The Transvaal War: A Lecture Delivered in the University of Cambridge on 9th November, 1899

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C.J. Clay and Sons, 1899 - 35 strani

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Stran 31 - Entire freedom of action will be accorded to the Transvaal Government so far as is not inconsistent with the rights expressly reserved to the Suzerain Power. The term Suzerainty has been chosen as most conveniently describing superiority over a State possessing independent rights of government, subject to reservations with reference to certain specified matters.
Stran 35 - The principles of international law have no bearing upon the relations between the Government of India as representing the Queen-Empress on the one hand, and the Native States under the Suzerainty of Her Majesty on the other. The paramount supremacy of the former presupposes and implies the subordination of the latter.
Stran 17 - In questions of a legal nature, and especially in the interpretation or application of International Conventions, arbitration is recognized by the Contracting Powers as the most effective, and, at the same time, the most equitable means of settling disputes which diplomacy has failed to settle.
Stran 29 - A certain section of the press, not in the Transvaal only, preaches openly and constantly the doctrine of a Republic embracing all South Africa, and supports it by menacing references to the armaments of the Transvaal, its alliance with the Orange Free State, and the active sympathy which, in case of war, it would receive from a section of her Majesty's subjects.
Stran 28 - South Africa can prosper under two, three, or six Governments but not under two absolutely conflicting social and political systems, perfect equality for Dutch and British in the British Colonies side by side with permanent subjection of British to Dutch in one of the Republics. It is idle to talk of peace and unity under such a state of affairs.
Stran 29 - I can see nothing which will put a stop to this mischievous propaganda but some striking proof of the intention of Her Majesty's Government not to be ousted from its position in South Africa.
Stran 13 - August, 1881, complete self-government, subject to the suzerainty of her Majesty, her heirs and successors, will be accorded to the inhabitants of the Transvaal territory, upon the following terms and conditions, and subject to the following reservations and limitations : — Article 1.
Stran 33 - Government to give it the assurance — " (A) That all points of mutual difference shall be regulated by the friendly course of arbitration, or by whatever amicable way may be agreed upon by this Government with Her Majesty's Government.
Stran 11 - I would say this : that, if those acquisitions were as valuable as they are valueless, I would repudiate them, because they are obtained by means dishonourable to the character of our country.
Stran 31 - First, as regards intervention : Her Majesty's Government hope that the fulfilment of the promises made and the just treatment of the Uitlanders in future will render unnecessary any further intervention on their behalf, but Her Majesty's Government cannot of course debar themselves from their rights under tho Conventions nor divest themselves of the ordinary obligations of a civilised Power to protect its subjects in a foreign country from injustice.

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