Slike strani

North Carolina, Edenton, district of Albermarle, 3d Mondays of April and October; at Newbern, (district of Pamptico,) 4th Mondays of April and October; and at Wilmingion, (district of Cape Fear,) Ist Monday after the 41 Mondays of April and October.

South Carolina. Eastern district, Charleston, 30 Monday in Mareb, and S+ptember, Ist Monday in July, and 2d Monday in December; for the west. ern districi, at Laurens court-bouse, on the next Tuesday after the adjourn. nient of the circuit court at Columbia.

Georgia Savannah, 20 Tuesday in February, May, and August; and in Augusta, 2d Tuesday in November.

Kentucky. Frankfort, 1st Mondays of May and November.

Tennessee. Knoxville, for East Tennessee, 3d Monday in April and 2d Monday in October; and at Nashville, for West Tennessee, 41h Mondays in May and November.

Ohio. Columbus, 3d Monday in July, and 4th Monday to December. Louisiana Eastern district, at New Orleans, 2d Monday of December; and for the western district, at Opelousas court-house, 3d Monday of March

Indiana. Corydon, last Mondays in May and November.
Mississippi. Court-house of Adams county,4th Mondays in Jan'y and June.
Illinois Vandalia, 4th Monday of May and Ist Monday of December

Alabama. Huntsville, 2d Monday of April and October; at Mobile, Ist
Monday in May and 2d Monday in December.
Missouri. St. Charles, Ist Mondays in March and September,

First CircuiT.- Associate Justice, Joseph Story.
Maine, at Portland 1st May, and at Wiscasset, 1st October.

New Hampshire, at Portsmouth and Exeter, alternately, 8th May and 8th October

Massachusetts, at Boston, 1st June and 20th October.

Rhode Island, at Newport and Providence, alternately, 15th June and 15th November Connecticut, at Hartford and New Haven, alternately, 13th April & 17th Sep.

Second CIRCUIT.-Associate Justice, Smith Thompson. New York, at New York, last Monday in February, 1st Monday in April, last Monday in July and October. Vermont, at Rutland and Windsor, alternately, 21st May and 3d October.

THIRD CIRCUIT. - Associate Justice, Henry Baldwin. New Jersey, at Trenton, on the 1st April and 1st Ociober Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia, 11ih Ápril and 11th October.

FOURTH CIRCUIT.- Associate Justice, Gabriel Duval.
Delaware, at Newcastle on the Tuesday next following the 4:6 Monday or
May; and at Dover on the Tuesday next following the 31 Monday of October.
Maryland, at the City of Baltimore, 8th April and November.

Fifth CIRCUIT.- Chief Justice, John Marshall.
Virginia, at Richmond, 224 May and 220 November.
North Carolina, at Raleigh, 12th May and 1216 November.

SIXTA CIRCUIT.- Associate Justice, James M. Wayne. South Carolina, at Charleston, 2d Tuesday of April ; and ai Columbia on the 4th Mouday in November.

Georgia, al Savannab, on Thursday after the 1st Monday in May; and at Milledgeville, on Thursday after the 1st Monday in November.

SEVENTH CIRCUIT.- Associate Justice, John M'Lean. Kentucky, at Frankfout, Ist Monday of May and November.

Tennessee, at Nashville, 1st Monday in March and September; and at Knoxville, 2d Monday in October.

Ohio, ai Columbus, 21 Monday of July and 3d Monday of December.

DISTRICT OF COLOMBIA. Circuit Courts for the District of Columbia, at Washington, on the 4th Monday in March and November ; at Alexandria, on the 1st Monday in May, and 1st Monday in October. And the District Court for the same District, oo the 1st Mondays of December and June.

District Court.

A. Hunter, Marshal, Washington. William Crauch, Judge.

William Brent, Clerk, Washington. Edmund I. Lee, Clerk, Alexandria. Edmund I Lee, Clerk, Alexandria. Circuit Court.

Orphan's Court. Wm. Cranch, Chief Judge, $2700 s. Chase, Judge, Washington, $1000 B. Thruston, Assistant Judge, 2500 H.C. Neale, Register, Washington. J. S. Morsel, Assistant Judge, 2500 . Ņeale, Judge, Alexandria $800 F. S. Key, Attorney, Washington Alex. Moore, Register, Alexandria.

PENITENTIARY OF THE UNITED STATES. James Dunlap, lospector, $250 00 Wm. Kisley, Chaplain.

$200 00 Thomas Carbery, do. 250 00 Pierce Spratt, Ass't Keeper, 700 00 William O'Neale, do. 250 00 Joho A Young, do. 700 00

Gabriel Bradley, do. 700 00 Isaac Clark, Warden, 1500 00 Lewis Ratcliff, Guard, 500 00

William Wheatly, Clerk, 1000 00 Wilfred Van Reswick, do. 50000 John B. Thomas, Physician, 400 00 George B. Smith, do, 500 00


J. H. Walker, Secretary, Tal(Vacant,) Govern'r, Detroit, $2000 lahassee.

$1500 S. T. Mason, Secretary, do. 1000


John Pope, Gov'r, Little Rock, 2000 J. H. Eaton, Gov. Tallahassee, 2500 Wm. S. Fulton, Secretary, do. 1000


Thos. Douglas, Ali'y, St. Augustine. Alex. M. Clayton, Judge, $1500 S. Blair, Marshal, do. Benjamin Johnson, do. 1500 George Gibbs, Clerk, do. Thomas P. Eskridge, do.


Middle Florida. Edward Cross, do. 1500 Thos, Randall, Judge, S1800 Sam'l C. Roane, Att'y Little Rock. J. D. Westcott, Atı'y, Tallahassee. Elias Rector, Marshal, do. T. E Randolph, Marsbal, do. William Field, Clerk, do. James P. Linn, Clerk, do Michigan.

W'est Florida. George Morell, Judge, $1500 John A. Canieron, Juuge, $1800 Solomon Sibley, do.

1500 George Walker, Att'y, Pensacola. Ross Wilkins,

1500 James W. Exum, Marshal, do. David Irvin, do.

1500 G, F. Baltzell, Clerk, do. Daniel Goodwin, Attorney, Detroit. Southern Florida. Peter Desnoyers, Marshal, do. James Webb, Judge,

$1800 John Winder, Clerk,


Wylie P. Clark, Ali'y Marianna East Florida.

Thos. Eastin, Marshal, Key West. Robert R. Reid, Judge, $1800 A. H. Day, Clerk,



INTERCOURSE WITH FOREIGN NATIONS. Since the publication of the preceding volume, the following chaages bave taken place in the foreign missions of the United States :

William Wilkins, late of the Senate of the United States, from Pennsylvania, has been appointed Euvoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Russia. The mission to Portugal is rendered sacant, by the recall of Thomas L. L Brent, and so appointinent of a successor baving been made. Etban A. Brown, late Chargé 'Affaires to Brazil, has returned, and William Hunter has been appointed in his place. Aod Richard Pollard has been appointed Chargé d'Affaires to i hile, in place of John Hamm, resigned.

The pay of Ministers Plenipotentiary is 9,000 dollars per annum, salary, besides 9,000 dollars for an outfit Secretaries of Legation receive 2,000 dollars, and Chargés d'Affaires, 4,500 dollars, per annum.

Ministers, Consuls, &c., of the United States in Foreign Countries, with

the places of their Residence. England

M. Benjamin, Cons. British Guiana Aaron Vail, Chargé d'Affaires. Demerara. Thomas Aspiowali

, agent, &c., and Wm. M. Haxtun, do. Bathurst, io Consul, Loodon.

Island of St. Mary, river Gambia. Francis B.Ogden, Consul, Liverpool. Isaac Chase, do. Cape Town, Cape Thomas Dennison, do. Bristol, of Good Hope. Robert W. Fox, do. Falmouth.

France. Thomas Were Fox, do, Plymouth. Edward Livingston, Envoy ExtraAlb. Davy, du. Kingston upon Hull. ordinary & Mw. Plenipotentiary. Robert R. Hunter, do. Cowes. Thos. P. Barton, Sec'y of Legation.

Robert Grieve, do. Lieth, Scotland Daniel Brent Consul & Agent, Paris. Edward Baxter, do Duodee. George Stroble, Consul, Bordeaux. Alexander Thompson, do. Glasgow. Daniel C. Croxall, do. Marseilles. Thos. Wilson, do Dublin, Irelaod. Francis C. Fenwick, do. Nantes. Reuben Harvey, do. Cork.

do. L'Orient. Thomas W. Gilpin, do. Belfast. R. G. Beasley, do. Havre de Grace. Thomas W. Perrse, do. Galway. Samuel Allison, do. Lyons. James Corscadon, do. Londonderry. Theodore Privat, do. Cette. Horatio Sprague, do. Gibraltar. Jas Jos Debessé, do. La Rochelle. Paul Froberville, do. Isle of France Peter Suau, do. Guadaloupe. Thomas Wynns, do. Turks Island.

do. Martinique. William l'udor Tucker, Commercial

Switzerland. Ageut, Berinuda.

John G. Boker, Consul, Switzerland. George Huyler, Con. Nassau, N. P.

Russia. Ralph Higinbotham, C. Agent, St William Wilkins, Envny Extraordi

Christopher and Antigua. pary aud Mio. Plenipotentiary. R. M. Harrison, C. Kingston, Jam J. Randolph Clay, Sec. of Legation

C. Agent, Trinidad. A. P. Gibson, Consul, St. Petersbig. John Haly, do. Barbadoes.

John Ralli, do. Odessa Jobo Morrow, Consul, Halifax, N.S.

do. Taga prog. W. W. Andrews, do. Malta. Edmund Braodt, do. Archangel. Wm. Carrol, C. Agent, St. Helena. Alex. Schwarız, do Riga.


Sweden and Norway. C. P. Van Ness, Envoy Extraordi-Christ'r. Hughes, Chargé d'Affaires.

nary and Min. Plenipotentiary. David Erskine, Consul, Stockholın. Arthur Middleton, jr. Sec of Legat'n C, A. Murray, do. Gothenburg. Alexander Burton, Consul, Cadiz. Helmich Janson, do. Bergen, NorWilliam Surling, do Barcelona way. George G. Barrell, do. Malaga.

do Bartholomew. Benjamin Renshaw, do. Alicante.

Denmark. Maximo de Aguirre, do. Bilboa Henry Wheaton, Chargé d'Affaires. Alfred H. P. Edwards, do. Manilla. C. J. Hambro, Consul, Copenhagen. Payton Gay, do. Island of Tenerifft N Levy, do. Island of Tbomas. Obadiah Rich, do. Balearic Islands. J. Ridgway, do. Island of St.Croix. Nich. P. Trist, do Havana, Cuba Thos H. Barker, do. Elsipeur. R. R Stewart, do Trinidad, do.

Prussia. J. Leonard, C. Agent, St. Jago, do, Wm. Troost Simons, Consul, Elber

do. Baracoa, do veli. L. Shoeasaker, Consul, Matanzas,do. Frederick Schillow, do. Stettin. J. Owen, !10. Puerto del Principe.

Sacony. H. Toler,

do. Ponce, Porto Rico. Frederick List, Consul, Leipzig. Wm. H. Tracy, C. A. Guyama, do.

Hanseatic Towns, S. C Russell, do. Mayaguez, do. John Cuthbert, Consul, Hamburg. Sidney Mason, Cons. St. Johns, do. Joshua Dodge, do Breinen Portugal.

do. Lubec. Chargé d'Affaires. Ernest Schwendler, do, Frankfort. Israel P. Hutchinson, Consul, Lisbon

Italian States. J. H. March, do. Island of Madeira. Thomas Appleton, Consul, Leghorn. Charles W. Dabney, do. Fayal.

do. Florence. W.G. Merrill, do. Cape Verde Isl'ds. Charles Barnet, do. Genoa. Netherlands.

A. Sasserna, do. Nice. Auguste Davezac, Chargé d'Affaires Roman Stales, and Kingdom of the J. W. Parker, Consul, Amsterdam.

Two Sicilies. John Wambersie, do. Rollerdam. Felix Cicognani, Consul, Rome. Thomas Trask, do Surinam, Alexander Hammett, do. Naples. L. Painboeuf, do. I. of Curacoa. Benjamin Gardner, do. Palernio. John Schillaber, do. Bata via. John L. Payson, do. Messina. Louis Mark, do. Ostend.

Turkey. J Hollingsworth, do. St Eustatia David Porter, Chargé d'Affaires. Joseph Balastier, do. Rhio, Island

--, 1st Dragoman. of Bintang, Malayan Sea. J. Asker, 20 Dragoman. Belgium.

Consul, Constantinople. Hugh S. Lagaré, Chargé d'Affaires, David Offley, do. Smyrna. Brussels

W. B. Lewellen, Cousular Agent, W'm. V. Patterson, Consul, Antwerp. Salonica. Austria Dalmas Devenant,

do. Stancho. Consul, Venice. Emanuel Samarissa,

do. Tenedos. George Moore, do Trieste, Nicholas Luca Perick, do. Bronsa. J. G. Schwartz, do. Vienna, Dr Marino Lazzaro, do. DardaGermany.

nelles, Frederick Kahl, Consul, Darmstadt.

Syria. do. Baden. P. Chasseaud, Consular Agent, Da Robt. de Ruedorffer,do. Munich, mascus, Beirout, Balbec, Said,&c.

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David Darmon, Con. Agent, Jerusa- A. Danou!ll, Consul, nanti Mar:ha.

lem, and City and Port of Jaffa. Seth Sweetzer, do. Guayaquil. D. Bonnal, do. Canea.

W.J. Dubs, do. Maracaibo. Egypt.

F. Litchfield, do. Porto Cabello. John Gliddon, C. Ag'i. Alexandria. J B. Feraud. do. Panamá Greece.

Thomas B. Nalle, do, Angostura. Jas. Wilkin, Consul, Syra, Grecian

Brasil. Archipelago.

William Hunter, Chargé d'Affaires. Barbary Powers. John Martin Baker, Consul, Rio de Geo. F. Brown, C. Agent, Algiers. Janeiro Samuel D. Heap, Consul, Tunis. Woodbridge Ollin, do. San Salvador D. S. McCauley, do. Tripoli. John T. Man field, do. Pernambuco. J.R. Leib, do Tangier, Morocco. Charles J. Smith, do. Para.

United Mexican Slates. John Patrick, do, Montevideo. Anthony Butler, Chargé d'Affaires, Charles B. Allen, do. Marapham. Mexico.

Isaac A Hayes, do. Rio Grande. w Is. Parrott, Consul, Mexico. George Black, do. Santos. G.R. Robertson, do. Tampico. Lemuel Wells, do. St. Catherines. Thomas Reiley, do. Aguatulco. Republic of Central America. Harvey Gregg. do Acapulco. Charles G. DeWitt, Chargé d'Afo Marmaduke Burrough, do. Vera faires, Guatemala. Cruz and Alvarado.

Chas. Savage, Consul, Guatemala. Daniel W. Smith, do. Matamoros Gregory Coursault, do. Truxillo,

and Refugio, on Rio Grande. Republic of Buenos Ayres. John S. Langnam, do. Chihuahua. Ebeu. Ritchie Dorr, Consul, Buenos Ceran St. Vrain, do. Santa Fé. Ayres. Jas. W. McGoffin, do. Saltillo.

Chile. Henry Perrine, do Campeche. Richard Pollard, Chargé d'Affaires,

-, do. Mazatlan, and St. Jago de Chile. San Blas.

G. G. Hobson, Consul, Valparaiso. do. Galvestou.

do St, Jago de Chile. do San Antonio. Thomas T. Smith, do. Coquimbo. do. Guazacoalco.

Republic of Peru. C. W. Davis, do. Guaymas. Samuel Larned, Chargé d'Affaires, Daniel N. Pope, do. Tobasco.

Linia. John W. Langdon, jr. du. Laguna, William F. Taylor, Cousul, Quilca, Island del Carmen.

Arica and Arequipa. do. Monterey, North Asa Worthington, do. Lima. California.

Charles Higginson, du. Paila. Thomas Wooldridge, do. Brazoria, Hayti, (St. Domingo.) Texas.

F. M. Dimond, C.A. Port Au Prince. John Stryker, do. Galliod, Texas. William Miles, do. Aux Cayes. New Granada.

do. Cape Haylien. Robert B. McAfee, Chargé d'Af. Sandwich Islands. faires, Bogota.

John C. Jones, Commercial Agent, John M. Macpherson, Consul, Car- Sandwich Islands. thagena.

China. J. G. A. Williamson, do. Laguayra. Jno. H. Grosvenor, Consul, Canton.

A Consul (excepting those to the Barbary Powers) is not invested with any diplomatic powers, and therefore is not entitled to communicate di

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