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A New Campaign

"Throughout the tangled web of our civilization the threads of sanitary science run in increasing number, No serious problem affecting society, whether it be social, economical or political, can now be considered without reference to the sanitary relationships existing. Blocking our way stand the troops of selfishness and ignorance, always the twin foes of progress. If the prevention of disease is to be the crowning glory of our civilization, a campaign of education must be undertaken. The knowledge now possessed by our trained sanitarians and expert laboratory workers must be carried to every home and read at every fireside." - Dr. Eugene H. Forter, Commissioner of Health of the State of New York.

How shall we enlist the mighty army of the schools for this campaign of education? By giving the new knowledge to the schools through textbooks that are simple, clear, interesting, scholarly and convincing; in other words through

THE RITCHIE-CALDWELL SERIES Primer of Hygiene, for Grades 4 and 5 Primer of Sanitation, for Grades 5 and up Human Physiology, for Grades 7 and 8



Yonkers on Hudson, New York

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Page's Theory and Practice

High School Question Book

.90 1.20

100 Authors (outlines and quotations)


Psychology and Higher Life.


Examiner (com. school question book


Each of the above books is bound in cloth, and

will be sent postpaid on receipt of price,


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Some Real Bargains



Webster's International Dictionary

Sheep, Indexed Edges, 1906, in good condition, our price, $6.75

Webster's International Dictionary

1-2 mor., $16. edition, slightly shopworn,


l Webster's New International Dictionary

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Latest edition, sold only by subscription, price $18.,
Our price, (1 copy only)


Appleton's Library of Valuable Knowledge

25 vols; 1-2 leather, new


Goethe's Works

De Luxe Subscription edition, 5 vols.; new, richly illus-
trated, Regular price, $50.

Our price


Warner Library of the World's Best Literature

46 vols.; new.

Our price


The Encyclopaedia Britannica

Scribner edition, 25 vols., cloth, second-hand, but
excellent condition. Original price $125. Our price $25.00

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3-4 morocco, new, Choice subscription edition, Regular
price $90. Our price


Five Sets of The Century Dictionary

Cyclopaedia of Names and Atlas; new and in the original
wrappers, 10 vols.; buckram, the very strongest, best-wear-
ing of all bindings. Regular price $42.50. Our price only $29.50
Think of it a new set of the Century Dictionary for only



THE PALMER COMPANY, 120 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass.


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Encyclopedic Edition Laird & Lee's Webste s

New Standard American Dictionary

1,200 pages, 2,000 illustrations, 14 full-page black plates, 8 full-page colored plates. Encyclo. pedic features, including synonyms, antonyms, verbal distinctions inc uding homonyms, and etymologies; portraits of various nationalities, all words spelled out in full, phonetically respelled, correctly pronounced and adequately defined with reference to every part of speech in which it can properly be used, the various sounds of each letter of the alphabet given independently of the general key to pronunciation. Brand New Plates. Full flexible straight grain cowhide, polished colored edges, patent thumb index. Size 7x9 inches. $4.00

Packed in Heavy Cardboard.

Three-quarter leather, marbled edges, thumb index,

High School and Collegiate Edition Laird & Lee's Webster's

New Standard Dictionary


875 pages. 1,500 illustrations. Etymologies, synonyms and antonyms. Colored world map of
English language and of the Panama canal; seals of States and Territories; color scale and sun
spectrum with Primary colors. From Brand New Plates. Abridged from ENCYCLOPEDIC EDITION.
patent thumb indexed,

Sixe 6x81 inches. Half leather, sprinkled edges, $1.75 x

Students' Common School Edition Laird & Lee's Webster's

New Standard Dictionary



756 pages. 840 illustrations, 19 full page plates. Etymologies and derivations. Hemispheres in colors. Special dictionaries of music, biography, geography, biblical, historical and 80c classical names. Size 5x7 inches. Extra (black), cloth, gold and blind stamped, Intermediate School Edition

Laird & Lee's Webster's

New Standard Dictionary

460 pages. 600 illustrations; 2 pages of flags of nations, in colors, and frontispiece. 30,000 words; 6,000 synonyms. Proper nouns indicated by capital initials. Dictionaries of grammar, rhetoric, elocution and prosody. Size 4 x 6 inches. Extra cloth (black), gold and blind 52c


Elementary School Edition Laird & Lee's Webster's

New Standard Dictionary

384 pages. 450 illustrations; 3 plates; frontispiece, Presidents of U. S., and mathematical angles, planes and bodies. Abridged from INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL EDITION. Size 4x5 inches. 28c Extra cloth (black), gold and blind stamping, .

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For sale by all jobbers, schoolbook supply houses, booksellers or direct by the pubilshers,

LAIRD & LEE, 1732 Michigan Ave., CHICAGO, U. S. A.

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