Mary and Martha, the Mother and the Wife of George Washington

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Harper & Brothers, 1886 - 348 strani

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Stran 48 - I luckily escaped without a wound, though I had four bullets through my coat, and two horses shot under me.
Stran 131 - ... upon myself and given pain to my friends. This, I am sure, could not, and ought not, to be pleasing to you, and must have lessened me considerably in my own esteem. I shall rely, therefore, confidently on that Providence which has heretofore preserved and been bountiful to me, not doubting but that I shall return safe to you in the fall.
Stran 254 - ... will be accompanied by feelings not unlike those of a culprit, who is going to the place of his execution ; so unwilling am I, in the evening of a life nearly consumed in public cares, to quit a peaceful abode for an ocean of difficulties, without that competency of political skill, abilities and inclination, -which are necessary to manage the helm.
Stran 48 - In short, the dastardly behavior of those they call regulars exposed all others, that were inclined to do their duty, to almost certain death ; and, at last, in despite of all the efforts of the officers to the contrary, they ran, as sheep pursued by dogs, and it was impossible to rally them.
Stran xxiii - A perfect Woman, nobly planned, To warn, to comfort, and command ; And yet a Spirit still, and bright With something of an angel 13 light. XV.— I WANDERED LONELY. 1804. I WANDERED lonely as a cloud...
Stran 48 - The Virginia troops showed a good deal of bravery, and were nearly all killed ; for I believe out of three companies that were there, scarcely thirty men are left alive.
Stran 317 - When the fire is beginning to kindle and your heart growing warm, propound these questions to it : Who is this invader ? Have I a competent knowledge of him ? Is he a man of good character ? A man of sense ? For, be assured, a sensible woman can never be happy with a fool.
Stran 303 - To the wearied traveller, who sees a resting-place, and is bending his body to lean thereon, I now compare myself; but to be suffered to do this in peace, is too much to be endured by some. To misrepresent my motives, to reprobate my politics, and to weaken the confidence which has been reposed in my administration, are objects, which cannot be relinquished by those who will be satisfied with nothing short of a change in our political system.
Stran 51 - Honored Madam : If it is in my power to avoid going to the Ohio again, I shall ; but if the command is pressed upon me by the general voice of the country, and offered upon such terms as cannot be objected against, it would reflect dishonor on me to refuse it...
Stran 220 - The United States, in Congress assembled, ordered this statue to be erected in the year of our Lord 1783, in honor of George Washington, the illustrious Commander-in-chief of the armies of the United States of America during the war, which vindicated and secured their liberty, sovereignty, and independence.

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