The European Magazine: And London Review, Količina 27

Sprednja platnica
Philological Society of London, 1795

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Stran 311 - I had a letter from him a few days ago, wherein he tells me that my name was much oftener in the manuscript, but that the censor of books at Paris obliged him to strike it out.
Stran 83 - I had now gained the point I aimed at : and saw, that his reason taught him (though he could not so express it) that what begins to be must have a cause, and that what is formed with regularity must have an intelligent cause. I therefore told him the name of the Great Being who made him and all the world ; concerning whose adorable nature I gave him such information as I thought he could in some measure comprehend. The lesson affected him greatly, and he never forgot either it, or the circumstance...
Stran 111 - If this state of his country had been foretold to him, •would it not require all the sanguine credulity of youth, and all the fervid glow of enthusiasm, to make him believe it ? Fortunate man, he has lived to see it ! Fortunate indeed, if he lives to see nothing that shall vary the prospect, and cloud the setting of his day...
Stran 83 - I carelessly, on coming to the place, I see it is so ; but there is nothing in this worth notice ; it is mere chance : and I went away. He followed me, and, taking hold of my coat, said, with some earnestness, It could not be mere chance ; for that somebody must have contrived matters so as to produce it.
Stran 303 - I faw them {landing at the entrance of the fquare in front of the palace, each with his cap off, his hands being placed together elevated, and held even with his face. They remained upwards of half an hour in this attitude, their eyes fixed upon the apartment of the LAMA, and anxiety very vifibly depifted in their countenances.
Stran 232 - Devonshire, on the Eve of the Epiphany, the farmer attended by his workmen, with a large pitcher of cyder, goes to the orchard, and there, encircling one of the best bearing trees, they drink the following toast three several times :
Stran 28 - Her dancing was not hinder'd by the gout. Her poverty was glad; her heart content; Nor knew she what the spleen or vapours meant.
Stran 223 - ... in India, confirmed what his fagacity had anticipated, that without principles to refer to, in a language familiar to the judges of the courts, adjudications...
Stran 83 - Yes, said he, with firmness, I think so. Look at yourself, I replied, and consider your hands and fingers, your legs and feet, and other limbs; are they not regular in their appearance, and useful to you? He said, they were. Came you then hither, said I, by chance? No, he answered, that cannot be; something must have made me.
Stran 375 - Lost, in which there is a nobleness both of contrivance and execution, that, though he affected to write in blank verse, without rhyme, and made many new and rough words...

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