Papers presented to parliament, 1808-1821

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Stran 141 - As this article is entirely reciprocal, the two high contracting parties engage mutually, to make good any losses which their respective subjects may incur unjustly by the arbitrary and illegal detention of their vessels. It being understood that this indemnity shall invariably be borne by the government whose cruizer shall have been guilty of...
Stran 28 - ... may visit such merchant vessels of the two nations, as may be suspected, upon reasonable grounds, of having slaves on board, acquired by an illicit traffic, and, (in the event only of their...
Stran 41 - Treaty of this date, and in drder that^ according to this judgment, it may be condemned or liberated* And in the event of the two...
Stran 29 - Slaves, there shall be established, within the space of a year at furthest, from the exchange of the Ratifications...
Stran 30 - Netherlands; and the two Governments, at the period of the exchange of the ratifications of the present Treaty, shall declare, each for its own dominions, in what places the Courts shall respectively reside.
Stran 36 - ... nations, though furnished with the present instructions, provided the same can account for their course, either in conformity with the practice of the Spanish navigation, by steering some degrees to the northward in search of fair windsj or for other legitimate causes, such as the dangers of the sea, duly proved ; provided always...
Stran 142 - These Courts shall judge the causes submitted to them according to the provisions of the present Treaty, and according to the Regulations and instructions which are annexed to the present Treaty, and which are considered an integral part thereof ; and there shall be no appeal from their decision.
Stran 41 - ... name, the name of his vessel, as well as the latitude and longitude of the place where the detention shall have taken place, and the number of slaves found living on board of the slave ship, at the time of the detention.
Stran 24 - Plenipotentiaries, that is to say : Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland...
Stran 145 - The commander of any ship of the two navies, duly authorized as aforesaid, who may detain any merchant-vessel in pursuance of the tenor of the present Instructions, shall leave on board the vessel so detained, the master, the mate or boatswain, and two or three, at least, of the crew; the whole of the negroes, if any, and all the cargo.

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