The American Decisions: Containing All the Cases of General Value and Authority Decided in the Courts of the Several States, from the Earliest Issue of the State Reports to the Year 1869, Količina 31

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Bancroft-Whitney, 1886

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Stran 99 - That no freeman ought to be taken, imprisoned, or disseized, of his freehold, liberties, or privileges, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any manner destroyed, or deprived of his life, liberty, or property, but by the law of the land.
Stran 725 - There shall be a seal of this State, which shall be kept by the Governor, and used by him officially, and shall be called " The great Seal of the State of California.
Stran 330 - It can, in short, do everything that is not naturally impossible, and, therefore, some have not scrupled to call its power, by a figure rather too bold, the Omnipotence of Parliament.
Stran 357 - But if the public interest can be in any way promoted by the taking of private property, it must rest in the wisdom of the legislature to determine whether the benefit to the public will be of sufficient importance to render it expedient for them to exercise the right of eminent domain, and to authorize an interference with the private rights of individuals for that purpose (2 Kent's Com.
Stran 388 - The courts do not undertake to relieve parties from their acts and deeds fairly done on a full knowledge of facts, though under a mistake of law. Every man is to be charged at his peril with a knowledge of the law. There is no other principle which is safe and practicable in the common intercourse of mankind.
Stran 96 - State, there is a fundamental principle of right and justice, inherent in the nature and spirit of the social compact (in this country at least), the character and genius of our government, the causes from which they spring, and the purposes for which they were established, that rises above and restrains and sets bounds to the power of legislation, which the legislature cannot pass without exceeding its rightful authority.
Stran 762 - This rule applies as well to every judgment or decree rendered in the various stages of their proceedings, from the initiation to their completion, as to their adjudication that the plaintiff has a right of action. Every matter adjudicated becomes a part of their record, which thenceforth proves Itself, without referring to the evidence on which it has been adjudged.
Stran 394 - If a Party, acting in ignorance of a plain and settled principle of Law, is induced to give up a portion of his indisputable Property to another under the name of Compromise, a. Court of Equity will relieve him from the effect of his mistake.
Stran 78 - States declares that no State shall pass any bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts.
Stran 417 - We hold, therefore, that it may be laid down as a general rule, that teachers exceed the limits of their authority when they cause lasting mischief; but act within the limits of it, when they inflict temporary pain.

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