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To Executive Reports, at the First Session of the Nineteenth Congress.





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Vol. No. Pager
Army U. S. report of the number and condition of the,
(documents with Presidents message)

see Balances, &c.
Armory on the Western waters. petition from inhabitants

of Pendleton county, Kentucky, for a
Apropriations for the service of year 1826, general esti-
mate of

of 3: 24
Army of the U. S. stationed at fortress Monroe, meino-
rial of Captains of the

3 37
Armory on the Western waters, resolution General As-

sembly of Tennessee for a national
Armory, correspondence with President &c. of the Louis-

ville and Portland Canal Company, on the subject

for a site for a national
Army, information in relation to desertions from the, 3
Secretary War

2 8 140
Appropriations for the Military Establishment of the U.

States, report of the expenditure of contingent
Academy, Military, West Point, see Cadets
Army, Report Adjutant General, in relation to deser.
tions from the

4 61
Appropriations for the year 1825, report of the expen-

diture of the general
Appropriations, Naval, for 1825, and expenditure of the

same, Secretary Navy
Armory on the Western waters, Ohiopile Falls, Secretary

6 88
Army, report upon the subject of vaccinating the sol.
diers of the Secretary War


Arms, ammunition, &c. of the militia U.S. see Militia.
Arsenal at Augusta, Georgia, report in relation to the
site of the

5 96
Armories, statement of expenditures and arms, &c. made

at the national
Army which lately ascended the Missouri, information
respecting a division of the

3 48


3 48

4 73

6 117

5 103

Vol. No. Page.

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Army of the Revolution, information concerning allow-

ances to the officers of the
Armory, documents in relation to Tygart's Valley River

as a site for an
Attorney General, opinion respecting money advanced

as an out-fit to a Foreign Minister
Adams, Mr. argument referred to, by the Attorney Ge-

neral, in his opinion of 5th June, 1822
Appropriations made during the 1st session 19th Con.

gress, statement of

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10 177

10 183


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Bankruptcy, upon the subject of an uniform system of,

President's message
Break water, Delaware Bay, Chamber of Commerce,

Philadelphia, for a
Balances on the book of the Second Auditor, list of
Balances due by Collectors of the Customs, old Internal

Revenue, &c. &c.
Balances on the books of the Third Auditor, report of
Beacon on Warwick Neck, R. Island, on erecting a, Se-

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Balances on the books of the Fourth Auditor, report of
Boundary of the U. S. on the Pacific Ocean, corrres-

pondence with G. Britain in relation to the
Banks in the District of Columbia, report of the condi.

tion of the, (1825)
British colonial trade, memorial of merchants of Balti-

more, Md, on the subject of the
Bank of the U. S. monthly statements of the concerns

of the, (1825)
Brazil and Buenos Ayres, on further protecting our

commerce to
Breakwater, at the Capes of Delaware, report Secre-

tary Navy upon the subject of a .
Balances due by Receivers of Public Money, (1825) Se-

cretary Treasury
Buzzard's" and Barnstable Bays, survey of a route to

connect by a canal the waters of .
Bahama Banks, negotiation with G. Britain for certain
keys for light houses

Colombia, upon the subject of the commercial relations

of the U. S. and the Government of, President's

Canal, subscription for 1,500 shares of stock of the Che-

sapeake and Ohio, (President's message)

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Vol. No. Page,

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3 25

Colombia, convention of peace, amity, navigation, &c.

between the U. S. and, documents with President's

Clerk House Representatives, annual report on contin-

gent expenses of
Canal, information in relation to the Dismal Swamp

Secretary War
Clerks in the Department of State, (1825) names of
Clerks in the Navy Department, (1825) names and sa-

Clerks in the Treasury Department, (1825) names and

Clerks in the Post Office Department, (1825) names and

Clerks in the War Department, (1825) names and sa.

Contingent expenses of the Military Establishment, ex-

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Contracts made by the Naval Commissioners during

the year 1825
Charleston, S. C. upon the subject of fortifications at,

(Secretary War)
Contracts relative to oil, light houses, beacons, &c.
Contracts made by Collectors of the Revenue during

the year 1824
Cadets at the Military Academy, West Point, number

and names of (1826)
Cadets, letter Secretary War, on the subject of increas-

ing the number
Cotton for cordage and sail cloth, experiments to test

the utility of
Canal to connect the Tennessee and Coosa rivers, Mus-

cle Shoals examined with a view to a
Canal route between Buzzard's and Barnstable Bay,

Secretary War reports that the survey has not yet

been received
Courts Martial, Naval_see Naval.
Customhouses, warehouses, &c. report of expenditure on

account of
Contracts made by the War Department in the year

1825, report of
Chesapeake, at the time of her capture, report of the

killed and wounded on board of the frigate
Certificates outstanding and unpaid, statement of loan

office and final settlement
Commerce to Brazil and Buenos Ayres, on commission-

ing ships to protect our
Columbian Institute, memorial of the

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