Universal history, ancient and modern, Količina 7

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Stran 128 - If flight," said the consort of Justinian, "were the only means of safety, yet I should disdain to fly. Death is the condition of our birth, but they who have reigned should never survive the loss of dignity and dominion. I implore Heaven that I may never be seen, not a day, without my diadem and purple; that I may no longer behold the light when I cease to be saluted with the name of queen. If you resolve, O Caesar!
Stran 23 - Alypius, assisted by the governor of the province, urged " with vigour and diligence the execution of the work, horrible " balls of fire breaking out near the foundations, with frequent " and reiterated attacks, rendered the place, from time to " time, inaccessible to the scorched and blasted workmen ; " and the victorious element continuing in this manner obsti" nately and resolutely bent, as it were, to drive them to a " distance, the undertaking was abandoned.
Stran 305 - ... from the Tuscan Sea to the Adriatic. At this period we have to mark the progress of Rome in a contest with a rival republic of first-rate power and immense resources. Carthage, originally a Tyrian colony, had acquired extensive dominions in Africa, conquered a considerable portion of Spain, occupied Sardinia, Corsica, and all the islands on the coast of Italy, and, in addition to all these, ' had subdued a great part of Sicily. With possessions so numerous, this mighty republic was unequalled...
Stran 167 - The primitive Christians were possessed with an unconquerable repugnance to the use and abuse of images ; and this aversion may be ascribed to their descent from the Jews, and their enmity to the Greeks. The Mosaic law had severely proscribed all representations of the Deity ; and that precept was firmly established in the principles and practice of the chosen people.
Stran 275 - As he spoke, a Turk to whom his person was unknown, for he had prudently laid aside the purple, struck him in the face; a second blow succeeded from another hand; and he fell, in the forty-ninth year of his age, a glorious example of honourable resolution, in expiring with his defenders, rather than surviving them. Mahomet liberally patronized the arts and sciences ; and to compensate for the migration of...
Stran 148 - Lord! and thy judgments are righteous." And such, in the last moments, was his rigid attachment to truth and justice, that he revealed to the soldiers the pious falsehood of a nurse who presented her own child in the place of a royal infant.
Stran 253 - and will boldly enter the lists with my accusers; but a layman, a sinner like myself, is not endowed with the gift of miracles. Your piety, most holy prelate, may deserve the interposition of Heaven, and from your hands I will receive the fiery globe, the pledge of my innocence.
Stran 222 - On a sudden the banner of the Cross was displayed by the Latins ; Europe was precipitated on Asia ; and Constantinople had almost been swept away by this impetuous deluge. In the tempest, Alexius steered the Imperial vessel with dexterity and courage. At the head of his armies he was bold in action, skilful in stratagem, patient of fatigue, ready to improve his advantages, and rising from his defeats with inexhaustible vigour.
Stran 212 - and let this memorable word, the inspiration surely of the Holy Spirit, be for ever adopted as your cry of battle, to animate the devotion and courage of the champions of Christ. His cross is the symbol of your salvation; wear it, a red, a bloody cross, as an external mark, on your breasts or shoulders, as a pledge of...
Stran 151 - Constantinople, and to specify the annual tribute or ransom of the Roman empire: a thousand talents of gold, a thousand talents of silver, a thousand silk robes, a thousand horses, and a thousand virgins.

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