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17. 1. 24. For Latinitatis read Latina.


25. For Prince read Picus.

5. For scin, read scin'.

29. After Academiæ insert Lond. 1568, 8vo.

13. For which read whom.

24. Dr Robert Crichton is mentioned as a native of
Scotland by Dr Richardson. (Godwin de
Præsulibus Angliæ, à Richardson, p. 392.
Cantab. 1743, fol.)

22. For verily read very.

25. and p. 317. 1. 14. For Seymour read Beaufort. 16. A story not materially different occurs in a book entitled "Les Recreations Françoises, ou Nouveau Recueil de Contes à Rire pour servir de divertissement aux melancholiques, et de joyeux entretien dans le cours, les cercles, et les ruelles." A Rouen, chés David Berthelin, dans la Cour au Palais: 1665, 8vo. This collection consists of two parts or volumes. The compiler, who calls himself Nipe, professes to have gleaned from all the ancient and modern books of tales, and to have added new stories of his own invention, "plus capables de faire mourir de rire, que de faire dormir de bout." The particular tale to which I allude occurs in vol. i. p. 178. The unfortunate gallant is an advocate, and the pretended magician a soldier. The scene is laid in Grenada.







291. 426.


27. For Παγαν&ινάνφύσιως read Παγὰν ἀινάκ φύσεως. 434. 12. For devest read revest. 436. last. For Rose read Thistle.

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