The Trades Union Movement

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Free-thought Publishing Company, 1890 - 29 strani
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Stran 7 - I should find it difficult to resist the conclusion, that however the labourer has derived benefit from the cheapness of manufactured commodities, and from many inventions of common utility, he is much inferior in ability to support a family, to his ancestors three or four centuries ago.
Stran 24 - Act, 1875, which enacted by s. 3 that "an agreement or combination by two or more persons to do, or procure to be done, any act in contemplation or furtherance of a trade dispute between employers and workmen shall not be indictable as a conspiracy, if such act committed by one person would not be punishable as a crime.
Stran 7 - VI. c. 15, § 1, if any artificers, workmen, or labourers, do conspire, covenant or promise together, or make any oaths, that they shall not make or do their works Hfci at a certain price or rate ; or shall not enterprise or take upon them to finish that another hath begun ; or shall do but a certain work in a day ; or shall not work but at certain hours and times...
Stran 7 - ... have made confederacies and promises, and have sworn mutual oaths not only that they should not meddle one with another's work, and perform and finish that another hath begun, but also to constitute and appoint how much work they shall do in a day, and what hours and times they shall work, contrary to the laws and statutes of this realm, and to the great hurt and impoverishment of the King's majesty's subjects...
Stran 17 - No trades union, so far as our observation has extended, has attempted to give to the combination a wholly legal character by confining the application of its funds in support of men on strike to the limits within which alone combinations are legalized by the Act 6 Geo. IV. c. 129. Unions contemplate generally the application of their funds to the support of men engaged in a strike for the purpose of enforcing some decision come to by the union in what they deem to be the interests of trade. Many...
Stran 10 - ... be forced in order to bear such a construction. But at the conclusion of the eighteenth century an Act of Parliament was carried, which declares all contracts, except between master and man, for obtaining advances of wages, altering the usual time of working, decreasing the quantity of work, and the like, illegal. Workmen who enter into such illegal combinations are punishable by imprisonment, and a similar punishment is inflicted on those who enter into combinations to procure an advance of...
Stran 13 - The institution of slavery was actually existent in Christian Scotland in the seventeenth century, where the white coal workers and salt workers of East Lothian were chattels, as were their negro brethren in the Southern States thirty years since ; they " went to those who succeeded to the property of the works, and they could be sold, bartered, or...
Stran 17 - March 21st, 1834, attended, it is said, by about 400,000 persons; and a procession between six and seven miles in length, consisting of nearly 50,000 workmen, proceeded to the official residence of Lord Melbourne for the purpose of presenting a petition •with over 266,000 signatures, on behalf of those six convicted peasants. After a good deal of opposition on the part of the Whig Ministry of that day, backed as it was by the major portion of the manufacturing classes, and, after much delay, the...
Stran 21 - There's not a mechanic throughout this whole land But what more or. less feels the weight of his hand. That offspring of tyranny, baseness, and pride Our rights hath invaded and almost destroyed. May that man be banished who villany screens, Or sides with big W . . . . n and his thirteens. 1 Brentano, "Gilds,
Stran 21 - Then may the odd knife his great carcass dissect. Lay open his vitals for men to inspect ; A heart full as black as the infernal gulf. In that greedy, blood-sucking, bone-scraping wolf.

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