Democracy in America: Historical-critical Edition

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Liberty Fund, 2010 - 1569 strani
This Norton Critical Edition presents Tocqueville's classic text in the Henry Reeve translation. It is accompanied by detailed explanatory annotations and an introduction addressing "Democracy in America"'s canonic and iconic place in American life.
"Backgrounds" includes seven letters offering Tocqueville's impressions of his nine-and-a-half month journey through the United States. Nine contemporary reviews, both American and European, trace "Democracy in America"'s varied initial reception.
Thirteen "Interpretations" gauge Tocqueville's influence on American political thought and on democracy's legacy. Contributors include David Riesman, Max Lerner, Robert Nisbet, James T. Schleifer, Catherine Zuckert, Sheldon S. Wolin, Edward C. Banfield, Daniel T. Rodgers, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Sean Wilentz, Henry Steele Commager, James T. Kloppenberg, and Tamara M. Teale.
About the Series: No other series of classic texts equals the caliber of the Norton Critical Editions. Each volume combines the most authoritative text available with the comprehensive pedagogical apparatus necessary to appreciate the work fully. Careful editing, first-rate translation, and thorough explanatory annotations allow each text to meet the highest literary standards while remaining accessible to students. Each edition is printed on acid-free paper and every text in the series remains in print. Norton Critical Editions are the choice for excellence in scholarship for students at more than 2,000 universities worldwide.

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Conséquences politiques de létat social des AngloAméricains 89
Political Consequences of the Social State of the AngloAmericans 89
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O avtorju (2010)

French writer and politician Alexis de Tocqueville was born in Verneuil to an aristocratic Norman family. He entered the bar in 1825 and became an assistant magistrate at Versailles. In 1831, he was sent to the United States to report on the prison system. This journey produced a book called On the Penitentiary System in the United States (1833), as well as a much more significant work called Democracy in America (1835--40), a treatise on American society and its political system. Active in French politics, Tocqueville also wrote Old Regime and the Revolution (1856), in which he argued that the Revolution of 1848 did not constitute a break with the past but merely accelerated a trend toward greater centralization of government. Tocqueville was an observant Catholic, and this has been cited as a reason why many of his insights, rather than being confined to a particular time and place, reach beyond to see a universality in all people everywhere.

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