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EQUITY, juris liction of Superior Court, 102, 109.

jurisdiction Supreme Court, 97.
ESCHEATED ESTATES, devoted to school purposes, 125.

no escheat if deceased leaves heirs, 125.
ESTATES OF DECEASED PERSONS escheats to the state, 125.

local and special acts prohibited, 71.

when devoted to schools, 125.
EUREKA, liquor license, power to pass, 160.
EVIDENCE, aliunde, 83, 84.

certificate of stret assessment, 74.
in bribery, etc., 86.
in cases of libel, 20.

in treason, 45,
EXAMINATION by magistrate, 18, 19.

of teachers, 127.

short hand notes filed, 20.
EXCESSIVE bails or fines shall not be imposed, 12.

netermination of what is, 14.
EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT, the governor as chief magis.

trate, 87.
election of governor, 87.

sce Governor--State Officers.
EXEMPLARY DAMAGES, on excessive fre ghts and fares, 187.
EXEMPTION from arrest and civil process of legislators, 57.

from arrest, when electors are, 49.
from poll tax, 201.
from taxation, what property is, 189.

of homestead from forced sale, 207.
EXPENDITURES, money paid without authority recovered

back, 65.

required. 63
appropriation for world's fair, 63.

prohibited, and limitations of, 63.
EXPENSES of office, 151.

of office distinguished from salary, 118.

traveling not increase of salary, 151.
EX POST FACTO LAW, as affecting crimes, 41

as to change of remedy, 42
effect of constit'ition on mortgage contract, 43.
forbidden, 41.
obligation of contracts, 42, 43.

repeal of charter is not, 43.
EXTRA COMPENSATION prohibited, 81.
Extra Session, see Legislature.
Fares and Freights, see Railroad Companies.
FEES, etc., in Los Angeles county, act regulating, 226.

and perquisites of certain offi es abolished, 92.
court commissioners may receive to their own use, 118.
justices of the peace may receive to their own use, 118.
local and special legislation prohibited, 71.
spec al legislation affecting, 78.

unlawfully paid may be recovered back, 26.
FELONY, jurisdiction to try, 109.

embezzlement of public funds, 62.
Jobbying declare i to be, 86.

FELONY, using public funds, 170.

FEMALES, employment of in drinking places, 224.
in dance cellar, etc., ordinance against, 220.
in saloons, 156.

soliciting in dance houses, 10.

FERRIES cannot be chartered by special acts, 71.
FINES already due not affected by co stitution, 227.
can not be remitted by special legislation, 71.
excessive prohibited, 12.

imposed for excessive charges for fares and freights, 187.
under city ordinance, 157.

FIRE LIMITS, ordinance establishing, 160.

FISCAL YEAR commences first day of July, 215.
ends June 30, 215.

FISHING, unlawful, destroying nets, etc., 33.
FLAG, what may be carried by militia, 124.
FORCED SALE, exemptions from, 207.
mortgage foreclosure is. 207.

FORCIBLE ENTRY AND DETAINER, appellate jurisdiction
in, 97.

concurrent jurisdiction of justices' courts in, 114.
original jurisdiction in, 102.

FORECLOSURE is equitable action, 16.
FOREIGN CORPORATION shall not be favored, 183.
FOREIGNERS, eligible as citizens, property rights of, 44.

ineligible to become citizens, declared dangerous, 213.
FORFEITURE of franchise by water companies, 202.
can not be remitted by special acts, 71.
of franchises, etc., not to be remitted, 180.
of office for accepting free passes, 186.

of railroad franchise, legislature may provide for, 187.
state has right to waive, 181.

FRANCHISES are taxable, 189.

assessment of for taxes, 199.

exclusive privileges, special legislation prohibited, 71.
forfeiture of, not to be remitted, 180.

lease or alienation not to relieve from l'ability, 181.
legislature may provide for forfeiture of, 188.

not to be extended, 180.

of a railroad is property, 200.

of collecting water rates not conferred by constitu-
tion, 178.

right to collect water rates is, 176.

right to compensation for water supply a franchise, 204.
subject to right of eminent domain, 181.

those not fully organized and in business invalid, 180.
water rights, when forfeited, 202.

FRAUD, both courts of law and equity have jurisdiction, 15.
imprisonment for, 41.

FREE PASSES prohibited to public officers, 186.
FREE SCHOOLS, system to be provided, 126

see Schools.

FREEDOM, of speech and of the press to be preserved, 20
Freeholders, see Board.

FRUIT TREES are not "growing crops," 189.

GAMBLING PLACES, ordinance against visiting, 73, 145, 158.
GAME, killing and bringing into this state, 24.
GAMING, misdemeanor of "provided for,”' 107.
GAS AND WATER, right of cities to regulate charges, 174.
Gas Companies, see Corporations.
GENERAL APPROPRIATION BILL, restrictions as to, 81.
GENERAL LAWS, cities and towns to be controlled by, 137.

consolidated cities and counties governed by, 139.
control, municipal, judiciary, 145.
control, schools. 126.
corporations may be formed only under, 177.
necessary to regulate taxation in municipalities, 163.
need not include all classes in one scale, 22.
to provide for election or appointment oỉ county officers,

GIFT, as extra compensation, 84.

devise or descent, property acquired by, 215.
legislature cannot authorize, 82.
to pay for street improvements, 82.
to person injured in employ of state, 83.
to Tia Juana sufferers, $3.

Yosemite wagon road, 81.
GLENN COUNTY, act establishing, 134.
GOVERNMENT, powers, how distributed, 50.

purposes of, 11, 12,
what instituted for, 11.

land, agreement to locate plaintiff upon, 98.
GOVERNOR, appointments to vacancies by, 88.

approval of and objection to bills, 60.
commander in chief of militia, 88.
compensation of, 92.
discretion not controlled by mandamus, 61.
duties of, 88.
duty in cases of treason, 123.
election of, 87.
has power to investigate prison directors, 130.
impeachment, death, removal, inability etc., 91.
intent to limit patronage os, 89.
may adjourn legislature in cases of disagreement of the

two houses, 90.
may call forth militia, 123.
may convene legislature on extraordinary occasions, 90.
niay grant reprieves, pardons, etc , 122.
may object to items oi general appropriation bill, 61.
may recommend removal of judicial officer, 114.
may require information from officers, 88.
messages to legislature, 90.
not purt of legislature, 53.
not to be elected to U. S. senate, 92.
pardoning power of, 122.
returns of election, 87.
supreme executive power vested in, 87.
terin of office, 87.
to appoint prison directors, 129.
to approve all laws, 60.
to commission officers of militia, 123.

GOVERNOR, to fill vacancies in railroad commission, 187.
to fill vacancy in Superior Court, 111.

to fill vacancy in Supreme Court, 97.

to fill vacancy where no mode is provided by constitu-
tution, 88.

to hold no other office, 90.

to issue writs of election to fill vacancy in legislature, 58.
to keep seal of state, 90.

to see that laws are executed, 88.

vacancy in office of, 87.

when legislature to elect, 87.
who eligible, 87.

GRAND JURY, how long may hold, 20.
illegally summoned by elisor, 18.
irregularity in drawing, 19.
manner of drawing, 19.
once a year, 18.

GRANTS and commissions, how issued, 90.
certain existing, invalid, 180.

of land, restrictions on, 208.

power of taxation, not to be surrendered, 195.
special acts, prohibited, 71.

to institutions not under state control, prohibited, 63.
to religious institutious, prohibited, 82.
GRAVEYARDS, removal of bodies from, 75.

special legislation prohibited, 71.

GREAT SEAL of state, 90.

GROWING CROPS, exemption from taxation, 189.
fruit trees are not. 189.

HABEAS CORPUS, bail on when arrested for murder, 15.
bail upon, 14.

defendant not entitled to discharge on, in certain

cases, 19.

detained witness may be discharged on, 14.

jurisdiction of Superior Court, 103.
jurisdiction of Supreme Court, 98.
pleading in, 14.

will not reach misdemeanor declared by ordinance, 17.
writ not to be suspended, 12.


imposition of penalties by, 52.

HARBOR FRONTAGE, eminent domain, as to, 205.

private ownership subject to public right of way, 206.
withheld from grant or sale, 206.




HEALTH, state board of must be provided by legislature, 217.
HEIRS, aliens as, 125.

HIGH SCHOOLS, act of 1891 establishing, 164.

HIGHER OFFENSE, defendant cannot be convicted of, after
conviction for lower, 27.

Highways, see Roads.
Holiday, see Legal Holiday.
HOME, for care of inebriates, 171.
for feeble minded children, 50.

HOMESTEAD, estimated cash value, 207.
exemption of, 207.

legislation required to protect, 207.
of married person, how conveyed, 207.
value may exceed amount of exemption, 207.
HOSPITALS, appropriations forbidden unless under state con-

trol, 63.

HOMICIDE, deposition of witnesses in cases of, 24.
HOUSE OF CORRECTION, act of 1878, 73.

in San Francisco, act relating to, 225, 233.
HUSBAND AND WIFE, property rights of, 215.
IDIOT, cannot be an elector, 48.

exempt from poll tax, 201.

IMMUNITIES, from being twice put in jeopardy, 24.
from imprisonment for debt, 41.

of citizens, 46.

to corporations, special legislation prohibited, 71.
of members of legislature from arrest, 57.
Impairing Obligation of Contracts, see Contracts.
IMPEACHMENT, assembly has sole power of, 61.

of governor, 91.

two-thirds of senators elected necessary for, 61.
what judgment of extends to, 61.
what officers liable to, 61.

IMPOSTS, jurisdiction of Superior Court, 103.
jurisdiction of Supreme Court, 97.

IMPRISONMENT, for debt, 41.

in case of fraud, 41.

on account of fine, 13.
militia fine, 41.
torts, 41.

INALIENABLE RIGHTS, security of, 10.
INCOME TAXES, may be assessed, 201.
INCUMBENT, no vacancy while there is an, 89.

INDEBTEDNESS, of counties, cities, etc., must be limited to

revenues of same year 171.

restrictions on state, 206.

special legislation for relief of corporations prohibited, 71.
vote necessary to create, 172.

INDIANS, separate schools for, 10.

INDICTMENT, appeal in all cases prosecuted by, 100,

for contempt in some cases, 26.
for libel where tried, 20.

or information, 18.

time in which to file, 28.

what is sufficient, 49.

see Information.

INDIGENT PERSONS, act providing for maintenance of, 65.
INFAMOUS OFFENSES, aniong misdemeanors, 49.

INFERIOR COURTS, can only be established by legislative

enactment. 116.
jurisdiction of, 116.

vacancy in, how filled, 93, 116.

INFORMATION, appeal in all cases prosecuted by, 100.

charging lottery ticket, 67.

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