The Mining Engineer, Količina 24

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Stran 432 - ... with a cross section, not exceeding sixty square feet; (d) no district .shall have its length when parallel to the general trend of the adjoining shore greater than one mile; (e) a proposed system of working the mineral in each submarine area shall before work is commenced be submitted to and approved of by the Inspector; and no change shall be made in such approved system without the written sanction of the Inspector; (f) the opening of a new lift or level in a mine already working in a submarine...
Stran iv - The probability of finding workable seams of Coal in the Carboniferous Limestone or Bernician formation, beneath the regular Coal Measures of Northumberland and Durham, with an account of a recent deep boring made in Chopwell Woods, below the Brockwell Seam.
Stran 130 - President, in the Chair. The Minutes of the last General Meeting were read and confirmed. The following Annual Report of the Council was then read : — ANNUAL REPORT OF THE COUNCIL.
Stran 362 - Reconnaissances in the Cape Nome and Norton Bay Regions, Alaska, in 1900. By Alfred H. Brooks, George B. Richardson, Arthur J. Collier, and Walter C. Mendenhall.
Stran 360 - Sheet is properly drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct view of the state of the...
Stran 552 - In a paper read before the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers, in 1898, Mr.
Stran 350 - Working Coal under the River Hunter, the Pacific Ocean and its Tidal Waters, near Newcastle, in the State of New South Wales.
Stran 581 - Lancashire boilers, each 30 feet long and 8 feet in diameter, working at a pressure of 100 Ibs.
Stran 229 - ... and such report shall be recorded in a book to be kept at the mine for the purpose, and shall be signed by the person who made the same.
Stran 348 - Engineers are the same as last year, namely the Midland Counties Institution of Engineers: the Midland Institute of Mining, Civil and Mechanical Engineers; the Mining Institute of Scotland ; the North of England Institute of Mining ami Mechanical Engineers: the North Staffordshire Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers: and the South Staffordshire and East Worcestershire Institute of Mining Engineers.

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