International Arbitral Law and Procedure: Being a Résumé of the Procedure and Practice of International Commissions, and Including the Views of Arbitrators Upon Questions Arising Under the Law of Nations

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Pub. for the International School of Peace, Ginn, 1910 - 352 strani

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Stran 329 - Powers as the most effective and at the same time the most equitable means of settling disputes which diplomacy has failed to settle.
Stran 324 - Resolved to second by their best efforts the friendly settlement of international disputes ; Recognizing the solidarity which unites the members of the society of civilized nations ; Desirous of extending the empire of law, and of strengthening the appreciation of international justice...
Stran 149 - The parties can reserve in the "Compromis" the right to demand the revision of the Award. In this case and unless there be an Agreement to the contrary, the demand must be addressed to the Tribunal which pronounced the Award. It can only be made on the ground of the discovery of some new fact calculated to exercise a decisive influence upon the Award and which...
Stran 334 - They are only public if it be so decided by the tribunal, with the assent of the parties.
Stran 194 - And whereas the effects of a violation of neutrality committed by means of the construction, equipment, and armament of a vessel are not done away with by any commission which the Government of the belligerent Power, benefited by the violation of neutrality, may...
Stran 131 - It shall be competent for each government to name one person to attend the commissioners as agent on its behalf, to present and support claims on its behalf, and to answer claims made upon it, and to represent it generally in all matters connected with the investigation and decision thereof.
Stran 70 - The commissioners, or in case of their disagreement, the umpire, shall decide all claims upon a basis of absolute equity, without regard to objections of a technical nature, or of the provisions of local legislation.
Stran 270 - Adverse holding or prescription during a period of fifty years shall make a good title. The arbitrators may deem exclusive political control of a district, as well as actual settlement thereof, sufficient to constitute adverse holding or to make title by prescription.
Stran 324 - With a view to obviating as far as possible recourse to force in the relations between States, the Contracting Powers agree to use their best efforts to insure the pacific settlement of international differences.
Stran 8 - Vattel's first general maxim of interpretation is that " it is not allowable to interpret what has no need of interpretation...

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