Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture

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Stran 314 - ... top of the left hand over the constricted portion, the grasp relaxed, and the insect permitted to escape through the opening into its interior. The glass is then closed below by the left hand on the outside of the net, and may be transferred to the top of the collecting box, when it can be quieted by chloroform...
Stran 470 - ... that he is a citizen of the United States, or has declared his intention to become such...
Stran 568 - FULLER, ANDREW S., The Grape Culturist: A Treatise on the Cultivation of the Native Grape. Cr.
Stran 560 - An excavation was made in the field to the depth of six feet, and a stream of water was directed against the vertical wall of soil until it was washed away, so that the roots of the plants growing in it were laid bare. The roots thus exposed in a field of rye, in one of beans, and in a bed of garden peas, presented the appearance of a mat, or felt of white fibres, to a depth of about four feet from the surface of the ground.
Stran 419 - ... as hay, the land, far from being less fertile than before, is peculiarly well adapted, even without the addition of manure, to bear a good crop of wheat in the following year, provided the season be favorable to its growth.
Stran 178 - Potatoes succeeded at the latter place, though the tubers were small. They were regularly planted for several years until the seed was lost by freezing during the winter. At St. Michael's they did not do well. Salad was successful; but cabbages would not head. The white round turnips grown at St. Michael's were the best I ever saw anywhere, and very large, many of them weighing five or six pounds.
Stran 469 - The receiver will then issue to the purchaser a duplicate receipt, and at the close of the month the register and receiver will make returns of the sale to the General Land Office...
Stran 469 - United States or reserved section along the lino of railroads. The act of March 27, 1854, protects the right of settlers on sections along the line of railroads where settlement existed prior to withdrawal, and in such cases allows the tract to be taken by pre-emption at $1 25 per acre.
Stran 555 - English grammar, geography, arithmetic, and history of the United States. Candidates for higher standing are examined as above, and also in the studies gone over by the class to which they may desire admission. No one can be admitted to the college until he is fifteen years of age...
Stran 589 - England to improve house-drainage and sewerage, as affecting public health, Mr. Waring concludes by stating that the principles of his book, whether relating to sanitary improvement, to convenience and decency of living, or to the use of waste matters of houses in agricultural improvement, are no less applicable in America than elsewhere; and the more general adoption of improved house drainage and sewerage, and of the use of sewage matters in agriculture, would add to the health and prosperity of...

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