Outlines of the history of Ireland for schools and families ... to the union in 1800 [by E.J. Brabazon].

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Stran 199 - Christ was the word that spake it, He took the bread and brake it, And what that word did make it, That I believe and take it.
Stran 289 - Sea ; when we considered all this, it was obvious enough, what a dangerous undertaking we had ventured upon. But the resolution and courage of our people, and the necessity we were under, and the great confidence and dependence among us on God Almighty, that he would take care of us and preserve us, made us overlook all those difficulties.
Stran 322 - Flood moved, in the House of Commons, for leave to bring in a bill for the more equal representation of the people in Parliament.
Stran 198 - The common net at that time, says Sir Richard Baker, for catching of Protestants, was the real presence; and this net was used to catch the lady Elizabeth; for being asked, one time, what she thought of the words of Christ. "This is my body," whether she thought it the true body of Christ that was in the sacrament, it is said that, after some pausing, she thus answered: — "Christ was the word that spake it; He took the bread and brake...
Stran 300 - Ireland : the reason of my appearing covered in your majesty's presence is to assert the ancient privilege of my family, granted to Sir John de Courcy, Earl of Ulster, and his heirs, by John, King of England, for him and his successors for ever.
Stran 361 - On the same day the great seal of Britain was delivered up and defaced, and a new seal for the empire was given to the lord chancellor. A new standard also, combining the three crosses of St. George, St Andrew, and St Patrick, w»s hoisted, amidst the discharge of artillery, in each of the three capitals of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Stran 345 - From the vigorous and summary expedients resorted to by government, and the consequent exertions of the military, the leaders found themselves reduced to the alternative of immediate insurrection, or of being deprived of the means on which they relied for effecting their purpose ; and to this cause is exclusively to be attributed that premature and desperate effort, the rashness of which has so evidently facilitated its suppression...
Stran 272 - I thank the lieutenant-general for the intended mercy; but I declare, good people, before God and his holy angels, and all of you that hear me, that I never had any commission from the king for what I have done, in levying, or in prosecuting this war; and do heartily beg your prayers, all good Catholics and Christians! that God may be merciful unto me, and forgive me my sins.
Stran 362 - January one thousand eight hundred and one, be entitled to the same privileges, and be on the same footing, as to encouragements and bounties on the like articles being the growth, produce, or manufacture, of either country respectively, and generally in respect of trade and navigation in all ports and places in the united kingdom and its dependencies; and that in all treaties made by his Majesty, his heirs...
Stran 365 - Celestine V . Boniface VIII Benedict XI . Clement V John XXII . Benedict XII Clement VI . Innocent VI Urban V . Gregory XI Urban VI . Boniface IX...

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