Papers Relative to the Proposed Constitution of New Zealand: In Continuation of Papers Presented August 1851

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1852

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Stran 14 - The Consolidated Revenue Fund of Canada shall be permanently charged with the Costs. Charges, and Expenses incident to the Collection, Management, and Receipt thereof...
Stran 11 - Every House of Commons shall continue for five years from the Day of the Return of the Writs for choosing the House (subject to be sooner dissolved by the Governor General), and no longer.
Stran 21 - They are fond of agriculture, take great pleasure in cattle and horses; like the sea, and form good sailors; have now many coasting vessels of their own manned with Maori crews; are attached to Europeans, and admire their customs and manners ; are extremely ambitious of rising in civilization and becoming skilled in European arts...
Stran 35 - ... and for the appointing of returning officers, and for the issuing, executing, and returning of the necessary writs for such elections, and for taking the poll thereat, and for determining the validity of all disputed returns, and otherwise for...
Stran 34 - Thirty-second years of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria intituled an Act to amend the...
Stran 36 - Act whereby he may become entitled to the rights, privileges, or immunities of a subject or citizen of any foreign state or power, or shall become bankrupt, or take the benefit of any law relating to insolvent debtors, or become a public defaulter, or be attainted of treason, or be convicted of felony or of any infamous crime, his seat in such Council shall thereby become vacant.
Stran 11 - ... twelve months shall not intervene between the last sitting of the council in one session and its first sitting in the next session.
Stran 12 - All questions which shall arise in the said Council shall be decided by the majority of votes of those members of the Council who shall be present other than the Speaker or presiding member, but in all cases wherein the votes shall be equal, the Speaker or presiding member shall have a casting vote.
Stran 28 - Governor-in-Chief, subject to such instructions as he may receive from time to time from the Secretary of State.
Stran 10 - ... a book to be kept for that purpose, and shall be signed by the mayor, alderman, or councillor presiding at such meeting...

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