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It was the original intention of the author to treat the subject of the following pages under a different arrangement than that adopted, i. e., to devote the first part of the work to“ Mines Upon Private Lands,” and the second part to “ Mines Upon Public Lands."

This is the natural and logical subdivision of the subject, under the existing laws applicable to mining in the United States; but the recent thorough works of Lindley, Barringer and Adams, and the 10th edition of Morrison's Mining Rights, covered practically the same field that was intended to have been cultivated in the second part of this work, so the whole arrangement of the book was altered. The material intended to form a second part of the book was condensed into one chapter, and because of the comprehensive treatment of the subject of Mining upon the Public Domain, in the works named, the present divisions of the subject - not heretofore extensively considered in any work that has come to the author's attention were adopted.

The first part of the book treats of the different “ Relations Arising from the Ownership of Mines and Minerals” — and under this head are grouped all the relations arising from mining upon both public and private lands while the second part presents the most generally used remedies for “ Injuries to Mining Rights and Persons.”

It was the author's desire to present the law of mines in a condensed, yet general and systematic form, useful to lawyers. In collecting the data for this book, “ Morrison's Mining

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Reports, “ MacSwinney on Mines,” “ Wade,” “Bainbridge,” “Collyer,” “ Barringer and Adams,” “Lindley," and « Blanchard and Weeks Leading Cases,” have all been found of great value. Snyder on Mines” did not appear until the manuscript for this work was in the hands of the publishers.


June, 1903.

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