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have not before been published, were received immediately from confidential friends of General WASHINGTON, or from gentlemen who, in respectable official situations, were members of his family during his military command.

It has been the endeavour of the author to display the character of the man who is the subject of the work, by exhibiting in a connected view his actions and his writings; and he has, as far as possible, made this exhibition in the person of General WASHINGTON.

He has not conceived that he was writing for men of erudition, but for the unlettered portion of the community; and he has for their benefit more particularly studied simplicity of style. Should he be so happy as to obtain their approbation, he will receive an ample reward of his labour.

He entertains no expectation of acquiring literary fame by this publication ; but le, hours to escape the disgrace of have ing written an useless book.

WORCESTER, Massachusetts, October 7807.


Progress and issue of the Northern Campaign.... Plan to dis.

place General WASHINGTON....His Correspondence on

the Subject.... Letter of General Gates.... Remonstrance of

the Legislature of Pennsylvania against closing the Cam


Plan formed by Congress and the French Minister for the

invasion of Canada and Nova Scotia....General WASHING-

ton's objections to it.... Delinquency of the United States

to prepare for the approaching campaign.... The exertions

of the General....His Letter on the State of the Nation....

The Remonstrance of Officers belonging to the New Jer.

sey Brigade to the Legislature of that State....Letters of

the Commander in Chief on the Subject....Expedition a-

gainst the Indians under General Sullivan.... He destroys

their Towns.... The American Army posted for the De-

fence of the Iligh Lands on the North River, and for the

protection of the Country against the incursions of the

British....Sir Henry Clinton moves up the Hudson, takes

possession of Stony and Verplank Points, and fortifies

them...Arrangements made for Assaulting these posts....

General Wayne carries Stony Point by Storm.... The At-

tack upon Verplank fails....Congress vote their thanks to

General WASHINGTON and to the brave Troops employ,

ed in this service.... They vote General Wayne a Medal

....Evils of short Inlistments....Plan of the General's to


Arnold is appointed a Brigadier in the British service, and

invades Virginia...Plan to capture him....Mutiny in the

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