Narrative and Critical History of America: Spanish explorations and settlements in America from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century. [c1886

Sprednja platnica
Justin Winsor
Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1886

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Stran 288 - and others have accepted it. It is based upon conversations with a noble Spaniard who had accompanied Soto as a volunteer, and upon the written but illiterate reports of two common soldiers, — Alonzo de Carmona, of Priego, and Juan Coles, of Zabra. 8 Herrera largely embodied it in his Historia general.
Stran 19 - each other, even those who are slain, and hang the flesh of them in the smoke. They become a hundred and fifty years of age, and have no government." The present engraving follows the
Stran 33 - but if Columbus knew of them, he probably shared the belief of the geographers of his time that Greenland was a peninsula of Scandinavia 8 The extremely probable and almost necessary pre-Columbian knowledge of the northeastern parts of America follows from the venturesome spirit of the mariners to those seas for fish and traffic, and from
Stran 64 - There are in it several points which we do not find elsewhere recorded, especially respecting the second voyage, and the survey of the south side of Cuba, as far as Evangelista, in May, 1494. Almost all other accounts of the second voyage, except that of
Stran 289 - in 1540 (Montgomery, 1849). Pickett says he got confirmatory information respecting the route from Indian traditions among the Creeks. — ED.] 6 " We are satisfied that the Mauvila, the scene of Soto's bloody fight, was upon the north bank of the Alabama, at a place now called Choctaw Bluff, in the County of Clarke, about twentyfive miles above the confluence of the Alabama and
Stran 287 - and was first published in a French for the most part from memory, being vague in its descriptions and indefinite as to localities, distances, and other points." Field says it ranks second only to the Relation of Cabeza de Vaca as an early authority on the Indians of this region.
Stran 287 - this region. There was a French edition by Citri de la Guette in 1685, which is supposed to have afforded a text for the English translation of 1686 entitled A Relation of the Conquest of Florida by the Spaniards (see Field's Indian Bibliography, nos. 325, 340). These editions are in Harvard College Library. Cf. Sabin, Dictionary, vi.
Stran 103 - is given in its appendix. 1 This globe is made of papier-mache, covered with gypsum, and over this a parchment surface received the drawing; it is twenty inches in diameter. It having fallen into decay, the Behaim family in Nuremberg caused it to be repaired in 1825. In 1847 a
Stran 284 - has left an artless account of his recollections of the journey; but his memory sometimes called up incidents out of their place, so that his narrative is confused." — BANCROFT: History of the United States, revised edition, vol. i. p. 31. —ED.] 8 The Comentarios added to this edition were by Pero Hernandez, and relate to Cabeza de Vaca's career in South America.
Stran 281 - para la. historia general de la Florida, por Don Gabriel de Cardenas y Cano [anagram for Don Andres Gonzales Barcia], Madrid, 1723. [He includes under the word " Florida " the adjacent islands as well as the main. Joseph de Salazars

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