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After the two ludian girls to their parents, Colonel Dodge, accompanied by several of the chiefs of the Camanches, Pawnees, and Kiowas, returned with his command to Fort Gibson, whence the regiment proceeded to take up the positions previously fixed on. Pour companies, under Colonel Dodge, marched to Fort Leavenworth, on the Missouri; three companies, under Lieutenant Colonel Kearney, to the Des Moines; and three, under Major Mason, to a point on the Arkansas, about eighty miles above Fort Gibson. These companies have arrived at their destinations, and are engaged in preparing their winter quarters.

The reports of the Inspectors General, as to the condition of the army, are highly favorable. The dispersed state of the troops prevents any great inprovement in extended evolutions; but the police and administration are, in every respect, creditable to the officers in command. The character of the soldiery is evidently improving. The law for bet. tering the condition of the rank and file seems to have already produced the most beneficial results The vice of drunkenness has diminished, and, with it, desertion and other crimes; while, at the same time, better men enlist

The services performed by the officers of the line are diversified and extensive. Besides the duties in camp and quarters, they furnish assistance to the various branches of the Staff and the Military Academy, in all of which the number of officers authorized by law is insufficient for the performance of the multiplied duties imposed on them beyond their ordinary service.

RECRUITING. Number of recruits enlisted in the army, from the 1st of January to the

30th of September, 1834, according to the latest returns. EASTERN DEPARTMENT.-L1 Col. J. B. Crane, 2d Artillery, Superintendent. At Albany, NY 108 ; Boston, Mass. 47; Baltimore, Md. 84 ; Easton, Pa. 33; Fredericktown, Md. 109; Fredericksburg, Va. 14; Ithaca, N. Y. 1; Lancaster, Pa. 30; Lynchburg, Va. 5; New York, N. Y. 172; Philadelphia, Pa. 121; Plattsburg, Pa. 14; Port Deposite, Md.3; Rochester, N. Y 50 : Sackett's Harbor, N. Y. 32; Utica, N. Y. 93; Whitehall, N. Y. 30 ; York, Pa. 2;-938

WESTERN DEPARTMENT.-Lt. Col. W S. Foster, 4th Infantry, Superintendent. At Cincinnati, Ohio, 62; Chillicothe, Ohio, ž0; Cleaveland, Ohio, 3; Louisville, Ky. 46; Nashville, Ten. 38; New Orleans, La. 24; Pittsburg, Pa. 46: Wheeling, Va. 29; Zanesville, 0. 17;~285.

REGIMENTS. - In the Dragoons, 280 In the 1st Artillery, 81 ; 2d Artillery, 32; 3d Artillery, 64; 4th Artillery, 98;--275. In the 1st Infantry, 37; 2d lofantry, 32 ; 3d Infantry, 47; 4th Infantry, 44; 5th Infantry, 3; '6th Infantry, 30; 7th Infantry, 31;-224. In the Detachment at West Point,

16. Band at West Point,

15. Detachment of Orderlies, at Washington, 3. For the Hospital Department,

7. At Ordnance Depôts,

68. Total number enlisted from the 1st of January to the 30th of September, 1834, was two thousand eleven hundred and eleven.

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Position and Distribution of the Troops....1834. 151 Eastern Department, under the command of Brevet Major General Winfield Scott.


Regiments Ago

and No. of greofficers.

companies. gate. Fort Winnebago Portage, Fox, and

Lt. col. Cutier 5th Inf 4 231

Ouisconsin rivers Fort Brady Sault St. Marie, M. T. Bt. major Cobbs 2d 662 Fort Mackinac Michilliniackinac, M. T Captain Cluz 2d Fort Howard Green Bay, M. T. B. br gen. Brook 5th 4 220 Fort Dearborn Head of L Michigan, Ill. Major Green 5th " 2 101 Fori Gratiot Outlet of L.Huroo, M T. Bi. maj Hoffma. 2d 2 91 Madisou Bar'ck Sackett's Harbor, N. YLt. col. Cummings 20

10 Hancock Barr'ks Holton, Maine, Bt. maj. Cirirke 2d

200 Fort Sullivan Lastport, Maine Bt. It. col Brooks 3d Art 1 62 Fort Preble Po tland, Maine Bt mj. McClintock 3d 1 61 Fort Constitution Portsmouth, N. Hamp. Bt. major Ansart 3d 1 61 F' Independence Boston, Massachuse tis Not occupied, rep Fort Wolcott Newpori, Rhode Island Bt. maj. Lomax 3d

66 Fort 'Trumbull New London, Conn Bt. major Paine 1&4 " 2 129 Mili'ary Academy West Point, New York De Russey detach.- 52 Fort Columbus New York, New York Not occupied, repl Fort Hamilion New York, New York Bi Major Pierce 4th Art 4 232 Fri McHenry Baltimore, Maryland Fenwick 4.h

58 Fort Severn Annapolis, Maryland Bt col. Walbach list 1 59 Fort Washington Left bank Pu.omac, Md. Bt. major Masin 1st

59 Fort Monroe Oix Point Comfort, Va. B br g Armistead 1,2,3,4“9 533 Fort Johnson Near Smithfield, N C Bt. maj. Churchilist 61 65 Fort Macon Near Beaufort, N. C. Bt. major Kirby 1st Fort Moultrie Cbarleston, S. Carol'a

1st 6 2 Castle Pinckney do do

27 Augusta Arsenal Augusia, Georgia Col. Lindsay

2d 6 1 64 Oglethorpe B'cks Savannah, Georgia Bt, cap . Merchant|2d « 1 46 Fort Marion St. Augustine, Florida Capt in Drane 21 Camp Armistead NearTellicoPlains, Tenn Bt. maj. Mchutosh 4th Inf 2 92

512966 Western Department, under the command of Brevet Major General Edmund P. Gaines. Fort Snelling Upper Mississip;

Major Blics

ist Imf 3 170 Fort Crawford Prairie du Chien M T. Colonel Taylor Ist " 5 279 Fort Armstrong Rock Island, Illinois L col. Davenport 1st

102 Fort Leavenw'th Misso. near Little Platte Colonel Dodge Drag's 230 Jefferson Barr’ksNear St. Louis, Mo. Bt. b. g. A kinson 6th Inf 10 436) Furt Gibson Arkansas Territory

Drag': 32 | 151

7ih Inf 93 405 Fort Coffee Arkansas Territory Captain Stuart 7th 1 47 Cmp Des Moines Right b'k of Miss M T. Lt. co'. Kearney Diag's 3

173 For: Jesup Near Natchitoches La. Colonel Many

3d inf 6 296 Fort Towson On the Kiamichi, A. T Le col Vose 3d " 4 155 Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, Louisiana Bt major Glassell 4th

155 New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana Lt. col. Twiggs 4th € 2

94 Fort Wood Chef Menteur, Louisiana Bt. Capi. Lowd

2d Art 1 301 Fort Pike Petite Coquille. La. Bt. maj Mountfort 2d

45 Fort Jackson Near New Orleans, La. Captain Gardiner 2d 61 Fort Morgan Mobile Point, Alab. Captian Belton 2, 3,“ 2 99 Fort Pickens On Sta Rosa I-land, Fi 81.maj. Zantzinger 24

« 1 34 Fort Mitchell Neai Creek Agency, Ala. Captain Fraser

30 " 1 $11 Fort King Alachua, Florida Captain Graham 41h Infi

54 Key West Key West, Florida

Bt. maj. Dade 4th

65 13093

*} Major Gates

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Bu b.g. Arbuckle {

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Operations under the Quartermaster's Department, during the year 1834.

The United States are engaged in improvements, both military and civil, upon as great a scale as any other civilized nation.

The greater part of those improvements are directed by officers of the army ; they ale to be found on all our frontiers, and dispersed over every part of our extensive territories, directing the construction of fortifications, aisenal», barracks, roads, bridges, breakwaters, and other national works ; sur. veying routes for canals, rail-roads, and military roads ; assisting in a trigonometrical survey of our coast, and in hydrographical surveys, and in improving numerous barbors, and removing the obstructions to the navigation of rivers ; a large portion of them are emphatically working mell, and can say, with truth, that, whosoever may eat the bread of idleness, they are not of the number. The improvements on which they have been engaged since the termination of the war with Great Britain, besides their great commercial advantages, will, when completed, have more than yuadrupled the delensive military power of the country.

BARRACKS, &c. of the works under the di ction of the department, the barracks authorized in the vicinity of New Orleans, were commenced early in the season, and, although the operations had been greatly retarded by the heat and rains, as well as by the prevalence of the yellow fever, the buildings have been covered ; every part of the work has been executed in the best manner

of the works authorized at Savannah, the soldiers' quarters, though not entirely finished, are in a state to be occupied; and the officers' quarters are in progress.

The works at Baton Rouge, Fort Serern, and Green Bay, are in rapid progress; and, at the la ter place, will be completed in 1834, except the hospital, which will probably be finished by the 1st of June, 1835.

The new barracks at Fort Crawford are in such a state of forwardfness as to leave no doubt of their being soon completed.

The repairs at Fort Gibson, for which an appropriation of five thousand dollars was made at the last session of Congress, have not been commenced ; the buildings are in so bad a condition that the late com manding officer gave it as his opinion that the appropriation would be entirely lost if applied to the old work He urged the necessity of a new work, and recommended that it be built of stone, of which there is an Jabundance in the neighborhood, and of good quality.

A new post has been established, and barracks, stables, and other buildings have been erected, at the Des Moines, on the Upper Mississippi, for three companies of dragoons; and accommodations for four companies jat Fort Leavenworth, and for three companies near Fort Gibson, were in a state of preparation at the last reports from those posts.

ROADS. The military road in Maine has been thoroughly repaired and comSpleted ; and, in compliance with the provisions of an act of Congress, approved the 30th June last, it has been transferred to the State of Maine.

Instructions have been given to the principal officer of the department

in Arkansas to resume the repair of the Memphis and Little Rock road 60 soon as the season shall permit; and also, 10 take measures to cauee the following roads, authorized at the last session of Congress, to be surveyed and opened, viz: a road from Helena to the mouth of Cache river; a road from Jackson, in the county of Lawrence, by Liberty and Fayetleville, in the county of Washington, to Fort Smith; a road from Strong's, (a point on the military road irom Memphis to Little Rock,) by Litchfield, in Jackson county, to Batesville; and a road from Columbia, in Chicot counts, to Little Rock.

A road has been opened by the labor of the troops on the Southwestern frontier, from Fori Towson to False Washita, of Red River; also, one from Fort Gibsou to the Litle Red river of Arkansas, and thence to the mouth of False Washita, and one direct from Fort. Gibson to the point where the latter road crosses the north fork of the Canadian.

On the road from Pensacola to Tallahassee, in Florida, repairs have been made, and bridges have been erected over several rivers, creeks, and sloughs.

The appropriation for the road from Fort Howard to Fort Crawford 10t being sufficient to carry on the work with advantage by means of bired laborers or by contract, and the troops at both posts being engaged in building, nothing has yet been effected, except the survey of the route.

DELAWARE BREAKWATER. The labors at the Delaware breakwater were resumed early in July, and on the 18th of October, when they were suspended for the season, one hundred and twenty-two thousand nine hundred and ninety-five tons of stone had been deposited at the work, the greater part of which was used in bringing up that portion of it which had been previously founded.

It appears, by an inspection of the maps representing the state of the works at the close of operations of each year, that, since 1830, every year has presented new additions to a shoal near the west end of the breakwater, and that within the last year, particularly, this shoal has greatly increased.

Before 1833 little had been done on the ice-breaker ; since that period this work has been brought nearly to completion, and a shoal on either side of this niass has been observed to be simultaneously forming. Upon a consideration of these facts, a board, consisting of General Jesup, Colonel Totten, and Lt. Colonel Thayer, to whom the subject was referred by the Secretary of War, have recommended, that the next year's operations should be confined to giving to all the work already begun the ultimate dimensions, omitting any further extension of the work east.

ward, and waiting during the year, and, if necessary, for a longer period, the further growth of the shoal; that in the mean time, very numerous and careful observations should be made to determine the precise amount of enlargement, both in lateral limits and in elevation, of all the shoals. That a system of observations should be steadily pursued, whereby the force and direction of the food and ebb currents, at different times of tide, and at different distances from the works, may be accurately given, and clearly represented on the map.

With the extension of the work above water, berein contemplated, the immediate advantage will be obtained of a considerable augmentation of sheltered space; the same extension will serve to indicate, in a nuore decided manner, the form and magnitude which the shoals may be expected ultimately to attain; it will bring nearer to a solution the important question as to the most proper with to be given to the eastern entrance to the harbor. And with the aid of the information obtained by the observations on the shoals and on the tides, an opinion less liable to error may be formed as to the exact cause of the shoals, the extent to which they may reach, and, if remedy or correction be possible, the mode and manner of remedy or correction.

Officers and Agents, Civil and Military, in the employ of the Quarler

master's Deparlment, not named in the Army Register.

Names and nature of service.

Where Employed.


Heman A. Fay, Military Storekeeper, Albany, N. Y. Pay & al Capt Inft
Hezekialı Johnson,

Pittsburg, Penn.

do W.A. Gordon, Clk Qr M Gens Office, Washington $ 1200 per annum Levio Belt, do


950 do L. A. Fleury, Clerk, do


70 per month J S. M‘Mulien, Clk Qr Mast. Office, Philadelphia

50 do Daniel Stinson,

New Yoik

50 do John Haverty,

St. Louis

70 do Wm. S Ferguson, do Asst Q M Office, New Orleans

70 do W. Neilson,


50 do A. H, Day,

Baton Rouge

40 do J. F. Mills,


Fort Crawford 40 do
William Fraser,

Fort Monroe

35 do Charles Tillmani,

Jefferson Barrack:

30 do John A. Racker,


25 do B. Segui,


35 do J. C. L. Long,


25 do Samuel Ryan,

Fort Howard

25 do James Morgan,


21 do E. Hughes,

Fort Towson

25 do G. M Campbell, do Qr Mast Office, Fort Jesup

25 do P. Duponi, do do Savannah

35 do Michael Sanno, Superin'deut Bar'cks Carlisle

12 50 do Benj. Dewalt, Kr Dismantled Post Billingsport

25 do Thos. McCrate do



d Jonathan Edwards, do


5° du & Irp William Webb, do


5 do Jobo L. Hill,


5 do

5 Henry Plumer,


5 R. Cahoon,

do do M. Blackwell,

5 Fort Warren

do J. A. Thomas,

East Haven

5 do

Fort Norfolk and James Slip, do

20 per month

Craney Island B. Whittier, in charge of public} Ft Ludependence 5 pm & 1 rp d

property, Wm. Strickland, Evg'r Del Breakwir Breakwater

3000 per annum Henry F. Hall, Surgeon,


50 per month John Burton, in charge of U. S. brig. do

70 do G. R. Orme, Cik Office Del Breakwir Chester

1 25 per day

pm & 2 r


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