The American Journal of International Law, Količina 4

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James Brown Scott, George Grafton Wilson
American Society of International Law, 1910
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The American Journal of International Law has been published quarterly since 1907 and is considered the premier English-language scholarly journal in its field. It features scholarly articles and editorials, notes and comment by preeminent scholars on developments in international law and international relations, and reviews of contemporary developments. The Journal contains summaries of decisions by national and international courts and arbitral and other tribunals, and of contemporary U.S. practice in international law. Each issue lists recent publications in English and other languages, many of which are reviewed in depth. Throughout its history, and particularly during first sixty years, the Journal has published full-text primary materials of particular importance in the field of international law. The contents of the current issue of the Journal are available on the ASIL web site.

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Stran 55 - province. EDUCATION. 93. In and for each province the legislature may exclusively make laws in relation to education, subject and according to the following provisions:—- 1) Nothing in any such law shall prejudicially affect any right or privilege with respect to denominational schools which any class of persons have by law in the province at the union.
Stran 137 - Government of the United States of America; Who, having communicated to each other their respective full powers, and found them in good and due form, have agreed upon the following articles: ARTICLE I. There shall be firm and perpetual peace and amity between the Empire of Japan and the Colombian Republic, and their respective
Stran 12 - has been recommended by message from the governor-general during the session in which such vote, resolution, address, or bill is proposed. 63. If the house of assembly passes any bill and the senate rejects or fails to pass it or passes it with amendments to which the house of
Stran 356 - consent of the Senate thereof, and by His Britannic Majesty; and the ratifications shall be exchanged in Washington as soon as practicable. IN FAITH WHEREOF, the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed this treaty in duplicate and have hereunto affixed their seals. DONE at Washington the 21st day of May, in the year of
Stran 2 - nominated by the governor-general in council shall hold their seats for ten years. One-half of their number shall be selected on the ground mainly of their thorough acquaintance, by reason of their official experience or otherwise, with the reasonable wants and wishes of the colored races in South Africa. If the seat of a senator so
Stran 64 - the construction thereof without intermission, and the completion thereof with all practicable speed. XI. ADMISSION OF OTHER COLONIES. 146. It shall be lawful for the queen, by and with the advice of her majesty's most honourable privy council, on addresses from the houses of the parliament of Canada and from the houses of the respective legislatures of the colonies or provinces of
Stran 69 - COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION ACT. [July 9, 1900.] Whereas the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia. Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble federal commonwealth under the crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. and under the constitution hereby established: and whereas it is
Stran 133 - whereof, the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the above articles both in the English and Spanish languages, and have hereunto affixed their seals. Done in duplicate at the city of Lima this fifteenth day of October one thousand nine hundred and seven. LESLIE COMBS American Minister in Peru [SEAL] SOLON POLO [SEAL.]
Stran 342 - or Chinese convert, who, according to these tenets, peaceably teaches and practices the principles of Christianity shall in no case be interfered with or molested therefor. No restrictions shall be placed on Chinese joining Christian churches. Converts and non-converts, being Chinese subjects, shall alike conform to the laws of China; and living
Stran 238 - of State of the United States; and His Britannic Majesty, the Right Honorable James Bryce, 0. M., his Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at Washington; Who, after having communicated to one another their full powers, found in good and

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