The Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1914, Količina 3

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L.K. Cameron, 1914

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Stran xxvii - ... for greater certainty, but not so as to restrict the generality of the foregoing terms of this section, it is hereby declared that (notwithstanding anything in this act) the exclusive legislative authority of the parliament of Canada extends to all matters coming within the classes of subjects next hereinafter enumerated, that is to say : — (t) The public debt and property.
Stran xxxi - In each province the legislature may make laws in relation to agriculture in the province, and to immigration into the province ; and it is hereby declared that the Parliament of Canada may from time to time make laws in relation to agriculture in all or any of the provinces, and to immigration into all or any of the provinces; and any law of the legislature of a province, relative to agriculture or to immigration, shall have effect in and for the province as long and as far only as it is not repugnant...
Stran xi - WHEREAS the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, have expressed their desire to be federally united into one Dominion under the Crown of the United Kingdom...
Stran xxxiii - All Lands, Mines, Minerals, and Royalties belonging to the several Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick at the Union, and all sums then due or payable for such Lands, Mines, Minerals, or Royalties, shall belong to the several Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in which the same are situate or arise, subject to any Trusts existing in respect thereof, and to any Interest other than that of the Province in the same.
Stran xviii - ... the issuing and execution of new writs in case of seats vacated otherwise than by dissolution shall respectively apply to elections of members to serve in the respective Legislative Assemblies of Ontario and Quebec...
Stran xxxvi - Union, shall continue in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick respectively, as if the Union had not been made; subject nevertheless (except with respect to such as are enacted by or exist under Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain or of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland,) to be repealed, abolished or altered by the Parliament of Canada, or by the Legislature of the respective Province, according to the authority of the Parliament or of that Legislature...
Stran xxix - The Management and Sale of the Public Lands belonging to the Province and of the Timber and Wood thereon.
Stran xxvi - Every House of Commons shall continue for five years from the Day of the Return of the Writs for choosing the House (subject to be sooner dissolved by the Governor General), and no longer.
Stran xiv - Divisions : 1. Ontario ; 2. Quebec ; 3. The Maritime Provinces, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick ; which Three Divisions shall (subject to the Provisions of this Act) be equally represented in the Senate as follows : Ontario by Twenty-four Senators ; Quebec by Twenty-four Senators ; and the Maritime Provinces by Twenty-four Senators, Twelve thereof representing Nova Scotia, and Twelve thereof representing New Brunswick.
Stran liv - This Act shall come into force on a day to be fixed by proclamation of the Governor in Council published in The Canada Gazette...

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