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Proclamation to the Du'ch People, from the Provisional Representatires of
Holland, March 26

Proclumation from the Committee of Public Safety, of the French Conten-
tior, to the Inhabitants of the Province Guipuscoa, in Spain

Declaration of the King of Prussia to his most high Colleagues, Co-States of

t'e German Empire, and Members of the Germanic League, with respect

to the Treaty of Peace concluded betucen him and the French Republic 2017
Proclamation from the French National Convention to the Citizens of

Substance of the Emperor's Decree of Commission, dated Vienna, May 19,

relative to preparatory Measures for a Pacification, presented to the As-
sembly of the Diet of the Empire, at Ratisbon, May 23

Copy of the Note delivered from the Emperor to the King of Prussia, at
Berlin, Feb. 21

Answer of the Prussian Cabinet

The Members of the General Administration of East Flanders, sitting at
Ghent, to the National Convention of France, Feb. 3

Letter from the Representatives of the People, with the Armies of the North
and Sambre, and Meuse, to the National Convention

The Members of the Central Administration of Belgium to the Nationel

Letter from the Representatires of the French People

, with the Armies of
the North, to the National Convention, dated Brussels, Feb. 26, 242
Letter from the same, Alarch 7.

Address of the Magistrates of Antwerp to the National Convention ibid.
Letter from the Magistrates of Brussels, read in the Convention
Substance of a Rescript of the Emperor, dated Vienna, presented to the
Ministers of the States, at Ratisbon, May 4

Substance of a Declaration, made, May 12, to the Ministers of the States of
the Empire, by the Emperor

Substance of the Emperor's second Rescript to the Diet of Ratišban, ibid.
Substance of the dddress, which accompanied the Medal, which the Danish
Nation sent to Count Bernstorff

Substance of the Treaty between Great Britain and the Dey of Algiers 246
Proclamation to the People of France, upon the Completion of the Cor-

Treaty concluded at Basle, August 8, between the Republic of France and
the Landgrate of Hesse Cassell

Decree for incorporating the Austrian Netherlands, fc. with the French

Proclamation to the French People, Oct. 7

Proclamation from the Frecutive Directory to the French People 251
Letter from Louis XIII. to the Archbishop of Paris

Letter from Louis XVIII. to the l'ope

Answer of the Pope

Proclamation of Louis XT111. to the French People

Edict published at llanover, Sept. 29

Pro Alen oria, or, Note delivered by the Prussiun Directorial Enroy to the
States of Franconia



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Imperial Decree of Ratification, concerning the Opening of Negociations
for a Peace between the Empire and France, August 21,

Imperial Court-Decree, concerning the separate Treuty of Peace concluded

between the Landgruve of Hesse Cassell and the French Republic, 267
Treaty of defensive Alliance between his Britannic Dlajesty and the Empe-
ror of Germany, signed at Vienna, May 29,

Treaty of defensive Alliance between his Britunnic Mojesty and the Em-
press of Russia, Feb. 18,

Manifesto on the part of the Empress of Russia, relative to the Affairs of

Proclamation by Sir Gilbert Elliot, Viceroy of Corsica

Note of Mr. Drake, the British Envoy, to the Genoese Republic 281
Answer to the above

Treuty between America and Algiers

Treaty between America and Supin

Abstract of the Treaty between Great Britain and America

Treaty between the King of Spain and thic Republic of France 297
Speech of the President of the United States of America to both Houses of
Congress, Dec. 8, 1795.


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Account of the Reign and Character of Maximilian II. Emperor of Ger-

many ; from Wraxall's History of France
Account of the Convent of Nuns of Clarisse, at Cologne ; from Mrs.

Radclife's Journey through Holland and the Western Frontier of Ger-

Observations on the distinct Characters of Modern Whigs and Tories;

Belshan's Memoirs of the Reign of George III.
Description of the several Merits of Albert Durer, Michael Angelo, and

Leonardo da Vinci, by Mr. Fuseli; from Seward's Anecdotes *7
Account of the Harem, or Apartments for the Ladies ; froin Russell's Na-

tural History of Aleppo
Account of the l'urkish Lallies; from the same

Account of the Republic of San Marino. By Dr. Gillies, Author of the

History of Greece; from Seward's Anecdotes of distinguished Per.
sons, &c.

Account of the celebrated Conspiracy of the Puzzi, at Florence; from
Roscoe's Life of Lorenzo de' Medici.

Poetical Character of Politiano ; from the same
Character of the celebrated Girolamo Savonarola ; from the same
Life of the late James Boswell, Esq. from the Gentleman's Magazine, *32
The Life of Patrick Browne, M. D. Author of the History of Jamaica ;

from the European Magazine
Particulars of the Life and Character of Adam Smith, LL. D. from the

Third Volume of the Transactions of ihe Royal Society of Edinburgh *37
Anecdotes of Mr. Robert Bakewell, of Dishley; from the Gentleman's






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Geography considered in a political Point of View ; fion Mercier's

On Didactic Poetry; from a Critical Essay on Akenside's Pleasures of the
Imagination, by Mrs. Burbauld

Of the Infirmities and Defects of Men of Genius ; from D’Israeli's Essay on
the Literary Character

Whimsical Expences of Economy : from the Gentleman's Magazine
Grimaldi; a true Story ; from Varieties of Literature

Ode for the New Year, 1795, by Henry James Pye, Esq. Poet-Laureat *145
Ode for his Jajesty's Birth-Day, 1795, by the same

Extract from šír. Alqurice's Elegiac Poem, on Sir Willian Joncs +147
Ode to Jurymen, by Peter Pindar

An Ancient Catch"; from a MS. of the Time of Queen Elizabeth, in the

British Museum
Verses written by the late Earl of Chatham. [From Seward's Anecdotes,

in which Iork it was for the first Time printed. To the Right Hon.
Richard Grenville Temple, Lord Viscouirt Cobhan

Prologue to the Wheel of Fortune

Epilogue to the same

Address spoken by Mrs. Siddons, at her Beneft, and written by Samuel
Rogers, Esq. Author of the Pleasures of Memory

The Pursuit of Health ; from Belue's Miscellanies
A Tale, by the Rev. Mr. Bishop

* 158
Epigram ; from the Gentlemun's Magazine

Hope personified; from Lorenzo de' Medici, by William Roscoe

The Happiness of a Country Life, by the same

The Author calls upon the Faculties of his own Mind to crert themselves to

great and useful Purposes, by William Roscoe ; from the same *160
On the Death of Politian, occasioned by a Full from a Stair-case, as he was

playing on his Lute. An Elegy on the Death of his Friend Lorenzo de'
Aledici, by the same

Account of Books for 1795.



The Life of Lorenzo de' Medici, called the Magnificent. By Win. Roscoe,
4to. 2 vol. 1795.

An Enquiry into the Foundation and History of the Law of Nations in Europe,

from the Time of the Greeks and Romans to the Age of Grotius. By Ro.

bert Ward, of the Inner Temple, Esq. Barrister at Law, 2 cols. 8vo. *171
An Inquiry into the Duties of Man, in the higher and middle Classes of So.

ciety in Great Britain, resulting from their respective Stations, Professions,
und Employments. By Thomas Gisborne, M. A. 4to.



Wright, Printer, St. John's Square.

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