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Now carrying on by GREAT BRITAIN and the

several other EUROPEAN POWERS;

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Printed for J. DEBRETT, opposite Burlington House,



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THE Fifth Volume of this Collection makes its appearanco

at the most eventful period of the war-it includes, therefore, matter of the highest importance, and contains all the official documents respecting the late Negotiation, the war between this country and Spain, the progress of the French arms in Italy and Germany-the armistices and treaties concluded with the German and Italian powers—the correspondence between the French Republic and the United States of America, upon. the subject of the differences that exist between them; together with many other articles relating to the external and internal operations and state of the different belligerent powers.

Several of these articles, particularly the important correspondence between the governments of America and France, have never before been published in this country.

The Editor has examined the materials of the Fifth Volume

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with all the care and attention in his power—he has admitted no papers upon loose or doubtful authority ; and he feels a hope that the same accuracy of translation and clearness of arrangement will be found in this volume as in the four that have preceded it.

March 30th, 1797.


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In page 263, line 19, read United States instead of United Provincesa



Armistice concluded with the Duke of Wurtemberg by General Moreau,

Commander in Chief of the Army of the Rhine and the Moselle.

1. THE Duke of Wurtemberg, fhail instantly withdraw the

troops whom he has furnished to the coalition for his contingent. These troops shall remain armed, and the Duke shall employ them as he thinks proper for the maintenance of the police in the interior of his dominions.

II. The French troops shall in future have a free passage through the towns of the duchy. Such of the troops as in virtue of the present article shall be ordered into any of the towns, shall be lodged either in the houses of the inhabitants, or in barracks, according to circumstances, but always in such manner as to cause no danger to the inhabitants.

III. The general in chief, in palling ihrough the duchy with his troops, in order to continue his military operations, will cause respect to be paid to persons and property. He will also take the neceffary precautions to prevent any injury being done to the religion, and civil and military laws of the country.

ĪV. If it is necessary for the maintenance of the troops passing or sojourning in the duchy, to draw subsistence from the country, such as corn, bread, meat, hay, cats, wood, carriages, or horses, requisitions for which shall be made by the generals or commissaries of war, these articles shall not be refused; but they shall be received on account as contributions in provisions and ready money, which the Duke of Wurtemberg is to furnish to the army. Every other article purchased from private persons shall be paid VOL. V.


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