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CALIFORNIA, rights of inhabitants after cession of, 239.
CENSUS, when to be taken, 282.

CERTIORARI AND APPEALS from state to Federal Courts, 295
CESSION OF CALIFORNIA, rights of inhabitants, 239.
CITIES AND VILLAGES, to be organized, 286.

instrumentalities of state, 286.

CLERKS OF COURTS, to be provided, 306.
COMPENSATION, of judges, 307.

of office, meaning of, 280.

of members of legislature, 281.
no increase during term, 281.

of state officers, not to be increased, 292.


formed, 283.


CONSTITUTION, manner of amending and revising, 314.
provisions for its submission to congress, 335.
when and how submitted to vote, 333.
canvass and return of votes on, 334.
CONSTRUCTION, rules for, 236.
CONTEMPT, imprisonment for, 259.
CONTRACT, existing not be affected, 332.
law impairing obligation of, 259.

distinction between contract arising from grant to mun-

icipality and to individual, 262.

CONTRACT OF MARRIAGE, not required to conform to re-
quirement of religious sect, 319,
CORONER, election of to be provided for, 301.
CORPORATIONS, construed to include what, 285.

municipal, to be restricted as to taxation and contract-
ing debts, 286.

to be formed under general laws, 283.

dues from, to be secured, 284.

liability of stockholders, 284.

COUNSEL, party accused may defend by, or in person, 244.
COUNTER CLAIM, as affecting jurisdiction, 305.

COUNTERFEITING MONEY, state may legislate as to, 239.
COUNTY COURTS, for each county, 301.

jurisdiction, 302.

judges, election and term, 301.

COUNTY AND TOWN GOVERNMENT, system of, to be estab-

lished, 316.

COURTS, and offices continued after adoption of constitution
until legislation, 332.

causes in to be removed to courts created, 332.
of record, what are, 305.

of sessions, how constituted, 304.

same remained until organization of new, 309.
terms and places of holding to be pescribed, 306.
COWS IN CITY, ordinance regulating, 239.
CREDIT OF STATE, not to be loaned, 319.
CRIME, person accused may defend in person, 244.
rights of persons charged with, 241.

mechanics lien law construed, 237.

DISTRICT COURTS, jurisdiction in equity, 300.

jurisdiction of, 299.
in probate matters, 299.

over corporations, 300.
DIVORCES, not to be granted by legislature, 282.
DUELLING, prohibited, punishment, 315.
EDUCATION, escheated estates devoted to, 313.

to be promoted, superintendent to be elected, proceeds of

lands devoted to, 312.
ELECTIONS, by legislature, viva voce, 287.

by people, by ballot, 266.
of ollicers after adoption of constitution, 334,

plurality of votes sufficient, 331.
ELECTORS, no idiots-insane--convicts, 266.

qualifications, 265.
exemption from arrest, from military duty-residence

when gained or lost, 265.

who are at adoption of constitution, 332.
ELIGIBILITY to office, meaning, 280.

conviction of embezzlement, etc., destroys, 280.
EMINENT DOMAIN, taking of private property, compensa-

tion, 244, 254.
ENSIGN ACT, uincoustitutional, 283.
ESCHEATED ESTATES, devoted io cause of education, 313.
ESTATES OF DECEASED PERSONS, when escheated, devoted

to cause of education, 313.
EX POST FACTO LAWS, prohibited, 259.
FEES, judicial officers, except justices of the peace, shall not

receive, 306.
FEMALES, in saloon, and dance houses, 238.
FISCAL YEAR, commences July 1, 318.
FOREIGNERS, landing in this state, 253.

property rights of, 264.
FRANCHISE, cannot be sold under execution agail'st corpor-

tion, 285.
FUGITIVES, from justice, 251.
GOVERNMENT, for what instituted, 242.

right to alter, 242.
GOVERNOR, impeachment, absence, removal, etc., of, 290.

is com ander in chief-shall transact all executive busi-

ness shall see that laws are executed-may appoint

to vacancies, 288.
may call out militia, 310.
may grant reprieves and pardons, 289.
powers of in cases of treason, 290.
on extra occasions may convene legislature, 289.
shall communicate by message, 289.
salary until provision made by le islature, 335.
supreme executive--when elected-term of office--who

eligible--returns of election for, 287.
when may adjourn legislature, 289.

cannot hold office incer United States, 289.
GRANTS AND COMMISSIONS of state, how execute1, 290.
HABEAS CORPUS, writ of, 244.

HEAD of family, who is, 330,
HOMESTEAD, exemption of, 330.
HUSBAND AND WIFE, separate property of, 328.
IMPEACHMENT, presenting and trials of, 279.

what officers subject to, 279.
IMPRISONMENT for debt, 259.

in case of fraud, 259.

in divorce case-contempt, 259.
IN ALIENABLE RIGHTS, cannot be taken away, 236.
INDICTMENT, no person to be held to answer except on, 214.

not required in impeachments nor in military service,244.
INFERIOR COURTS, legislature to create, and fix jurisdic-

tion, 305.
INTERPRETATIONS, recent, deemed to have been considered

in framing constitution, 235, 237.
JEOPARDY, twice in, 244.
JUDGES, compensation of, 307.

terms of, vacancies, 299,

of what courts consists, 292.
JUDICIAL OFFICERS, except justice of the peace, not to re-

ceive fees, 806.
JUDICIARY, power of, 293.

what duties may be imposed upon, 294,

in naturalization, 294,
JURORS, knowledge of English language, 242.
JORY TRIAL, in ondemnation of land for state capitol, 243.

legislature alone can determine when may be waived, 243.
in trespass, 242.
secured in all common law actions, 243.

secured, 242.
JUSTICES OF THE PEACE, legislature to determine number

and fix powers, duties and terms, 305.
LANDS granted by United States to be devoted to education,

etc., 312.
LAWS, each to have but one object, which must be expressed

in title, 281.
in force continued after adoption of constitution until

altered or repealed, 332.
not to be amended or revised by reference to title, 281.
revised shall be published at length, 281.
of general nature, uniform operation, 256.

re-enactment creates auew the rule of action, 282.
LAW OF THE LAND, definition, 253,

scope of powers, 268 to 275.

sessions of legislatu re, 275.
LEGISLATIVE GRANTS, how construed, 252.
LEGISLATORS, not to be appointed to ottices created dụring

their terms, 279.
when and how chosen-must be electors-numbers of, 276.
LEGISLATURE, bills may originate in either house, 277.

passage of bills-veto, 278.
each house to choose its own officers-judges of election

and qualification of members-quorum, 277.

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LEGISLATURE, elections by, viva voce, 287.

first sessiou after adoption of constitution, 334.
first session to be held at San Jose, and thereafter until

removed by legislature, 315.
general scope of power , 268 to 275.
members, when chosen, 276.
term of office, 276.
may be convened and adjourned by governor, when, 289.
members, how apportioned, and number of, 282.
rules-journals-members exempt from arrest-vacancies

-doors to be open-adjournments, 277.
LIMITATIONS of powers of legislature not to apply to first

legislature, 336.
LIBERTY OF SPEECH, press-libel, 256.
LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR, election and duties, 290.
LICENSE TAXES, on business, 257.
LOCAL OPTION LAW, unconstitutional, 317.
LOTTERIES prohibited, 282.
MARRIAGE, contract of, not required to conform to require-

ment of religious sect, 319.
MARRIED WOMAN, property of- conveyances by, 328.
MEXICAN GRANTS, decisions as to, 340.

rights of holders, 211,

actual settlers and, 241.
MILITIA, organization and dicipline, 310.

officers, how selected, 310.

governor may call forth, 310.
MILITARY, subordinate to civil power, 258.

appropriation for, 258.
MORTGAGES, taxation of, 328.
MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS, to be restricted as to taxation

and contracting debts, 286.
MUNICIPAL CRIMINAL COURT of San Francisco, 293, 294.
MUNICIPAL TAXES, upon business, 239.
NATURALIZATION, power of judiciary, 294.
OATH OF OFFICE, form of, 316.
OBJECT OF LAW, must be expressed in title, 281.

not to be impaired, 259.
applies to contracts between individuals, 263.
funded debts and bonds, 261.

change of remedy, 263,
OFFICE, disqualification for, 331.

bribery, perjury, forgery, 331.
duration of, 318.
lucrative, 280.
elegibility, meaning of, 280.

compensation, meaning of, 280.
OFFICERS, first installation of, 335.

provision for support of to be made by city, town, county,

etc., 318.
whose election or appointment not provided for by con-

stitution shall be elected, 317,
PARLONS AND REPRIEVES, governor may grant, 289.

to be reported to legislature, 290.
PAU PERS, criminals, etc., police power of state, 254.

PERPETUITIES forbidden, 331.

POLITICAL POWER, inherent in people, 242.
POWERS of government, distribution of, 266.
three departments, 266.

neither department above the law, 267.
of judiciary, 293.

PRIVATE PROPERTY, compensation for, 244, 251,
PROBATE COURT, jurisdiction, 300, 303.
PUNISHMENTS, cruel and unusual forbidden, 244.
RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES, accurate account of to be
published with laws of each session, 181.
RELIGIOUS PROFESSION, free exercise secured, 243.
does not disqualify witness, 243.

REMEDY, change of, 263.

RENTS, ISSUES AND PROFITS, of separate property of mar-
ried persons, 329.

RESERVED RIGHTS of people, 264.

RESIDENCE, as affecting offices prior to first election, 332.
gaining or losing by electors, 265.

while in prison, army, almshouse, etc., 265.

not affected by absence on public business, 331.
RIGHTS of people to assemble, 256.

to petition, 256,

of inhabitants on cession of California, 239.
retained by people, 264.
SACRAMENTO, bonds of, 261.
SALARIES of judges, 307.

of state officers not to be increased, 292.

until provision is made by legislature, 335.
SALOONS and dance houses, regulation of, 239.
SAN DIEGO, funded debt of, 260.


SCHOOL FUNDS, to be derived from school lands, escheated

estates, etc, 313.

cannot be diverted to other purposes, 313.

SCHOOL, public to be maintained at least three months in

every year, 313.

system, legislature shall provide, 313.

SEARCH, unreasonable prohibited, 264.
warrant, probable cause, 264.

SECRETARY OF STATE and other state officers, 291.

duties of, 291.

SECURITY of citizen, 264.

chosen, 276.

SENATE, court of impeachment, 279.
SENATORS, state, increase of number, 277.
state, who qualified-number-when
SEPARATE PROPERTY of husband and wife, 328.
rents, issues and profits, 329.
registration of wife's, 329.

SESSIONS of legislature. 120 days, 176.
SETTLERS' ACT of 1858, 240.

Mexican grants and, 241, 242.

SEIZURES AND SEARCHES, unreasonable prohibited, 261.
SLAVES, property in, 240.

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