Annual Announcement of Courses of Instruction

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The University Press, 1906
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Stran 90 - The instructors in English hold themselves ready to assist and advise competent graduate students who may propose plans of special study in the English language or literature. Such plans, however, must in each case meet the approval of the Department.
Stran 79 - ... historical study; 3. Satisfactory special knowledge of one of the greater authors or of one of the main literary movements; 4. Training in the principles and methods of poetry and prose requisite to the advanced study of literature; 5. Skill in organizing and presenting thought, orally and in writing. Candidates are warned against supposing that the purpose of the examination can be attained by mere accumulation of courses in English. It will always be presupposed, however, that candidates presenting...
Stran 28 - Courses i, 2, 3, 4, 50, 8, and 28 are prerequisite for a teacher's recommendation in chemistry. A discussion of the teaching of history in secondary schools, with special emphasis on the methods and materials. The course is designed for seniors and graduates expecting to apply for a high-school teacher's certificate in history: Two hours, either half-year. Tuesdays, 3. Prerequisite: Courses 52, 54, 64, 63, and 73, and political science i. The department of history will recommend for high-school teachers...
Stran 28 - History of the foreign relations of the United States from the beginning of the Revolution to the close of the Civil War.
Stran 113 - The analytic geometry of the straight line, the circle, and the conic sections, including a discussion of the general equation of the second degree and some special examples in higher loci.
Stran 11 - Graduates of normal schools, who are making further preparation for teaching in elementary schools. Hereafter the University will not recommend its graduates for grammar school certificates, except as those desiring such certificates shall have received their pedagogical training in connection with a normal school. Special courses will be arranged for students who have had such training and who may wish to pursue additional studies in Education. UPPER DIVISION COURSES. 3. The History of Education:...
Stran 20 - Subject-matter of sale ; executory and executed sales ; bills of lading and jus disponendi, stoppage in transitu; fraud; factors; acts; warranty and remedies for breach of warranty; Statute of Frauds.
Stran 12 - Lectures, readings, and conferences, together with school observation and practice of teaching, under the direction of the instructor. The school observation and practice of teaching ordinarily require one period daily for five days a week, but students are expected to have two consecutive free hours between 9 and 3 o 'clock throughout the week in order to facilitate making the teaching assignments. Required of all candidates for the teachers' recommendation whose pedagogical training is taken at...
Stran 129 - The degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy are offered to students who have fulfilled the required conditions.
Stran 144 - This work during the year will be confined almost exclusively to the algne, in connection with the special work of the instructor. Students should expect to devote considerable time to this course. 15. Advanced Phaenogamic Botany. Assistant Professor JEPS'-N.

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