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When General Davidowich fent off this report (the evening of the fecond affair), he was encamped with his right towards the Lake of Garda, near Colla, and his lett to the Adige; Peschierra being in front of his right wing, and Verona in front of his left.

I have the honour to be, &c.

(Signed) ROBERT CRAUFURD. Right Hon. Lord Grenville, &c.

Admiralty Ofice, Dec. 20. Copy of a Letter from Rear-admiral Bazely, Commanding Officer of bis

Majesty's Ships and Vcdels in the Downs, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated December 17, 1796.

SIR, YOU will be pleafed to acquaint their Lordliips, that I this morsing received a letter from Mr. Nick Simmons, master of the Lion armed cutter, dated Seaford Roads, the 15th, instant, giving me an account of his having the day before captured off the Owers, after a chase of four hours and a half, the Hazard French cutter privateer, mounting two carriage guns, and two swivels, with small arms, and seventeen men, which had been out two days from Fecamp, but had not captured any thing.

I am, &c. &c.


Copy of a Letter from Captain Talbot, of his Majesty's Ship Eurydice, to Rear-admiral Bazeley, dated in Dover Road, the 16th of Dec. 1796.

LAST night I captured La Sphinx privateer, of forty-six tons and twenty-fix men, from Dunkirk, on a cruize; the left it yesterday at twelve o'clock, and had not taken any thing; she is Southampton built, and has made a practice of running along afhore as a coaster. The last cruize she was at sea she was boarded by one of the armed luggers the North Sea, but got clear by producing Swedish papers. I have fent her into Dover harbour, and, when I have landed the prisoners, fliall immediately proceed to my station. She had nothing but small arms on board.

I am, &c. &c.

(Signed) JOHN TALBOT. P.S. I lince find the has four four-pounders and two swivels in hes hold.


From the LONDON GAZETTE, December 24, 1796.

Admiralty Office, Dec. 24, 1796.

Copy of a Letter from Captain James Young, Commander of his Majesty's

Ship Greyhound, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated in Spithead, December
20, 1796.

I HAVE to acquaint you, for the information of my Lords Com-
imissioners of the Admiralty, that yesterday, at four A. M. I fell in
with and captured, off Barfleur, L'Aventure, French privateer brig, of
fixteen four-pounders and fixty-two men, commanded by Citizen Pel-
tier, two days fran Calais, on her firft cruize, and had not taken any
I have the honour to be, &c. &c. &c.


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