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WHEN the Compilers fet this Work to prefs, they computed that their materials would fill about fix volumes. They are, however, induced to finish with the prefent one, in compliance with the wishes of feveral of their Subscribers, who are of opinion that Six Volumes would be rather too bulky; and who complain that it is inconvenient to be detained fo long by the prefent mode of publishing. Should the publication be afterwards refumed, the plan will be fomewhat altered, and the whole ready for delivery at once. This Collection has extended, however, to fuch a length as nearly to fulfil the object of the Com

pilers, mentioned in the preface; and they would fain hope that it may even rank among the first works of the kind, both in the choice of materials, and in the execution. They flatter themfelves that, whether they have made choice of pieces which lead into the regions of fancy, or which exhibit fcenes of fympathy and diftrefs-or whether they have chofen papers defcriptive of focial life, or fuch as lead to ferious reflection, ftill they have had a strict regard to delicacy, and to true morality, and they hope that the heart may be mended as well as the imagination gratified, by a perufal of them. They would, with fome degree of confidence, recommend this Collection to the attention of youth, as one chief object of the Compilers was to infert such pieces as might arreft the attention, and be eafily understood, and of consequence give them a relifh for more important reading, while at the fame time, their understanding might be enlarged, and their tafle improved.


THOUGH Eloifa to Abelard was recommended by a Subscriber whom we wished to gratify, his request came too late for this volume.

Armstrong on Health was thought too long. Both those beautiful poems can easily be procured. Claudia's Complaint is inserted; it is a very beautiful poem. We could have wished T. D. had told us where he found it.

We return our beft thanks to the learned and elegant Author of the Indians and of Abiran, for his obliging us fo frankly with his permiffion to infert thofe pieces here. As the MS was not very accurately written from which Abiran was printed, we are afraid it is not so correct as the Author would have wished to have seen it.

The Publishers return their fincere and hearty thanks to the Subscribers for their obliging countenance and fupport to this Work.

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