Memoirs of Aaron Burr: With Miscellaneous Selections from His Correspondence, Količina 1

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Stran 126 - Disobedience of orders in not attacking the enemy on the 28th of June, agreeably to repeated instructions.
Stran 25 - That the strength of his understanding, the accuracy of his discernment, and ardour of his curiosity, might have been remarked from his infancy, by a diligent observer, there is no reason to doubt. For, there is no instance of any man, whose history has been minutely related, that did not in every part of life discover the same proportion of intellectual vigour.
Stran 326 - An act for the speedy sale of the confiscated and forfeited estates within this state, and for other purposes therein mentioned.
Stran 413 - At all events, they were under the management and control of federalists ; and to counteract their alleged influence, Colonel Burr was anxious for the establishment of a democratic institution. With this view he proposed to obtain a charter for supplying the city with water ; and as it was certain that if confined to that particular object the stock would not be subscribed, he caused the application to be made for two millions of dollars, and inserted a clause in that charter, that the " surplus...
Stran 72 - Canada, and to transmit to future ages, as examples truly worthy of imitation, his patriotism, conduct, boldness of enterprise, insuperable perseverance, and contempt of danger and death...
Stran 219 - As soon as they were left alone Mrs. Arnold became tranquillized, and assured Mrs. Prevost that she was heartily sick of the theatrics she was exhibiting. She stated that she had corresponded with the British commander — that she was disgusted with the American cause and those who had the management of public affairs — and that, through great persuasion and unceasing perseverance, she had ultimately brought the general into an arrangement to surrender West Point to the British.
Stran 423 - This, sir, is the first time in my life that I have condescended (pardon the expression) to refute a calumny. I leave to my actions to speak for themselves, and to my character to confound the fictions of slander. And on this very subject I have not up to this hour given one word of explanation to any human being. All the explanation that can be given amounts to no more than this — That the thing is an absolute and abominable lie.
Stran 87 - Congress, soon prevailed on them to consider me as a person whose situation required their strict attention ; and, that I might not escape, they ordered me to Kingsbridge, where, in justice, I must say, that I was treated with the utmost tenderness. General MifHin there commanded. His lady was a most accomplished, beautiful woman, a Quaker.
Stran 373 - January, 1794. I really think, my dear Theo., that you will be very soon beyond all verbal criticism, and that my whole attention will be presently directed to the improvement of your style.
Stran 317 - I persevered. At last I found it. I found the very thing I sought. It is contained in two volumes octavo, handsomely bound, and with prints and registers. It is a work of fancy, but replete with instruction and amusement. I must present it with my own hand. Your affectionate A.

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