The Antiquities of Berkshire, Količina 3

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W. Mears and J. Hooke, 1723
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Stran 346 - Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.
Stran 113 - ... be like in fame, as thine his fate, if mine had been his flame) but whosoe'er it was, Nature design'd first a brave place, and then as brave a mind. Not to recount those...
Stran 372 - ... should have three throws before she loses it; and if she has no luck in the three years, he orders that still new faces may come and be presented. On the same Good-Friday he gives eighty widows money to attend, and orders 10s.
Stran 372 - She that throws most has 101. put in a purse, and she is to be attended with the other two that lost the throw. The next year come again the two maids, and one more added to them. He orders in his will that each maid...
Stran 184 - Tyburn, yet, it was a comfort to him, that the royal martyr kept them company ; for, says he, foreseeing that his son would undoubtedly come in, we took care that his father's body should not be idolatrously worshipped by the cavaliers; and therefore privately removed it to the place of common execution.
Stran 183 - Prince, who had fuffer'd fo unjuftly, all was ftopt, , by reafon that the Perfons order'd to regulate the Ceremony, when they came to examine the Royal Coffin, found the Body .miffing. This...
Stran 21 - Judge of the Court, •which' he is obliged to hold once in- three Weeks, and oftner, by Adjournment. '-The Mayor and Aldermen chufe two Serjeants yearly, who bear the Mace. They have a Goal within the Corporation, not only for Debtors, butalfotofecure £uch Felons as fhall happen to be taken there.
Stran 66 - an old man in a gown, and a woman in the habit of the times: between them a man in armour, lookIng westward.
Stran 113 - Sovereign us'd to give a Feaft to his Twenty Five Knights Companions every St. George's Day. But this latter Cuftom has not been obferved fince the Reign of King Charles II. who made the laft Feaft of that kind at the Inftallation of the prefent Duke of 'Buckingham, then Earl of Mulgrave.

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