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[9 Edw. 7. Ch. 9.] Whereas it is desirable for the welfare and future progress of South Africa that the several British colonies therein should be united under one government in a legislative union under the crown of Great Britain and Ireland:

And whereas it is expedient to make provision for the union of the Colonies of the Cape of Good Hope, Natal, the Transvaal, and the Orange River Colony on terms and conditions to which they have agreed by resolution of their respective Parliaments, and to define the executive, legislative, and judicial powers to be exercised in the government of the Union :

And whereas it is expedient to make provision for the establishment of provinces with powers of legislation and administration in local matters and in such other matters as may be specially reserved for provincial legislation and administration :

And whereas it is expedient to provide for the eventual admission into the Union or transfer to the Union of such parts of South Africa as are not originally included therein:

Be it therefore enacted by the king's most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

I. PRELIMINARY. 1. This act may be cited as the South Africa Act, 1909. 2. In this act, unless it is otherwise expressed or implied, the words the Union ” shall be taken to mean the Union of South Africa as constituted under this act, and the words “ Houses of Parliament, of Parliament,” or Parliament,” shall be taken to mean the Parliament of the Union.

3. The provisions of this act referring to the king shall extend to his majesty's heirs and successors in the sovereignty of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

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