Publications of the Historical Society of Southern California, Količina 11

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The Society, 1918

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Stran 32 - Ha, you gods! why this? what this, you gods? why, this Will lug your priests and servants from your sides; Pluck stout men's pillows from below their heads: This yellow slave Will knit and break religions; bless the accurs'd; Make the hoar leprosy ador'd; place thieves, And give them title, knee, and approbation, With senators on the bench...
Stran 62 - History may be searched in vain for an equal march of infantry. Half of it has been through a wilderness where nothing but savages and wild beasts are found, or deserts where, for want of water, there is no living creature. There, with almost hopeless labor...
Stran 62 - ... was unmarked by a single act of injustice. Thus, marching half naked and half fed, and living upon wild animals, we have discovered and made a road of great value to our country. "Arrived at the first settlement of California, after a single day's rest, you cheerfully turned off from the route to this point of promised repose, to enter upon a campaign, and meet, as we supposed, the approach of an enemy ; and this too, without even salt to season your sole subsistence of fresh meat.
Stran 62 - With crowbar and pick and axe in hand, we have worked our way over mountains, which seemed to defy aught save the wild goat, and hewed a passage through a chasm of living rock more narrow than our wagons.
Stran 35 - Therefore, the citizens, whose names are hereunto attached, do unite themselves into an association for the maintenance of the peace and good order of society, and the preservation of the lives and property of the citizens of San Francisco...
Stran 64 - Overland Pony Express". The broad saddle, wooden stirrups, immense flappers to guard the rider's feet, and the girth that knows no buckle, were of the sort customary in California for swift horsemen who appreciate mud. At a quarter to 4 he took up his line of march to the Sacramento boat. Personally, he will make short work, and probably be back in a day ; but by proxy he will put the West behind his heels like a very Puck, and be in at New York in thirteen days from this writing.
Stran 26 - So the American people have a practical aptitude for politics, a clearness of vision and capacity for selfcontrol never equalled by any other nation. In 1861 they brushed aside their darling legalities, allowed the executive to exert novel powers, passed lightly laws whose constitutionality remains doubtful, raised an enormous army, and contracted a prodigious debt. Romans could not have been more energetic in their...
Stran 64 - From 1 o'clock till the hour of our going to press, a clean-limbed, hardy little nankeen-colored pony stood at the door of the Alta Telegraph Company's office — the pioneer pony of the famous express which to-day begins its first trip across the continent. The little fellow looked all unaware of his famous future. Two little flags adorned his head-stall, from the pommel of his saddle hung, on each side, a bag lettered "OVERLAND PONY EXPRESS.
Stran 39 - ... for their prey, the law again fell on evil times. The forces of villainy and crime, taking a lesson from recent history, showed themselves more intelligent if equally unprincipled, more crafty if at the same time more utterly demoralizing. "Behind the shield raised against crime," wrote Boncroft," "crime itself was stationed with the sword of justice in its hand.
Stran 35 - ... to sustain the laws when faithfully and properly administered but we are determined that no thief burglar incendiary or assassin shall escape punishment, either by the quibbles of the law the insecurity of prisons the carelessness or corruption of the Police or a laxity of those who pretend to administer justice.

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