Psyche: With Other Poems

Sprednja platnica
J. & A. Y. Humphreys, 1812 - 230 strani

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Stran 222 - And watch with patient, cheerful eye; And bear the long, cold wintry night, And bear her own degraded doom ; And wait till Heaven's reviving light, Eternal spring ! shall burst the gloom.
Stran 222 - ... thing; There in the cold earth buried deep, In silence let it wait the spring. Oh! many a stormy night shall close, ( In gloom, upon the barren earth, While still, in undisturbed repose, Uninjured lies the future birth.
Stran 23 - Now through the hall melodious music stole, And self-prepared the splendid banquet stands, Self-poured the nectar sparkles in the bowl, The lute and viol touched by unseen hands Aid the soft voices of the choral bands; O'er the full board a brighter lustre beams Than Persia's monarch at his feast commands: For sweet refreshment all inviting seems To taste celestial food, and pure ambrosial streams.
Stran 37 - And now, with softest whispers of delight, Love welcomes Psyche still more fondly dear ; Not unobserved, though hid in deepest night, The silent anguish of her secret fear. He thinks that tenderness excites the tear By the late image of her parents...
Stran 221 - Of yen obscure unsightly root ! Yet from the blight of wintry storm, It hides secure the precious fruit. The careless eye can find no grace, No beauty in the scaly folds, Nor see within the dark embrace What latent loveliness it holds. Yet in that bulb, those sapless scales, The lily wraps her silver vest, 'Till vernal suns and vernal gales Shall kiss once more her fragrant breast Yes, hide beneath the mouldering heap The undelighting slighted thing ; There in the cold earth buried deep, In silence...
Stran 226 - Alas ! for me shall May in vain The powers of life restore ; These eyes that weep and watch in pain Shall see her charms no more. No, no, this anguish cannot last! Beloved friends, adieu! The bitterness of death were past, Could I resign but you. But oh ! in every mortal pang That rends my soul from life, That soul, which seems on you to hang Through each convulsive strife; Even now, with agonizing grasp Of terror and regret, To all in life its love would clasp Clings close and closer yet. Yet why,...
Stran 125 - Yet they, who light of heart in may-day pride Meet love with smiles and gaily amorous song, (Though he their softest pleasures may provide, Even then when pleasures in full concert throng) They cannot know with what enchantment strong He steals upon the tender suffering soul, What gently soothing charms to him belong, How melting sorrow owns his soft control, Subsiding passions hushed in milder waves to roll. When vexed by cares and harassed by distress, The storms of fortune chill thy soul with...
Stran 220 - See thy great deliverer nigh, Calls thee from thy sorrow vain; Bids thee on his love rely, Bless the salutary pain. From thine eyes the mists dispelling, Lo ! the well of life he shows ; In his presence ever dwelling, Bids thee find thy true repose. Future prospects rich in blessing, Open to thy hopes secure; Sure of endless joys' possessing, Of an heavenly kingdom sure.
Stran 225 - Methinks with purpose soft ye come To tell of brighter hours, Of May's blue skies, abundant bloom, Her sunny gales and showers. Alas! for me shall May in vain The powers of life restore; These eyes that weep and watch in pain Shall see her charms no more.
Stran 22 - Increasing wonder filled her ravished soul, 1'or now the pompous portals opened wide, There, pausing oft, with timid foot she stole Through halls high domed, enriched with sculptured pride, While gay saloons appeared on either side In splendid vista opening to her sight ; And all with precious gems so beautified, And furnished with such exquisite delight, That scarce the beams of heaven emit such lustre bright.

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