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Powers of fire wardens.

Owner of building

destroyed by order of fire wardens to be reimbursed,

when and how.

the several officers and committees of said district, and of the inhabitants of said district in time of conflagration, and to enforce obedience to the commands of the fire wardens for suppressing disorder and tumult, guarding or removing property or rendering other services in time of fire, and also for the protection of the water pipes, hose, hydrants or other apparatus or property of said district and for the preservation of order and the public peace in said district; and said electors may provide for the breach of any such by-law a penalty consisting of a fine not exceeding twenty dollars, to be recovered for the use of said district, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding thirty days, or both, which penalty may be enforced by prosecution on complaint and warrant in the district court of the second judicial district.

SEC. 8. The fire wardens elected by said district may order, in time of fire, such buildings to be torn down or blown up as they shall judge necessary to . stop the progress of the fire; and if it shall happen that the pulling down or blowing up of any such building by direction as aforesaid shall be the occasion of stopping the progress of such fire, or if the fire stop before it comes to the same, the owners shall be reasonably paid therefor by a tax upon said district, the amount of which tax shall be adjudged by the superior court for the county of Washington, which court is hereby authorized and empowered, on application to it made in behalf of such owners, to ascertain and adjudge the amount necessary and cause the same to be certified to said district, and such tax shall be assessed and collected as other taxes are herein required to be assessed and collected in said district; but no building in which any fire shall first break out or begin shall be paid for under this provision.

SEC. 9. The fire wardens elected by said district shall publicly, within four days next preceding the day of holding any regular meeting of said fire district, make a corrected list of the names of all persons entitled to vote in such meeting, and certify and deliver the same to the moderator before the time shall arrive for the calling of the meeting to order.

In making such list the fire wardens shall take from the last corrected voting list of the town of South Kingstown the names of all persons residing within the limits of said district who continue qualified to vote on a proposition to impose a tax, or for the expenditure of money in said town, and place said names upon the list to be made up by them, and shall add thereto the names of all persons residing within said district who shall be so qualified and whose names shall not be upon said voting list and shall cause printed notices of the time and place named by them to make such list to be posted in five public places within said district, not more than ten nor less than five days before the time appointed for such district meeting, and the list so made and certified shall be used in determining any question before such meeting when demanded by ten of the voters present; and thereupon the moderator shall receive the votes of all persons whose names are upon such list, and shall reject the votes of all persons claiming to vote whose names are not thereon.

Fire wardens

to make corrected list of

voters, etc.

and hook



SEC. 10. Said electors at any of their legal meet- Fire companies ings shall have power to choose and appoint so many men as they may think needful to be formed into a fire company or companies, and also a hook and ladder company, and to make all such laws and regulations for organizing and establishing the same as they shall see fit, and the members of such companies shall be entitled to the exemptions, privileges

Special meetings of electors.

By-laws, how enacted, etc.

H 811. Approved

May 14, 1923.


and remedies provided by the general laws of the state for members of the fire departments of cities and towns.

SEC. 11. Said electors may hold special meetings which, as well as the annual meetings, shall be notified in such manner as they shall prescribe; and it shall be the duty of the clerk to call a special meeting upon written application signed by twelve or more of such electors, and whenever the subject of ordering a tax or borrowing money is to be acted on, the same shall be mentioned in the notice unless it be an annual meeting.

SEC. 12. Said electors may enact all by-laws by them judged necessary and expedient for carrying the provisions of this act into effect: Provided, that no greater penalty be inflicted thereby than is prescribed in the seventh section hereof, and provided the same be not in violation of or repugnant to the laws of this state.

SEC. 13. This act shall take effect upon its passage, and all acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.




It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:

SECTION 1. All that part of the town of Coventry boundaries of beginning at the boundary stone on the boundary line between Coventry and West Warwick, about nine hundred feet south of the intersection of the boundary line with Fairview avenue, so-called, thence extending due west to Woodside avenue, thence westerly along said avenue to a point two hundred


feet from Fairview avenue, thence southeasterly and Boundaries parallel with said Fairview avenue to a point two hundred feet southwesterly from Read avenue, so-called, thence southerly and parallel with Read avenue to a point two hundred feet westerly from said Read avenue on the northerly line of the Coventry Fire District, thence on the northerly line of said fire district to a point on the town line between West Warwick and Coventry two hundred feet northerly from the house now owned or formerly owned by Whipple Andrew, thence northerly along said town line to the point of beginning, is hereby incorporated into a district to be called the Bakerville Lighting District. Said district may have a common Powers of. seal, sue and be sued, and enjoy the other powers generally incident to corporations.

to vote in meetings of.

SEC. 2. The taxable inhabitants of said district Who eligible qualified to vote in town affairs on propositions to impose taxes or for the expenditure of money shall be eligible to vote and act in all meetings of the corporation.

meeting of.


SEC. 3. Annual meetings of said corporation shall Annual be holden on the first Monday of May. The first First meeting meeting shall be holden on the first Monday in May next ensuing, at a place in said district to be named in the notice of said meeting. Seven days' notice of said meeting, stating the time, place, and purpose thereof, and signed by five or more of the qualified voters of said district, shall be given by posting the same in three or more public places in said district, at least one week before said meeting, and by publishing the same for at least one week prior to said meeting in some newspaper published in the city of Providence and also in some newspaper published in said district, or, if there is no newspaper published in said district, in some newspaper published in Kent county.


Of the assessing and collecting of taxes.

At said meeting the question "Shall the Bakerville Lighting District be established according to the act of incorporation passed by the general assembly of the state?" shall be submitted. All persons possessing the qualifications set forth in section 2 of this act shall be entitled to vote on said question. If a majority of the persons so voting shall vote "yes," then said Bakerville Lighting District shall be established according to the provisions of this act; otherwise this act shall be and become null and void.

SEC. 4. Said taxable inhabitants at each annual meeting and at any other meetings when vacancies occur may elect officers to serve for one year or until the next annual meeting and until others be chosen in their stead, which officers shall consist of a moderator, clerk, treasurer, three assessors and a collector of taxes, whose duties and powers within said district shall be such as like officers of towns in this state have in their respective towns.

SEC. 5. Said taxable inhabitants at any of their legal meetings shall have power to order such taxes and provide for the assessing and collecting of the same on the taxable inhabitants and property in said district as they shall deem necessary for lighting the different highways and streets within said district. And such taxes, so ordered, shall be assessed by the assessors of said district on the taxable inhabitants and property therein according to the last valuation made by the assessors of the town of Coventry next previous to said assessment, adding, however, any taxable property which may have been omitted by said town assessors or afterwards acquired, and in assessing and collecting said taxes such proceedings shall be had by the officers of said district, as near as may be, as are required to be had by the corresponding officers of towns in assessing and collecting town taxes.

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