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" The event in consequence of which the saint addressed his indignant letter to Coroticus, the only authentic writing, besides the Confession, we have from his hand, is supposed to have taken place during his stay on the Munster coast, about the year 460. "
An Essay on the Welsh Saints Or the Primitive Christians, Usually Considered ... - Stran 136
avtor: Rice Rees - 1836 - 358 strani
Celotni ogled - O knjigi

Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education, Količina 1

Great Britain. Committee on Education - 1850
...exhibits a curions picture of the manners of the age, are thus related by Mr. Moore, in his " History of Ireland." — " The event, in consequence of which...the less, as appears from his conduct, a pirate and a persecutor, had landed with a party of armed followers, while St. Patrick was on the coast, and set...
Celotni ogled - O knjigi

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