The British Empire Series, Količina 4

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Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1900

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Stran 182 - Every book is, in an intimate sense, a circular letter to the friends of him who writes it. They alone take his meaning; they find private messages, assurances of love, and expressions of gratitude dropped for them in every corner.
Stran 189 - Oh, brave white horses ! you gather and gallop. The storm sprite loosens the gusty reins ; Now the stoutest ship were the frailest shallop In your hollow backs, or your high arch'd manes.
Stran xiv - Except as provided in this section, this constitution shall not impair any right which the queen may be pleased to exercise by virtue of Her Royal prerogative to grant special leave of appeal from the High Court to Her Majesty in council. The parliament may make laws limiting the matters in which such leave may be asked, but proposed laws containing any such limitation shall be reserved by the governor-general for Her Majesty's pleasure.
Stran 96 - Britons, hold your own ! Sharers of our glorious past, Brothers, must we part at last? Shall we not thro' good and ill Cleave to one another still? Britain's myriad voices call, ' Sons, be welded each and all, Into one imperial whole, One with Britain, heart and soul ! One life, one flag, one fleet, one Throne ! Britons, hold your own ! POETS AND THEIR BIBLIOGRAPHIES.
Stran 188 - I would that with sleepy soft embraces The sea would fold me — would find me rest In luminous shades of her secret places, In depths where her marvels are manifest ; So the earth beneath her should not discover My hidden couch — nor the heaven above her — As a strong love shielding a weary lover, I would have her shield me with shining breast.
Stran 223 - Crown who possess either a freehold worth \Ql. a year, or a leasehold of 301., or are barristers or solicitors on roll of Supreme Court, medical practitioners duly qualified, and all subjects holding a commission or possessing a degree. Each member is elected for six years.
Stran 137 - The great and sudden demand which at one timo was made for this timber induced, as I fear, its exportation to fulfil contracts as to quantity without sufficient regard to quality ;• but when the necessary care is taken, it will be found to justify the encomium of Baron von Mueller, whom we all know as a competent authority. " that for the durability of its timber it is unsurpassed by any kind of tree in any portion of the globe...
Stran 100 - that no person or persons convicted in any court of justice in Great Britain or Ireland, or elsewhere, shall at any time, or under any circumstances, be transported as a convict to any place within the limits hereinbefore described.
Stran 187 - ... trunks Eucalyptian Seem carved, like weird columns Egyptian, With curious device — quaint inscription, And hieroglyph strange. In the Spring, when the wattle gold trembles 'Twixt shadow and shine, When each dew-laden air draught resembles A long draught of wine; When the sky-line's blue burnish'd resistance Makes deeper the dreamiest distance, Some song in all hearts hath existence, — Such songs have been mine.
Stran 187 - THEY are rhymes rudely strung with intent less Of sound than of words, In lands where bright blossoms are scentless, And songless bright birds ; Where, with fire and fierce drought on her tresses, Insatiable Summer oppresses Sere woodlands and sad wildernesses, And faint flocks and herds. Where in dreariest days, when all dews end, And all winds are warm, Wild Winter's large flood-gates are...

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