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The extraordinary funds for the service of the fifth yea: may amount to 650,000,000 (27,083,3331. sterling). They are composed, first, of 150,000,000, proceeding from the arrears of contributions ; and, secondly, of 500,000,000 (20,833,333l.

sterling), resulting from the sale of the national property. 8. The ordinary expences will amount to 520,000,000

(21,666,6661. sterling): they will be covered by the ordinary receipts of the fifth year, which will amount to that sum.

Copy of the Letter sent by the King of Naples to the Marquis de! Pasts, who, after the Receipt of it, set out for Rome as Ambassador Extraordinary, and concluded there the offensive and defensive

Treaty between Naples and the Pope. HIS Holiness acquaints me by letter of his determination to

reject the unjust and execrable conditions of the French, on' which account he demands of ine, though rather late, speedy fuccour. Notwithftanding this is against my original plan, I hesitate not a moment to grant it to him, as it concerns our holy religion, to which I have constantly been devoted. As his Hóliness demands of me, at the same time, to send fome person with whom he may consult on our common affairs, I lave appointed you, the Marquis del Vafto, for this purpose. Depart immediately, and have at heart the honour of God and the holy church, the good of the state, and the tranquillity of my subjects, who daily give fresh proofs of their áttachment and fidelity to me. Done in the camp of St. Geriano,


Note, by which M: Galeppi, Plenipotentiary Minister of Pius VI.

announced to the French Commissioners, Garrau and Salicetti, the Determination of his Holiness not to accept the Conditions of Peace offered, or rather dictated by the French Directory. THE *HE undersigned plenipotentiary, minister of his Holiness the

Pope Pius VI. has the honour to inform Messrs. Garrau and Salicetti, commissaries of the Executive Directory with the French armies of Italy and the Alps, that having laid before his Holiness the fixty-four articles proposed by their excellencies, under the condition that they must all either be rejected or accepted to their full extent, his Holiness, after having examined them, and taken the advice of the holy college, declares, that heither religion nor good faith do any ways allow him to accept them,

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ii is with the utmost concern his Holiness has found, that
betides the article already proposed at Paris, tending to oblige
him to disapprove, revoke, and annul, all the bulls, rescripts,
briefs, and apoftolic mandats issued under the authority of the
holy fee, with respect to the affairs of France, fince the year
1789, there were several others, which, being equally prejudicial
to the catholic religion and the rights of the church, are conse-
quently inadmisible; without entering into any discussion con-
cerning those which are dettructive both to his sovereignty and
dominions ; pernicious to the happiness and tranquillity of his
subjects, and evidently contrary to the rights of other nations and
powers, towards whom the holy fee would not even be able to
maintain itself neutral. His Holiness hopes, therefore, that the
Executive Directory, from its own fenfe of rectitude, as well as
in consideration of the mediation of his majesty the King of
Spain, will do justice to the powerful motives which have deter-
mined his Holiness to give this refusal, which he is obliged to
enforce at the hazard of his life.
Given in Florence, the 15th of September, 1796.

Minister Plenipotentiary to his Holiness

the Pope Pius VI.

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Decree published at Coblentz on the 28th of Oetober.
Article I. THE inhabitants of the houses situated on the quay

of the Rhine thall pull down the gates which open towards the river, and shall barricade the entrance with calks or gabions full of mould or dung. The shutters as well fhall be closed, and the blinds pulled down, so that nothing may be seen which passes without.

Those who disobey this order Mall be punished by a fine, to be fixed by military authority, and imprisonment. The commandant of the place shall scrupulously attend to the execution of this order.

II. It is forbid to every burgher to walk out either by day or hy night on the quay of the Rhine and Moselle. The centinels who are stationed there shall seize and conduct to the commandant of the place whosoever thall act contrary to this order. They shall be punished by a fine of 24 livres, to be appointed the use of the centinel.' The quay above the stone bridge is excepted from the present order.

Il. The centinels who shall stop the boats endeavouring to pars from the Miofeile to the Rhine, or from one side to another, thall be highly recompenfed. No boat shall go down the Moselle above the lione bridge, either by day or night.

IV. The

IV. The city shall be constantly well lighted froin the evening till day-light; and, in case of alarm, lighis shall be placed in all the cross-roads of the first stages, for the better discerning objects.

V. The inhabitants are forbid to found the tocfin on any account. All ringing of bells is formally forbid. Convents and monafteries are not excepted from this regulation.

VI. In case of the alarm being beat, every inhabitant shall shut his shutters and street doors. Proprietors or house-keepers who do not conform to this order shall be immediately arrested, conducted to prison, and amerced.

VII. Every inhabitant, who; in case of alarm being beat, except for fire, shall be found in the fireet, shall be immediately arrested. He shall be immediately fired upon if he endeavours to escape.

VII. Every inhabitant, who, in case of the alarm being beat, shall be found making signs or acclamations, shall be immediately arrested as a spy, and punished accordingly after the retreat is beat. Every kind of assembling is forbid, and whenever the patroles shall meet more than three persons together in the streets, they shall arrest them, and they shall be detained in cuftody until they undergo an examination, and their discharge pronounced by the commandant of the place.

IX. Every publican who shall keep soldiers or subalterns in his houfe, half an hour after the beating of the retreat, fhall be arrested and fined fifty livres in money, for the use of the patrole who shall discover him breaking the law. The soldiers found in his house shall be likewise arrested and sent to prison.

In case of fire the inhabitants shall be at full liberty to act, and employ every means for putting it out. No foldier shall interfere, in case of fire, but at the request of the magistrates, or the person whose house is on fire; a guard shall be provided, and as the ringing of bells or the tocfin is forbid, the int.abitants shall be allowed to call “ fire,” as usual. When the fire is put out, the burghers thall retire home.

The present regulations of police are enacted and decreed for the city of Coblentz. Head Quarters at Coblentź, 7th Brumaire, fifth year: (Signed)


Resolution Refolution of the Council of Five Hundred, of the sth of November,

respecting the general Discipline of the Armies. DESERTION to the enemy is punished with death ; home

defertion, with five years imprisonment. Every soldier or person belonging to the train of the army convicted of treason, thall fuffer death.

Every person that enlists men for a power at war with the Republic fall suffer death.

Every individual, without regard to rank; quality or profession, convicted of being a fpy, shall be punished with death.

Pillage, plundering with arms in hand, and setting fire to property, shall suffer the same punishment:

Marauding shall be punished by exposing the offender at the head of the army, and by several days imprisonment, according to the nature of the offence. A second offence shall be punished with five years imprisonment.

Revolt, fedition, or disobedience, on the part of the inhabitants of the hostile countries, occupied by the troops of the Republic, shall be punished with death; whether the disobedience thall have been manifested against the military commanders, or the revolt or mutiny have been directed against the whole or part of the troops of the Republic.

Every inhabitant of an hostile country, who shall ftir up such a commotion or disobedience, thall fuffer the fame punishment.

Every other military offence, against which this law does not provide, is to be punished agreeable to pre-existing laws.

Every military commander is authorised, by this law, to make such regulations of common correctional discipline, to maintain order and military discipline, as the present law may have left unexplained.

Copy of a Circular Letter to the Lieutenants of Counties on the Sea

Coast, dated Whiteball, November 5; 1796. My LORD, AS S it would materially add to the difficulties which already

oppose themselves to any attempts, which it is possible the enemy may be induced to make upon our coast, if the live and dead stock of individuals residing near the sea-coast was capable of being instantly removed and secured, for the benefit of the proprietors, I am commanded to recommend it to your lordship to exert your influence in causing to be made out, as speedily as possible, an account of live and dead stock, in such of the parishes of the county of Sussex as are within ten or twelve miles of the fea. €


With respect to the mode of making out the account required, I take this opportunity of transinitting to your lordship the form in which it has been executed by the voluntary exertions of the gentlemen of the county of Dorfet ; and shall beg to submit it for your lordship’s consideration and adoption, unless where it may be found necessary to deviate from it, in consequence of local circumstances and situations.

With respect to the mode in which it is proposed to remove such live and dead stock, in case it should be necessary, your lordship will communicate with the commander in chief of the district in which the county of Sussex lies, and will concert with him such previous measures for this purpose as may be judged requifite.

The meeting which I have desired your lordship to call on the fubject of my circular letter of this day's date, will afford you an opportunity of submitting this letter to the consideration of the deputy-lieutenants and the magistracy of the county of Sussex, and will consequently lead to the immediate adoption of such measures as shall be necessary to enable the return to be made, which I am persuaded your lordship will be of opinion is so much to be wished for.

I am further to inform your lordship, that the lords commillioners of the treafury have received his Majesty's pleasure, that they hould take such previous measures as may be necessary for defraying any expences which may arise, in consequence of such possible removal of live and dead stock as I have supposedo", as well as of any particular losses which may eventually be occafioned thereby.

Although this circumstance is such as must obviate every possible objection to the measure, I am nevertheless confident, that all those whom it may concern would, exclusively of every perfonal consideration or motive, join with the utmost alacrity in the execution of a measure which has for its object the general fafety

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of the country

I have the honour to be, &c.


A PROCLAMATION. CAMDEN. WHEREAS we have received information, that divers .ill

affected persons have entered into illegal and treasonable associations, in several parts of the counties of Antrim, Down, Tyrone, Londonderry, and Armagh, to subvert the established government of this kingdom ; and for the effecting such their Vol. V.



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