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Stran 196 - I may ask, in the face of the world, " whose ox have I taken, or whom have I defrauded ? Whom have I oppressed, or of whose hand have I received a bribe to blind mine eyes therewith ?" On your verdict I rest with conscious security.
Stran 545 - PREVENTING THE DRY-ROT IN TIMBER. To the person who shall discover to the Society the cause of the dry-rot in timber, and disclose a certain method of prevention superior to any hitherto known ; the gold medal, or thirty guineas.
Stran 539 - Society, it may be necessary to explain the mode by which its members are elected. Each member has the privilege, at any weekly meeting of the Society, of proposing any person who is desirous to become a member, provided such proposal is signed by three members of the Society. Peers of the realm, or lords of parliament, are, on their being 6 proposed.
Stran 561 - WITH TWO-WHEELED CARRIAGES. To the person who shall invent and produce to the Society a method, superior to any hitherto known or in use...
Stran 120 - the prohibition was extended also to the mother country: and no goods were suffered to be imported into England, or any of its dependencies, in any other than English bottoms ; or in the ships of that European nation of which the merchandize imported was the genuine growth or manufacture. At the restoration the former provisions were continued, by statute 12 Car.
Stran 549 - To the person who shall discover to the Society a method of making Paper from the pulp, that shall be perfectly transparent, and...
Stran 539 - Member, is to be delivered to the Secretary, who is to read the same, and properly insert the name in a List, which is to be hung up in the SOCIETY'S room until the next Meeting; at which time such person shall be...
Stran 539 - Commerce, for which rewards have been bestowed ; also to inspect the magnificent series of Moral and Historical Paintings, executed by the late J. BARRY, Esq. which, with some valuable Busts, Statues, Portraits, &c.
Stran 545 - Canada, not less than six arpents (each fomr-fifths of a statute acre), in the year 1816, and shall at the proper season cause to be plucked the summer hemp (or male hemp bearing no seed), and continue the winter hemp (or female hemp bearing seed), on the ground until the seed is ripe ; the gold medal, or one hundred dollars.
Stran 547 - Ore, so as to render it fit for the finest purposes to which fine Copper is now applied, and by a process superior to any hitherto known or in use, and not higher in price; the GOLD MEDAL, or FIFTY GUINEAS. CERTIFICATES...

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