)
Agriculture, society of New York, memorial, same object
memorial of Charles L. Fleischmann, same

Alabama, Indian depredations in, report of agent, with list of

Legislature of, in favor of annexation of part of Flor-
ida to

7 163
Legislature, reduce price of lands, exchange school
lands, and grant unproductive to the States

Legislature, in favor of annexation of Texas
inhabitants of Marengo county, against sub-treasury 10 379







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Alexandria, duebills cancelled by the corporation of
Allegany river, report of survey and drawing of

memorial, Common Council New York, in fa-

vor of the improvement of
Ambler, Peter, memorial of
Amory, Nathaniel, memorial, (Bastrop's grant)
Appropriations, estimates of, for 1838, (general)

explanatory of certain items in general appro-

priation bill
explanatory of appropriation to pay revolu-

tionary pensions
estimates for the Indian department for 1838
estimates, additional, same
estimates, for suppressing Indian hostilities

estimates for the Post Office Department, 1838

transfer of
Appropriations and expenditures, military service, 1837

naval service, 1837 -
Appropriations and new offices at 2d session 25th Congress
Aqueduct, Potomac, report of Major Turnbull, with explana-

tory drawings
Arkansas, on extending time for locating donation claims in,

memorial of Legislature, cede lands to States
memorial of inhabitants of Helena against division

of land district

kind of funds furnished to pay pensioners in
Architectural plans and drawings for the executive depart-

ments, executed in 1836 -
Army, distribution of troops, page 220

troops engaged in Florida, page 220
reports of the heads of bureaus of the various branches

of the military service, showing their operations in

1837, &c., page 220
explanatory of certain appropriations for the
proceedings of court of inquiry in cases of Generals

Scott and Gaines, held at Frederick, in Maryland
memorial of paymasters, in relation to pay, &c.
troops employed in Florida war, instructions to com-

manders, &c.
force employed in Florida in 1837, and monthly ex-

pay of officers, &c.
comparative expenses between cavalry and infantry
number of volunteers and militia employed within last

six years, and com.parative expense between volun-

teers and regulars

statements in relation to the proposed increase
Armories, annual report of the operations in 1837

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S 271
9 305
11 428

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Armory, Western waters, report of Commissioners McRec,

Lee, and Talcott
at Beaver, Penn., memorial of inhabitants

Legislature of Pennsylvania
Legislature of Ohio
Arsenals, in relation to appropriations for
Atchafalaya river, in relation to the improvement of
Attorneys-fees of district, renewal of duty bonds

5 120
2 61
3 264
8 296
2 40
8 253



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Balances, on books of the Fourth Auditor

Second Auditor
Third Auditor

Register of the Treasury
against the deposite banks and collecting officers
since 1st January, 1834
letters to collectors and receivers who have failed to

comply with regulations
Baltimore Board of Trade, French spoliations
Banks, depositories, returns of the condition of

amount paid in specie on Treasury

checks, &c.
amount of deposites under Treasury cir-

cular of 11 July, 1836
balances against them, and losses
list of those that have availed themselves

of the benefits of the act of October last,
and those that have failed to comply,

and balances due
Banks, suspension of specie payments, acts of the several States

in relation to
of the several States, return of their conditions

in District of Columbia, condition of in 1837
Bank U. S., Legislature of Kentucky in favor of
Barbary Powers, payments, intercourse with
Bastrop's grant, memorial of Nathaniel Amory on subject of
Berard, C., teacher of French at the Military Academy
Beziers, Captain, claim of, for saving crew of American vessel

Blair, Francis P., surety of Postmaster Crockett, in relation to

balance due
Blue Book, (so called,) biennial register, why not finished
Bounty Land Office, annual report from, for 1837, page 733
Bounty lands, late war with Great Britain

quantity allowed to Continental and Virginia

Boundary, Northeastern, Maine and New Brunswick, and im-

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prisonment of Mr. Greely, in relation to
Legislature of Massachusetts, on the subject of





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